Author Topic: ALERT -* CREEPS AMONG US! *-  (Read 772 times)


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« on: April 23, 2015, 01:02:52 PM »
Inteligent matter or creep.
With simple style of game. Grow and expand :D

Have only one hive able to build.(if died new one is born) - orbitals and ship
can be reborn to another planet.
All planet resources is automaticaly send to HIVE.
All resources pressure act as money pressure or labor. which be set by player.
Money count as energy power mind to hold in control PLANET,SHIP and ORBITAL.
No initial cost of anythink.
Income of planet is depended on how many tile is developed (vast plain is best planet or many moon) for every tile space is income of 1-3k :)
any Tile cost LABOR(like mechanoind pop)
Ignore any lvl of planets
Energy Influence or reseach can be got only by hard work of hive as infinitive SPECIAL PROJEKT

Special research for faster,cheaper,more income of tiles development.(like star children "habitat strenght")
If some building i let it by discusion.
Like Mind Hub for easy and faster tile development on another planets.Ddecerasing penalty for distance of hive etc etc...


HIVE - Home - Vast Plains
All resources count as LABOR! and automatically send to HIVE
Income from developed tiles on planets(by HIVE!!)
Tile developent is by By HIVE with LABOR and make Income 1-3K from every where from all planets. Hive randomly build across galaxy.
Money is Power for hold army and planet!
No initial cost of all. Only Maintaince. No bonuses for extra money.
Tier II and III usable if have on hive many Tier I (like for every body)
Water and Food Boost overall efectivness of hive.(LABOR)
Hive,only Hive can build Orbital and Ships, develop new tiles!AND transform LABOR for research,energy,influence(2:1),defense(3:1)
Hive extra bonus for fleet support.
Support ship when building cost Maintaince. Only when building.(or more?)
Conqured population transfered into developed Tile
Possible to expand Tile(develop) into Friends planets (if trade agrement)
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