Should Coolant Systems and Targeting Scanners modify weapons based on their relative size to each other like Rack Mounts or continue having their power be based relative to the design itself?

Relative to the weapon size
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Same as before (Relative size to the design)
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Author Topic: Coolant system and Targeting Scanner subsystem modifiers changed relative power  (Read 442 times)


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The Rack Mount subsystem modifier's effect seems to be
based on the relative sizes of the weapon and the Rack mount
to each other while the targeting scanner and the coolant
system suffer from only scaling in power relative to the
design itself. A rawsize 40 coolant system or targeting
scanner gives the most effect on a scale 10 ship. That same
rawsize modifier gives much less effect to the same rawscale
weapon as the ship scale goes up, this gives Rack Mounts a
big advantage for ships with more than one weapon on them. 

There doesn't seem to be any reason why a scale 40 ship
shouldn't be able to field 4 rawsize 40 targeting scanners
with 4 rawsize 40 lasers, and get the same range and damage
as those same rawsize 40 targeting scanners and lasers would
have on a scale 10 ship. 

I think letting at least the targeting scanners and the
coolant system act relatively to the weapons they modify
would add more depth and customization to larger scale
ship design.