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While the notifications on planet colonisation or treaty do work  (sound, small icon below eventlog, ...) this doesn't seem to be the case when having researched a new Tech!

I kinda did think i missed something when joining a Game, so i did verify by locally hosting a private game, join with a 2nd instance of the game, and just start to research.
While i the server instance had the blue research icon popping up, the guest instance remained silent and with little feedback.

I also think the event log is not always getting all updates it should get ...


I was wondering:

if hit the Renovate Button and the Build queue is being populated with something like:
"Renovate Space Port"
And i hit the button again, then i get another renovate Job, even if the Planet only has one Structure of that Type.
Can i avoid losing resources and time due to renovating a Building allready being renovated ?
Can i tell what level the building is being renovated to, in case i just had a few levelups and am not sure if i did give the renovate order before or after?


If i have several Structures of same Type, but different level. Lets say something like:
2x Scientific Laboratories 1
3x Scientific Laboratories 2
And renovate them, the Build queue shows "5x Renovate Scientific Laboratories"
Are Renovate Job and Planet Structure linked, or will on renovate job completion be decided which Structure is going to be upgraded?
I think i did notice that sometimes renovate Jobs end up without a effect after shuffeling around the queue and deleting some structures and a matching number of renovate jobs, which might indicate that internally
"2x Renovate <whatever>" means "1x renovate <whatever on slot a from tech ax to ay>" + "1x renovate <whatever on slot b from tech bx to by>", but i'm not sure about that. And if it is the latter: can i find out what building slot the renovate job is linked to?

In some special cases, when the System Dialog is open, a Null pointer access may happen in function updatePlanets, causing the Dialog to stop update.

I think this can be fixed by changing

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]
if (obj.getParent() !is null)

Scripting / Stability issues when doing GUI modding
« on: January 22, 2012, 04:50:29 PM »
I'm trying to mess with the GUI a bit, mostly get my planets organized better.
However, i have the impression that when i execute some my functions later in game when there is a lot of action going on, the game crashes ( if i'm the client )

One function checks what buildings exist on a planet, and then add some buildings to the queue.
If this causes the game to crash, what might i be doing wrong, or what can i do to prevent it?

Help & Support / Problem with WyD-Odin's Server
« on: November 30, 2011, 05:42:33 PM »

Ok, there is this list of Public Servers ingame, where People who look for Players have their Server listed.

Now i look for a game, i see a game labeled "WyD-Odin's Server - Lobby - 2/4"

So i join, politely greet, and ask if i may join the game.
But i do't get no answer, however the Server shuts down.

Then the Server comes up again. I join again, Greet again, but do't get a answer again before the Server shuts down again.

I Tried a third time, but with the same outcome.

Is this a technical Problem, or do people now intentional harass players by inviting them, and then slamming the door into the face?

Bug Reports / [] Build Queue and Notification text use Host Language
« on: November 07, 2011, 01:46:14 PM »
I didn't notice until i played against someone from france:
Some parts, namely the Build Queue (planet structures) and Notifications, are translated serverside.

While i would like to learn additional languages, i kinda don't think this is the right way to do it! :)

Strategy / Ultimative Strategy Guide for communicating with other people
« on: September 24, 2011, 10:11:04 AM »
The Reason for writing this (Names and hours anonymized):

A lot of you probably know something like this:

[hh:05:47] --> SRPlayer has joined this channel (
[hh:05:58] <-- SRPlayer has left this server (Client Quit).

Gone before one can say "hello".

Or this:

[hh:25:46] --> SRPlayer has joined this channel (
[hh:25:56] <SRPlayer> hello?
[hh:26:05] <-- SRPlayer has left this server (Client Quit).

Great. A total of 9 seconds to answer!

And what finally did make me eat part of my keyboard today:

[hh:32:04] --> A has joined this channel (
[hh:32:26] <A> Volley you there?
[hh:34:35] <Volley> A: yep . just returned
[hh:34:53] <-- A has left this server (Remote host closed the connection).

Yeah, i was there. Was that all you wanted to know?
Then, a bit later:

[hh:51:40] --> A has joined this channel (
[hh:51:50] <A> Volley are you there?
[hh:52:12] <-- A has left this server (Client Quit).

Come on ..!

What do you people think how a conversation works?
Do you expect everybody does nothing more than sit there paying only attention to the chat window, waiting for someone to ask something, and then speed-type the answer within a second?
Or do you expect the answers will magically be brought to you by some Hogwart owls?

If you want instant answers, go talk to Remnant, the bot.
If you want to communicate with humans, stay in the chat, dammit!

Suggestions / Dedicated Server
« on: September 18, 2011, 12:44:00 PM »
I did experiment a bit with having a dedicated server.
It works, but there is room for improvement! :)

* Dedicated Servers should also allow entering a lobby where each player sets up his race. Game could be started once all write a !ready or something like that.

* A seperate file for the default game the dedicated server starts would make sense, and it would be a good idea to provide such a default file with comments that explain the options.

* If nobody is connected to a dedicated server, and the server is auto-pausing the game, the server still uses quite some CPU. ( Top shows me 10% for srds.exe, 6.3% for Xvfb and 2.5% for windeserver )

* Finally, because i can't sleep well if i don't write that here too: The dedicated server might be a good thing to give a try if it builds with gcc ...

When i uncheck Fullscreen and use Desktop resolution, the Mouse is displayed below it's "active point". ( Or the active point is above the mouse ... )
The Difference seems to be exactely the height of the Window Decoration.

I assume the Window is downsized on initialisation so it does fit onto the Desktop, and the Mouse can't handle that too well.

Speaking of which: i would also like to see a "Windowed Fullscreen" mode (A Window with the Dimensions of the Desktop and without Window Decorations, but without the other side effects that "Fullscreen" comes with).

Bug Reports / [] Armor takes internal space when bulkheaded
« on: July 28, 2011, 05:10:26 AM »
What was witnessed:
When i add a bulkhead to a armor, not only the bulkhead size, but the armor itself is deducted from the available internal space.

What was expected:
The Behaviour of and before: bulkhead takes internal space, armor doesn't.

Reproduction Steps:
Just add a bulkhead to a armor, and watch the available space when linking/unlinking it ( drag it away and back on ).

Suggestions / Interface - System Dialog, etc ...
« on: July 03, 2011, 04:39:16 AM »
The more planets you call your own, the harder it gets to build what you really want on your planets or in the orbit around them.

Now one could say: "Let the Governor handle that". But there are several problems with that:
*) The Governor can't yet be customised
*) The Governor can't reduce the number of some building type, only remove all.
*) The Governor can't handle Units

The System Dialog is extreamely helpful for building, you can easily select all your Planets that match some specific Governor, etc ... and initiate a Unit being built on all, or load a build queue. But with the build queues you can't remove and replace structures either.
And you can't add conditions or target numbers to your build queues.

What i miss in the UI is some help in doing this tasks on multiple planets:

* Remove Buildings that are not needed any more
Example: With increasing Tech, i might want to decrease the number of Cities or Space Ports on some Worlds.
If handled by the governor itself, this would kinda require additional tags for the Governor. Basically the opposite of "buildN", "buildPerN" and "buildWhenLow": "removeButN", "removeButPerN", "removeWhenHigh".
But maybe it could also be done by building queues which would be manually loaded, then they would require similar tags.

* Free up Space on a fully developed planet and build something else
Example: I reach the Tech level for Planetary Shields, and want one on every Planet.
Not sure how this could be archived, because there are several Problems with it:
- The number of existing structures needs to be taken into account, so you don't end up with double the structures you wanted
- The Structure to be removed needs to be determined

* Build up to a target number of Orbital structures of a given Design.
Example: I want 2 Drydocks per planet, build them if there are less, optionally scuttle some if there are more.

* Select all Units in Orbit
Example: i want to select all Drydocks in Orbit of Metal Worlds. So i would go to Systems, filter for Metal Worlds (this already works), select all Units in Orbit (this is missing) and of that units i deselect all but the Dry Docks (this already works)

* Build on every (idle) selected Unit
Example: i have selected multiple Dry Docks, and want to build something ( or a whole queue ) on all of them.

Suggestions / Game Balance Thoughts - Boarding Defense
« on: July 02, 2011, 10:57:29 AM »
The last days i did juggle some numbers, and did notice a few things i'd like to bring up.
( In case what i did find is intended, please ignore )

== Boarding Defense ==

Suppose you have all Tech Levels at 10 and compare Boarding Strength of Boarding Parties with Defense Strength of Internal Defenses, you will notice that for a ship of the same size the internal Defense would need to be size 2.75 to roughly match a size 4 Boarding Party.

Considering that you also need at least a small repair bay because the Internal Defenses are meant to be attacked, destroyed and repaird during boarding and that wouldn't even stop a Boarding Party from blowing up your Anti Matter Generator, this feels kinda unbalanced to me.
A ship that would be able to defend itself from a similar sized Boarding Ship would have the Internal Defenses dominate it's design. This just doesn't feel right, especially considering that it usually means a major advantage if one manages to board just one ship of a design.

Wouldn't it be more balanced that for defending against a same-scale same-tech Boarding Ship a Defense of approximately Size 1 is sufficient?

Suggestions / Game Balance Thoughts - Planet Capitol
« on: July 02, 2011, 10:42:21 AM »
The last days i did juggle some numbers, and did notice a few things i'd like to bring up.
( In case what i did find is intended, please ignore )

== Planet Capitol ==
The Capitol is kinda 1/4 City + 1/4 Space Port + some more. So far so good. But it stays at level 1.
At higher level, the value of that structure becomes more and more negible.
If one looses all Space Ports or Cities on a planet at a higher level, the Capitol provides so little labour or trade, the structures would take ages to rebuild - especially compared to start tech.

Other structures already have a hidden level to scale some properties with another tech, Space Port for example scales it's FuelStorage with Techs.Cargo.Level - so why not do the same for the Capitol?

Suggestions / Game Balance Thoughts - Level of Components
« on: July 02, 2011, 10:31:24 AM »
The last days i did juggle some numbers, and did notice a few things i'd like to bring up.
( In case what i did find is intended, please ignore )

== Level of Components and Structures ==
Most things have a Level directly bound to one Tech or a weighted combination of more than one Tech. This looks reasonable. However, there are Things like:

   Level: floor(weight(Techs.Computers.Level, 0.5, Techs.ShipSystems.Level - 5, 0.5))

( found in BoardingDefense ), where a Tech level is being reduced by a number.
This means, that the value of the component is modifyed by pow(LEVEL_GAIN_CURVE,<some Number>)

This would mean that if the Player decides to change the Level Gain Curve in the Advanced Tab on starting a new Game, he would significantely change the value of this component in relation to the others. I'm not sure if this is desirable.

Bug Reports / [Fixed] AI builds scouts and doesn't expand
« on: June 19, 2011, 03:12:48 PM »
First i was kinda happy that i could expand so fast and that the enemy AIs were fighting each other, ... but then i noticed that they were not expanding at all and mass building scouts.

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