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some suggestions
« on: December 17, 2011, 05:48:50 PM »
hey guys
now when i played some time i got a few suggestions for you:
1. please sort lists alphabetically (e.g. searching for a certain system in system list takes a long time),
2. add some kind of hacking unit for ships, that can reactivate grey ships and steal them. maybe for planets and blueprints too.
2.1. make blueprints available when dissassembling a stolen ship.
3. make minimap dots clickable and add tooltip information (showing name and owner).
4. show all targeting lines from all ships that are selected.
5. let us pin a group(!) of ships/planets/systems, if multiple selected.
6. add a spy unit for ships that lets me view planets like they were my own.
7. add "load game" directly to the ingame menu
8. add an "reset view" button if its messed up for some reasons
9. add a kind of log file/window that shows what did the governour build/remove/upgrade
10. add an option to planets to relay ship building orders to (maybe) existing dry docks at their orbit (evenly sharing)
11. add an option to stop certain ressource productions for planets and systems (usefull if you have enough electronics but too less metals to produce something)
12. add a hint when importing blueprints, if they got negative balance in control or energy supply (e.g. if an blueprint is imported from high-tech savegames to low-tech savegames)
13. remove attack warning thingy if i attack a system myself (just always confusing me)
14. add a game creating option to enable interest for bank stored ressources
15. add an optional limit for ressources storable in bank (global and unchangable while creating a game [tactical element] and custom limits during the game to limit metal consumption)
16. add 1 or 2 positive points to player profiles to make more positive effects available at start OR
17. let a player profile evolve while playing games so it earns positive points over time. maybe it also loses points when losing a game
18. when destroying the quasar let it become a black hole that eats all stars and planets one by one (maybe also as an starting option to limit the gametime)
19. let the player adjust its (cpu) enemies player profiles in single player games
20. add an option to set unlimited ore to planets
21. add an option to add an inner (around the quasar) and outer (around all other stars) asteroid belt (makes the universe more realistic)
22. add a kind of relation ship points and let cpu players get happy when you often trade successfully with them (letting them accept contracts more likely)
23. show this points so you can prepare for possible wars
24. let allies share their research rate
25. add the civil act "paid public holiday" that lowers productivity but increases population moods
26. add the civil act "imperators birthday" (useable once per game!) that decreases productivity and sets population moods to 2.0 for 12 hours
27. add planetary shields
28. let stars become red giants -> brown dwarfs -> and finally die after a time, what makes solar cells less useable in that systems.
29. add an option to make research dependencies more random (+/- 1 or 2 points of the default values)

ok i think thats enough for now ^^ i hope you like some of my ideas.

 - VampireSilence
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