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So, well, at first I, too, want to express my gratitude towards BM bringing us yet another great game :D Thanks a lot!
Secondly I want to apologise for my English, I'm often told it's pretty bad... sorry...
And, finally, my suggestions. They are, mostly, concerning ship design and combat, and, yes, I am aware of these things being still in development, but I wanted to give some Ideas to when they are going to be redone, and give these Ideas to modders or anyone else, because, sadly, I do neither do have the skills, nor the time to mod them in myself.

Well, lets begin:

1. Power supply and reactor behaviour:

In my opinion power supply is still, as it was in the first game, very basic. You get a reactor somewhere on your ship and everything needing power is gets power. But I think, power supply can be so much more, and that's why I think a new subsystem modifier should be implemented, the electric cable. It can be placed on top of other hexes, like the bulkhead can, and allows electric energy to reach the core hexes it has to reach, so, if you want your leaser to be able to blast something an unbroken chain of electric cables has to be set up from a reactor or another powered core hex to your leaser core hex. If only one single hex of cable is missing, the hexes further on will not be supplied anymore causing them to do nothing until the connection is reestablished, and if a reactor is hit, and destroyed, all the cables attached to it loose their power, too. If a reactor is hit, it should behave like a real reactor being destroyed, a fission generator causes a small explosion damaging surrounding hexes by, lets say, 50% of the generator-hex-hp, an antimatter generator causes a very big explosion, lets say, 500% of its hp, but both explosions aren't necessarily fatal, you can, for example, build some amour around your reactor to prevent it form blowing up your ship, both reactors can be repaired, eventually, and will work again, a fusion reactor, on the other hand, doesn't deal any damage to his surroundings, as it would in reality, but it is never going to be repaired, you need a new one... you have to return to a planet to get one, at least if you use the fusion technique we use on earth, or let's say, experiment with on earth.
So, another aspect would be that, as soon, as one of your cables is destroyed, it has a chance of sending a crippling blow of energy down the line, lets say, 10% when hit by a rocket, 25% when hit by a railgun, and 50% when hit by a leaser, if hit by a backfiring cable next to it, 50%. The backfiring mechanic is pretty easy, if a cable backfires the hex which it is placed on is destroyed and it has a 50% chance of destroying the next hex, leading on for as long as it takes, keep in mind, this may sound like a lot of damage, but wit a 50:50 chance the second hex in line has only an overall probability of 25%, the third 12.5% and so on chance to be destroyed, so it is not all that crippling. If such a feedback pulse reaches a core hex, it is handled the same as any other hex with a cable on it, so such a feedback-pulse right beside your bridge or your leaser might be... bad... ships with fewer hexes obviously are taking more damage in this system so another methos would be that, if your cable backfires, it has a (100-Hex-HP)% chance to backfire, very large ships with very few hexes, granting each hex more than 100 HP, have the best of this trade, large ships with many, weak hexes take more destroyed hexes, but the % of total hexes per ship destroyed should be the same. another thing to consider is, if you would want only one cable supporting your leasers, or, lets say... you bridge, wouldn't it be safer to get a second one leading to the same bridge, maybe even a second generator, to ensure the bridge survives, even if the cable is destroyed? Or maybe a reactor right beside your bridge so you don't have to use cables at all... but what if it blows up?
Some research in energy would probably lead to better cables, with more hp, cheaper, or with less backfiring chances...
A lot of decisions to make, and a fun mechanic, I guess...

2. Shielding:

There are, as far, as I know, there are no shields in the game so far, but it is planned to bring them back, so...
Firstly I would be very happy if the mistakes made with shields in the first game as much as in almost every other game is not repeated here, again, there are differences with particle deflectors and energy shields. A particle deflector uses energy to create an almost physical barrier around a ship, almost physicall, because no "things" such as Rockets, bombs, torpedoes, fighters, bombers and so on can pass through, but a leaser beam, or anything else, being not made of any particles (atoms and molecules) can pass right through. An energy shield does the opposite, it cannot stop physical things such as rockets, fighters, or asteroid, but it stops energy such as leasers, enemy shields and deflectors and nuclear radiation. That's why the particle deflector is the inner boundary, and the energy shield is further away, because the energy shield can be emitted through the deflector, but not the other way around. another important thing to notice is, that it is possible to configure an energy shield to permit certain frequencies to pass through, thus allowing the ship to fire its own leasers out of it, but still block those of the enemy, as long as they are firing on different frequencies, a particle deflector can do no such thing, it would have to allow like, iron atoms to pass through, if you want to fire your own torpedoes and all the different atoms and molecules used on them to pass through your shield, there is no point in shielding any longer, you allowed the enemy's weapons to come through, too... you have to lower your particle deflector entirely to fire your own physicall weaponry, or launch fighters and bombers.
simply separating these two kinds of shielding will grant leasers the buff they need so desperately, since leaser dependant ships  can have their particle deflectors activated all the time.
I know it is a whole lot of work to do particle shields that lower themselves whenewer your own ship fires a weapon and then quickly reactivate, maybe you should say, a ship with a particle deflector can have no missile launchers, they can never be exterior, no matter where you put them.
Another thing to consider is shield combination. It is possible to combine many Shields into one, larger shield, protecting a complete fleet inside a single shield bubble, not only your flagship, maybe something you can put on support ships? keep in mind a missile boat in a fleet shielded with one combined particle deflector is... not working, since its rockets explode on the inner side of the shield...

3. Fighters and Bombers:

Yes, I am going to talk about them before opening up the Hangar topic, there are some things we have to say before.
So, about how these things should be implemented. First I, sadly, have to say: I was not at all happy with how Hangars where used in SR I! They where virtually useless and behaved in no way like I would have liked. But this is a new game and it opens up the possibility to get a completely new approach on the matter:
First I think Fighters and bombers should be handled different than other ships, they have exclusive weaponry, they can not be build without a Hangar, their blueprints cannot be changed by the player, and they need no planet to be build on. Generally they behave more like the protoss carrier in Star Craft II, If you ever played that game.
But, as I said, Hangars later, lets first discuss, what these tiny little things do and why they are so devastating:
A fighter is an extremely fast warship, usually a drone or with a single pilot, developed for purely one reason, to deal a lot of damage in a very short period of time, and not to be hit. The one I would imagine for this game has a overclocks rocked engine able to speed it up to 99% lightspeed (Hyperdrive speed...) in five seconds, but depleting all of its fuel in about 30s, a minute or something like that. it is equipped with two fastfiring laeserpulse canons, firing from capacitors, no reactors on the ship itself are needed. Due to its extreme speed it cannot be hit by railguns except with pure luck, it is almost impossible to hit it with a rocked, since those things simply are too slow to catch up and hitting it with a leaser takes a lot of skill, that's why figthing them is often left to Point Defense and other Fighters. They cannot deal a lot of damage, since they are not very large, but a single fighter has, except it being only about size 0.1, a damage outout of a size 1 support ship being only one big leaser... per canon, of which the fighter has two, that's because he has no need to watch the weaponry to prevent it from overheating, he can use all his power in a few shoots and has to return to its mothership afterwards anyway... The fighter can hit other fighters because he is about as fast as they are, it is great at destroying bombers and it can fly through the enemy's energy shields, firing its leasers from inside the shield bubble and hitting the enemy ship directly, the particle deflector will stop it, but not his leasers, as we discussed earlyer, a particle deflector has to be inside the energy shield. this allows for fighters to deal damage in ways no other ships can hope to. But the problem they have: they use leasers, because they cannot carry to much ammo, and leasers are crab against amour...
This is where Bombers get into it. Bombers are like fighters, build to get in there, fire everything they have, and come back immediately after. the main difference: Bombers carry heavy weaponry. that's why they aren't all that fast and can be picked of by fighters quite easily, if their own fighter squadrons aren't there to protect them. Once a Bomber is inside the enemy's shields it can fire phased torpedoes, which are able to pass through the enemy's particle deflector and deal a lot of damage to the ship, but due to their small size they can carry only one torpedo every time and have to return afterwards. Phased torpedoes cannot pass through energy shields and are extremely energy-consuming when they grow larger, their energy-usage growing exponentially, which is why flagships and supportships cannot use them.
But Ships have found a way to fight fighters and bombers anyways, They use their Point Defense, tiny, extremely fast firing leasers, developed to shoot rockets and stuff out of the sky, which actually have a 25% Chance to hit fighters and a 50% Chance to hit bombers, while having a 75% Chance to hit a rocket and a cooldown of only 0.5s. They are usually mounted exterior and have led to the development of the Point Defense Plating, which is basically Plate Amour with many small turrets mounted on its surface, allowing this unique amour to actually defend itself against incoming hits before it is actually hit. another approach has been to develop support ships entirely for the ourpose of defending against rockets, fighters and bombers, similar to the supportships developed solely to build up large Particle deflectors and energy shields to defend complete fleets. (The flagships get a Point Defense Amour Subsystem, Supportships can actually build them like any other weapon system...) Another way to defend against these threats are particle deflectors defending the fleet in a large bubble, using the limited range of Fighters and Bombers to prevent them from getting near enough to damage the ships... so long as the enemy fleet doesn't take down the particle deflector...

4. Hangars and Motherships:

Basically every flagship can be a mothership, since it takes nothing but a small subsystem: The Fighter Hangar or the Bomber Hangar. Note this subsystems are quite different even though they have quite similar purposes, to store the Fighters and Bombers ans support them during combat, that's why one cannot be used to support the other. The Fighter Hangar consists of a large space, landing bays, and production facilities. The Fighters are stored in their landing bays. they can refuel during combat and recharge their capacitors, which, contrary to batteries, take only a few moments to recharge, if enough energy is provided. in the production facilities replacement equipment is produced and due to its great efficiency it takes only about 10s to build an entirely new fighter once one is destroyed in battle, These hangars use up a lot of supply and energy, Bomber hangars produce and store the phased torpedoes and can hold fewer bombers, but work the same. A Size 25 Flagship can take 5 Fighters or 3 Bombers per hex (maybe?). The ships inside the Hangars are build and maintained there, no need for retrofitting and no need to build fighters and Bombers on planets.

New Mechanics: Electric Cables and power supply, Reactor behaviour, Particle and Energy Shields and how to use them (defend single ships or whole fleets), Point Defense, Fighters, Bombers, Hangars.
New Subsystems: Electric Cable (Modifiers), Particle Deflector (Amour), Shield Generator (Amour), Point Defense (Weapons (Supportships only)), Fighter Hangar (Control/Weapons (Flagships only)), Bomber Hangar (Control/Weapons (Flagships only)).
New Research: Electricity (used to unlock and improve Reactors and Cables), Shielding (Used to unlock and improve Shield HP and Regen), Fighters and Bombers (Used to improve Fighters and Bombers), Support (used to improve Bridges, Support Command and Hangar Bays)

I really hope someone considers implementing these things, as mentioned earlyer, I would do so, myself, but I don't have the programming skills required to mod them in myself. I would be most honoured if Blind Mind would actually implement even some of my ideas.

Suggestions / Bombers/Fighters (And Carriers!)
« on: July 29, 2014, 05:53:32 AM »
The Idea of some Fighters/Bombers in the Game was already spoken of sometimes here, I have to say I, too, like the Idea a lot! But in my opinion they shouldn't be handled the same way as in SR1. I'd like it a lot more, if we, for example, could get some kind of new weapon system named "Bomber Hangar" or "Fighter Hangar". This Weapon-System could automatically spawn some Fighters/Bombers as Enemys come in Range, and would act as Hangar and Production facility. The player does not build the Fighters/Bombers actively and then puts them in the Hangar, the Hangar itself produces them automatically, till it's cap, depending on the size, is reached, larger Hangar bays can hold more Fighters/Bombers and build them faster, wether for free, or not, the question would be, if the player would be able to edit the layout of these, very small, ships. In my opinion, that isn't necessary, but if, they should have exclusive Subsystems, the Fighters very fast firing, low damage weaponry, which would be able to shot other Fighters/Bombers, a ability, in my opinion, not every weapon system should have, for example a giant Torpedo-Bay on my Titan, shooting a Fighter?no, please not. One could imagine some kind of Flak, or Point defense cannon, which could be build only on support ships, and would be able to shoot Fighters/Bombers, and, the PD, Rockets and Torpedoes...
Moreover Bombers could be able to shoot through Armour, like the Phasers in SR1, and deal lots of damage to Capitalshops, but be slow, and very vulnerable to fighters and Flak; a balancing decision...
Another idea, resulting from this one, would be some kind of special amour, able to stop the Bombers Torpedoes; maybe even amour with tiny, Bomber-shooting turrets on the outside, enabling it to defend larger flagships, but being useless against normal Weapons...
A whole bunch of cool new stuff, would be great if you could implement it!
By the way: I have finally been able to play the game myself the first time yesterday and want to congratulate the devs for their amazing work! Good Job!

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