Author Topic: "Overkill is not a word I understand."  (Read 1407 times)


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"Overkill is not a word I understand."
« on: January 01, 2012, 10:20:34 PM »
Good day to you.  I'm the

Witness my birth.

It took 11 minutes, and metal mined out of thin air, to build me.  But we had the technology.

I am worth every FedCred.

It was a star, half-way across the galaxy.  It is now:

They always know where I am.  This pleases me.

My people are Fledging, Indebted, Pacifist (n.b.  Them, not me.), Poor Researchers, and suffered the tragedy of Poor Bomb Casings.  They were placed in a 90-system spiral galaxy along with 3 hardest, cheating AIs and forbidden to build or do anything for 20 minutes.  They declared victory 100 minutes in, having captured the Imperial Seat, and spent the rest of their time learning how to make, first a Ringworld, and then me (with the massacre of distractions as an amusing sideline).

I wish you a good day.  Understand, citizen, it is always a good day.

This game was played in Galactic Armory 1.8.2.
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Re: "Overkill is not a word I understand."
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2012, 04:19:45 AM »
A size 4.0 light mass driver on a scale 1M ship? Hot damn, that thing's hurling Jupiter-sized asteroids at things. Nice! Also kudos for the name. ;D (Reminds me of Metallica's Dirty Window: "I'm judge and I'm jury and I'm executioner, too...")