Author Topic: Reducing Maintaince Cost of a Mod  (Read 429 times)


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Reducing Maintaince Cost of a Mod
« on: July 24, 2011, 12:32:34 PM »
I am planing on writing a mod that gives a "Can not Colonize" trait. But I want to limit how much work it would take to update it everytime a new patch comes out.

What I plan to touch:
  • Traits.
  • Minor touch to Map Generation (to remove alter the homeworld to null, a one or two liner to call another script)
  • Minor touch to empire_ai (to add a hook to create base ship/station)
  • I am planing on having my own structure files for the upgraded pieces. But I belive i'll have to disable the old structs in the ship_systems.txt any way just allow override.
  • Somehow override autoretrofit commands.
  • Player AI/ShipDesigns

What I Dont plan to touch:
  • Combat
  • Computer AI

any pointers would help