Author Topic: Ship Designs - Forced Logical Design  (Read 974 times)


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Ship Designs - Forced Logical Design
« on: January 14, 2013, 11:59:26 AM »
I don't know if you're planning on any large updates or making a SR2 in order to make a better SR game - but something has been nagging me about ship design.

The 'best' designs are the most illogical.  They cluster components together and look, well, terrible.  One player's guide suggests simply stacking everything right on top of each other, so larger components always protect smaller and more important ones regardless of where you're hit.  I assume this means every one of his ships is basically a cylinder of parts.

I would love it if there was some genuine effect to the designs aside from hit locations.  I can't bring myself to exploit the mechanics and keep building ships that "look" like they should to some degree.

Unfortunately, I don't have a real solid 'fix' for this in mind, but have some potentials...

1. Add a 'depth' scope to hulls and parts.  A standard hull might be 2 units deep, meaning no more than 2 '1 unit' parts can be stacked on top of each other - or 1 2-unit part can be placed with nothing above or below it.  This would force  designs to spread out, possibly into actual patterns and logical designs.  Different hulls might be deeper, while larger components may also.  A Station may be the "deepest" design you can make, and maybe the Artillery is the "deepest" weapon available and can only fit into a Station.

2. Make parts that 'clip' onto other parts.  Along the leading edge of every component is a circular clipping field and you can only save a design where all components are 'mounted' to other components in some fashion and cannot overlap (excessively) unless they're modules.  A module might clip 100% on to the system it improves (or become the object that is clipped to if it's larger).  This would force design components to attach to each other and limit overlap drastically.