Author Topic: Using Torpedo Right at Offense  (Read 1299 times)


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Using Torpedo Right at Offense
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:47:28 AM »
Try making a larger fighter or smaller ship of size 1.5~3.5.
As soon as you unlock ship construction 4 and missile weapon 4,
design or import the design which uses following characteristics.
Key is to use with external mount.

- 3 time the Size 4 Torpedo Launcher attached with external mount. (This only uses 3 slots!)
- Thruster of size 2~3.
- Size 3 or 4 ammo cache. Very important.

Due to low cost of torpedo launcher (adv. parts not needed), mass production should be easy.
If done right, several dozen of them can take out most of early to mid stage foe from out of range
with no to almost no casualties. You can bring them back to your system to refuel and rearm.
Make a dedicated planet for refueling and rearming.

When operate, make a fleet of 20~40 or 50, set box formation and set hold position for more accurate

If you have two sizable group, you can alternate to bomb run enemy system.

If your enemy uses fighters, mix some flak variant.
As your opponent move up size 100 or more, make larger version.
This design requires some attention of yours to operate properly but when done,
this is the strongest ships I've ever found my self.

Fast, long range, numerous and big punch.
Had fun obliterating cheating AI's large ships with bigger variants or those.
And make sure to update missile weapon/thruster/cargo/engineering techs.

Missile variant to be tested.
But really, ammo weapons are beast.