Author Topic: [AI Behavior] Haulers behavior, Space Ports and a side item of Cargo Blocks...  (Read 535 times)


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This is somewhat of a multi-headed hydra of an issue, so I'll try to explain my concept as clearly as possible.

Currently the behavior of haulers is less than optimal.  It seems that currently they will dedicate 1/3 of their hull to Advanced Parts, 1/3 to Electronics, and 1/3 to Metals, and attempt to keep any entity with free cargo space topped up on those.  This leads to the occasional "hauler shuffle" where they just keep shuffling resources between stations, and other times where the hauler fills 2/3 of their cargo hold with unnecessary commodities (eg: when constructing a metal-heavy ship, haulers seem to continue to hold Adv Parts & Electronics when only Metal needs to be transferred).  Additionally, I haven't confirmed whether haulers attempt to top a planet up to 100% in conflict of the space ports' attempts to draw the resources down to 50%, so that may also be an issue.

My proposed solution is this:
1) Implement a mechanism to allocate the distribution of resources within a ship's hold.  Say I want this hauler to only cart around 10% electronics, and leave the other 90% dedicated to metal, or maybe I want to create a resupply hauler for my construction fleets and have it carry 50% electronics & 50% Adv Parts (and assume any needed metal will be gathered from reclamation), these percentage values should be configuration.  Ideally in an "on-the-fly" method, but if the only mechanism is via AI behaviors instilled at construction time, then so be it.  Further refinement would be to designate either a value or percent of total hold space, so that if you want to specify that the ship carry 10k electronics, and split the remaining hold space 50/50 with Adv Parts/Metals, you have the capability to do so.

2) The ability to set dedicated supply routes for specific resources.  Currently we can give the order to "supply this once", which will cause the hauler to (I'm assuming) attempt to identify the needs of the "this", find those resources elsewhere within the system, go load up on those resources and deliver them to "this".  Or we can manually specify a "transfer" order to "take from" and specify a resource, then (hopefully before the hauler decides to drop the resource off elsewhere) specify a location where it can drop that resource off.  The latter method though only specifies one resource at a time, regardless of what resources may currently be in the cargo hold of the vessel.  So if my hauler is already 1/3 full of Adv Parts, 1/3 full of Electronics, then I am effectively limited to only 1/3 of the capacity.  (see 2b for my proposed solution to this problem).  I'd really like a method to say "hey, this planet A produces a lot of metal, and this planet B could really use a lot of metal.  Cargo Hauler, I need you to transfer metal from A to B until B is full."

2b) Currently the transfer menu allows you to select a resource to be transferred.  Having an option for "transfer everything currently in the cargo hold" would be super.

Space Ports and Cargo Blocks:
This may be a bug report, but I'm treating it as though the behavior is intended.  Currently Cargo Blocks do not appear to add to the "base" storage capacity of a planet; they appear to add supplemental storage space that shows up as a greater than 100% capacity (this statement also applies to Quantum Compression subsystems as well).  This means that a planet with no Cargo Blocks (and no Space Ports), when full of a resource will display the stored resource as 100%.  A planet with Cargo Blocks, when full of a resource will display the quantity as greater than 100%.  Given that Space Ports attempt to draw the stored quantity down to 50%, it appears that having a single Space Port completely negates the effectiveness of any Cargo Block.

My proposed solution is to have Cargo Blocks' storage treated in the same manner as base planetary storage, Space Ports' storage, and specific industry buildings' storage for purposes of display & Space Port hold quantities.