Author Topic: Binary systems... In the words of the great Johny Five; "I need more input!"  (Read 469 times)


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So yeah, I'm having a problem getting good orbits around binary star systems with homeworlds.

I need 3 things to get an orbit that doesn't cause the star to hit the planet,

Orbit distance
radius of the star

currently through the child object you can only get the radius of the star. The result is that depending on what the player enters for those 3 things, I can't establish an non-colliding orbit without taking only the max values which can result in homeworlds being placed outside of the system.

also, it would be nice if the orbit number returned took the eccentricity into consideration when telling you what the orbit is. this would prevent a lot of problems. right now I just divide the current orbit by the eccentricity which seems to be ok most of the time.

Also it would be nice if we could determine what the child object is.
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