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Star Ruler 2 Discussion / MOVED: WIP shipset
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:18:00 PM »

Star Ruler 2 Discussion / Star Ruler 2 Update - November 20th
« on: November 24, 2014, 04:41:50 PM »
Good evening galaxy! Today brings another regular update to your Star Ruler 2 game. Read about some of the update's highlights below, or scroll down for a full detailed changelog.

Interested in Multiplayer? Join our Dev-astation Friday multiplayer game.

Research Overhaul

We've completely overhauled the way research works, changing it over to a grid-based approach with different technologies spread around for you to research.

The Expanse

A new galaxy map has also arrived in this update. In The Expanse, players are located in between the remnant homeworld in one direction, and a vast expanse of uncharted space in the other.

You will have to defeat strong remnant fleets in order to colonize new systems in the expanse, and each system cleared will reveal new systems with even more powerful remnants!

Graphics Improvements[

Planets can now have rings, and we've improved the aesthetics of stars and their coronas.

Full Changelog

  • Added completely overhauled research system!
  • Large maps will now start containing barren planets - planets without a resource - in order to keep resources scarce and the game playable. Can be controlled with the "Resource Scarcity" slider.
  • Ships in move or attack orders now path around stars instead of moving or shooting through them.
  • Added unlockable 'Emergency Supplies' and 'Self-Destruct Device' subsystems.
  • Planets can now have rings.
  • Added quickbar for pending auto-imports.
  • Added Skip Drive and Ion Cannon as unlockable subsystems.
  • Added new map: The Expanse. Full of remnants, it expands as you defeat their ever-stronger fleets.
  • Bulkhead and Targeting Sensor now need to be unlocked through research.
  • Improved the aesthetics of stars and coronas.
  • Joining in progress no longer pauses the server while the player connects.
  • When defense destinations are set, defense is distributed equally from all sources across all destinations.
  • Increased pressure from level 3 resources.
  • Hydroconductors now give +40% labor generation.
  • Fix gate constructors being able to deploy without a maximum range.
  • Various performance improvements related to memory garbage collection steps, should reduce lag spikes in large games.
  • Animation was not properly threaded, leading to significantly reduced framerate in large galaxies.
  • Various notifications in multiplayer were blank or incorrectly labelled.
  • Fixed various issues with icons being rendered out of order.
  • Attempt to fix shader issues with specific graphics cards.
  • The AI would not recognize its fleets if it upgraded their designs while the previous was being built.
  • The AI will use partially finished fleets if immediately necessary.
  • The AI has a basic understanding of Revenant parts.
  • Improved the AI's logic regarding remnants and internal defense. Notably, it can deal with The Expanse.
  • Improved the designs created by the AI.

Galactic Armory now has its own sub-forum: Galactic Armory.

Original Thread:

Help & Support / [German version] Update problem
« on: March 27, 2012, 10:05:44 AM »
For all users with German localization of Star Ruler, please do not use the update. If you do, after updating to, download, and replace the one in Star Ruler/Game Data/gui/ to fix the missing blueprint window.

News / Forums Updated
« on: February 29, 2012, 02:18:19 PM »
I've updated the forums. The old style no longer works, and will take a little while to update. If you experience any problems, let us know!

Help & Support / Game won't start on Windows Vista/7 64-bit
« on: July 07, 2011, 06:10:54 PM »
Some players have experienced issues getting the game to start. If you are running on 64-bit Windows 7, please try the following steps:

Install oalinst.exe, located in the Star Ruler folder.

Copy 'C:\Windows\System32\OpenAL32.dll' into 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64'

If you experience this issue, please report whether or not this worked.

Thanks to cloudybay for this potential solution.

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.7.8 → v1.0.8.0 Changelog (Releasing)
« on: June 22, 2011, 10:19:48 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download →
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed issues related to the recently added special systems feature.
[Fixed] Fixed issues with AI diplomacy in loaded games.
[Fixed] Pirates still had incorrect research rates in loaded games.
[Fixed] 'Continue' would not consistently choose the newest save.
[Changed] Load Game menu now shows the current mod you're in.
[Added] Added a new Star Corona effect, which should produce much nicer and more active looking stars!
[Added] Added a completely redone tutorial with more information presented in a, we hope, more effective way.

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.7.6->v1.0.7.8 Changelog
« on: June 08, 2011, 12:12:21 AM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download →
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed a "Effector Data Mismatch" bug that many people were experiencing.
[Fixed] Significantly improved performance with AIs late-game.
[Fixed] Fixed a memory leak when loading a saved game.
[Fixed] Autosaves are now disabled when paused.
[Fixed] Planets with extremely low population are no longer useless until purged.
[Fixed] Pirates were not updating their hulls, leaving them very vulnerable as the game progressed.
[Fixed] Pirates were starting with random tech levels, sometimes causing them to be excessively powerful.
[Fixed] "Update Threshold" on blueprints is no longer lost when saving the blueprint.
[Fixed] Mining lasers with an emergency power supplying all the power needs caused an error.
[Fixed] Ammo usage wasn't updating when a modifier that affected it was added.
[Fixed] Pausing the game in multiplayer could cause newly connected clients to divide by zero in their interpolation, making stars vanish.
[Changed] When a planet is lost, everything yet to be built, and without any progress, are removed from the build queue.
[Changed] Reduced AI difficulty on lower AI settings.
[Changed] The right-click menu is now implemented in scripts.
[Balance] Planetary weapons gain range when on a Ringworld (10x base range).
[Balance] Fighter Hulls can now be made bigger as their tech level is increased.
[Added] Multiplayer option to prevent AIs from taking over player empires when they disconnect.
[Added] Added three special types of systems that offer unique tactical choices.

Help & Support / Repeated Crashing since
« on: April 10, 2011, 05:02:56 PM »
To anyone experience crashing issues since updating to, we have identified two common fixes:

Steam Users: Verify Star Ruler's files. If that doesn't work, also try...

All Users: Make a backup of your User Files (Found in "My Documents/My Games/Star Ruler"), then delete the contents of the folder. Most files can be safely restored into this folder if the fix works.

News / Star Ruler to no longer be available on Impulse
« on: April 01, 2011, 10:24:56 PM »
On March 31st, Stardock Systems announced that Impulse will be purchased by GameStop, likely some time in May. Due to a rather large list of things we detest about GameStop, Star Ruler will no longer be available for purchase on Impulse after the takeover. Impulse users will hopefully be able to continue receiving automatic updates after the sale; in any case, the patches hosted on our site are compatible with the Impulse version.

We are ending sales through Impulse due to GameStop's long, negative behavior toward the PC platform and independent games. We would never have signed onto distribution through GameStop, and being forced into this situation has only made it worse for us. We feel GameStop cannot serve as the leader of a true competitor in the digital distribution market.

I want to stress that our interactions with Impulse have been consistently good. We would've had no issues with continuing to sell on their service, and we had every intention of being on their service for future games; so long as they were owned by Stardock. However, with the announcement of the merger, and due to the nature of our contract, we had to decide rather quickly what we would do. After a lot of discussion and debates, we arrived at these key points:

  • GameStop's business practices stand opposed to our goals.
  • We feel they would not respect our customers.
  • GameStop consistently focuses only on large budget titles and safe bets, shying away from the independent market.
  • We supported Brad Wardell's direction of Impulse, and his absence ruins our faith in the service's future.

Impulse Customers: You are not being abandoned! We will be trying to arrange the continuation of automatic updates through Impulse. If this doesn't work out, our patches are all compatible with the Impulse version, and we will be working on an automatic updater for all of our customers to make the update process simpler.

We thank you for your time and apologize for the suddenness of this news and the confusion surrounding it. Things have been very busy as patch 1070 had just come out when we heard about all this and we haven't been able to be as proactive as we would've liked to be on this matter. For that, we apologize, and hope that you understand both our reasoning and that we will honor your sale of Star Ruler with the support it deserves, no matter what our distribution agreements are, to the best of our ability.

News / New Patch: v1.0.6.2
« on: February 21, 2011, 04:14:05 PM »
Version and a small followup patch have been released. Steam users will be up to date shortly.

Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from

Major Changes: Full Changelog
[Fixed] Numerous bugs.
[Changed] Other Empires must be met before being able to contact them in the Diplomacy window.
[Balance] Rebalanced the economy to make expansion require much more investment.
[Added] Better and more configurable ship automation: automatic fleet joining, carrier strike craft automation, customizable orders.
[Added] Economy reports for the empire-wide economy and individual planets.
[Added] Ships can be set to respond to enemies in systems around them, rather than just their current system.

News / Share Ship Designs, Mods, and Maps!
« on: January 28, 2011, 09:22:54 PM »
We've just introduced a new system to allow players to upload and download Mods, Ship Designs, and Maps! It's still a work in progress, but all major features are present.

Patch Notes for version &
Download (Patch from

Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed floating point errors in cargo and ship bay spaces.
[Fixed] Fixed a floating point error when deciding if a ship is disabled.
[Fixed] Artillery was using the wrong effector.
[Fixed] Some blueprints for the AIs were broken at early tech levels.
[Fixed] Linked Subsystem glows now only show for sub systems that are actually linked.
[Fixed] 'Metal Mandate' was acting like 'Metal Focus.'
[Fixed] Missile racks weren't taking their clip size into account when predicting damage output, causing too many missile racks to target the same object.
[Fixed] Fighter hulls and stealth systems would aid in dodging Flak and Shield Bomb damage.
[Fixed] Ships actually take directional damage now!
[Fixed] Fixed a crash in multiplayer related to objects being destroyed.
[Fixed] Defend and Work orders on stationary objects will no longer give attack/use tool orders to objects that are too far away.
[Fixed] Further improved the movement system, in particular when chasing fast objects.
[Fixed] Changed power generation to reduce the likelihood of a ship shutting down at high tick rates.
[Fixed] The default Fighter design wasn't very good at its job.
[Fixed] Fighters automatically launched from carriers would not return to their carrier after attacking.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash (PVFC) related to fleet icons.
[Fixed] The repair bay is now properly classified as Support in sub system lists.
[Fixed] AIs now perform many tasks at a time based on how many are present to be performed. Fixes the AIs getting 'stuck' late game. (Thanks Foraven)
[Fixed] Many repair beams should spread out amongst different targets better.
[Fixed] Effects on ships (e.g. damage events) weren't being saved.
[Fixed] Carriers could try to dock into themselves by ordering the fleet they were in to dock in them.
[Fixed] You may now click on the name of a constructed ship in the message to select/zoom to that ship.
[Fixed] Fixed ship port logic; should now trade resources more effectively.
[Fixed] Resolutions larger than your largest monitor (in either dimension) will no longer be listed, and your native resolution will be listed if it is not.
[Fixed] AIs were managing their fleets in very poor ways, causing them to be scattered across the galaxy.
[Fixed] Fixed comet tails and attack glow effects on some video cards.
[Fixed] Fixed removing cargo storages causing significant problems.
[Fixed] Sub system and ship explosions no longer play if you can't see the system.
[Fixed] Some values for spin boxes would cause a crash.
[Fixed] AIs considered Pirates and Remnants as warring opponents, making the AIs far less likely to wage war.
[Fixed] Dragging some windows would be very laggy (e.g. race customization).
[Changed] Planets that are under attack will experience rapid moral loss.
[Changed] 'Auto' governor now uses more economic worlds in the first 10 minutes of the game.
[Changed] Reduced galaxy gas density for dumbbell galaxies.
[Changed] Space Port now uses a split level: Trade rate comes from Economics, storage size comes from Cargo.
[Changed] In the right-click menu, "Use Tool...Tool" is now "Use Tool".
[Changed] In the right-click menu, tools can have a special "Use" name, like "Colonize Planet".
[Changed] Further reduced space damage.
[Changed] Flak will now only automatically attack when things get within 80% of its max range, to avoid only hitting a few targets when a large mass of units is approaching.
[Changed] Links in the in-game IRC window can now be clicked.
[Changed] Diplomacy cannot be conducted with empires before meeting one of their ships or planets. Can be disabled by toggling "Start in Full Contact" from the new game menu.
[Changed] Homeworld starts with 2 less farms, and instead starts with a space port and ship yard.
[Changed] Changed how fighter hull dodging works to make it easier for fighters to hit each other, and so a fast moving attacker doesn't suffer from its own speed.
[Changed] Changed base designs to be generally better, especially with regards to recent changes.
[Changed] Crew Quarters regenerate 1% of the crew per second.
[Changed] Planets without enough food will lose no more than 10% of their people per second.
[Changed] Running out of food now reduces mood of a planet, at worst at the same rate as lacking goods.
[Changed] Docked ships are now repaired by the carrier's repair bays and crew if the carrier is at full health.
[Changed] System Searches (used by the AI) are now batched. This significantly improves performance with many AIs, or many ships controlled by the AI.
[Changed] Updated the Aggressor AI (Thanks Superking).
[Changed] Deadend research links refund 10% of their cost to the tech, and repeated links (unlocking an already unlocked tech) refunds 20% of the cost of the link to the unlocked tech.
[Changed] Optimized engine flares.
[Changed] Effects can have up to 6 values.
[Changed] Economic structures now produce partial output when there are not enough workers to run all structures. This prevents a planet from dying off due to the single space port shutting down, for example.
[Changed] Revamped the blueprint import window for easier import of multiple designs and to add a delete button for designs in the profile.
[Changed] Star Ruler now keeps saves, mods, screenshots, etc. in "My Documents/My Games/Star Ruler". Files in the previous folder will be moved to the new folder when you launch Star Ruler.
[Changed] "Indebted" race trait now takes 50% of all resources exported to the bank for the first 20 minutes.
[Balance] Repair tool repair rate reduced by 50%.
[Balance] Bussard Ramjet no longer takes up double the apparent size, and has increased thrust output (still much lower than thrusters).
[Balance] Significantly increased the range and average damage of flak.
[Balance] Bulkheads no longer get hit before other sub systems.
[Balance] Bulkheads on armor now provide a third less bonus hitpoints than on regular systems.
[Balance] Flak cannot be fitted on fighter hulls, and must be a minimum size of 1 (scale 1 on a scale 1).
[Balance] Boarding Parties now require power and air.
[Balance] Doubled labor cost of structures.
[Balance] Tripled labor cost of planet cannons, lasers, and shields (in addition to the previous increase).
[Balance] Reduced starting population of colonies - 1M/structure down from 6M
[Balance] Spamming minimum-size colony ships should no longer be effective, at all.
[Balance] "Fast Metabolism" trait now awards 1 point.
[Balance] "Natural Green Thumb" trait now grants 2 levels of biology (down from 5)
[Balance] Slightly increased goods generation.
[Balance] Upgrading structures multiple levels will now be significantly more expensive, but upgrading 1 level will be unchanged.
[Added] Added a new version of the Civil Acts window to make total effects much more obvious.
[Added] Costs of ships, ship systems, and structures are now displayed in their hover boxes.
[Added] The subsystem damage window in the bottom right now has a "Layout" mode that displays the blueprint with damaged systems in red.
[Added] Empire stats (e.g. Galactic Bank resources) now have rate-tracking to provide income, expenses, and demands at regular intervals.
[Added] Added setStat/subStat functions to scripts to complement addStat, as well ass addDemand to alter the new demand component of stat tracking.
[Added] The "makeShip" function now returns the id the constructed ship will eventually have. Useful to the AIs for tracking their build orders.
[Added] Added "Balanced Start" option to maps. Forces players to start in systems with 3 or 4 planets, avoiding systems with too few or too many planets.
[Added] Added support for multiple loading screen backgrounds. Default is Images/loading_background.png, and additional backgrounds are named loading_background1.png, loading_background2.png, etc.
[Added] The Layout View Mode of the Blueprint Window now displays which subsystems are affecting whichever stat you mouse over. 
[Added] All global stats in the Blueprint Window now display tooltips that inform the player what each stat is used for when the player hovers over them.
[Added] A default strike craft blueprint can be assigned for carriers in the blueprints window.
[Added] Option in the blueprints window to build carriers filled with a full strike craft complement.
[Added] Option in the blueprints window to let carriers automatically order nearby planets to build new strike craft if they lose any.
[Added] Automation orders given to new ships can be edited on a per-blueprint basis in the blueprints window.
[Added] Ship defend range: can be set between current system only (default), local area (x AU) and entire galaxy. Ships will move to other systems you can see enemies in within their defend range.
[Added] ExtTexts can now use <tag:param> syntax by putting #html# at the beginning. To further aide readability, tags may have a '/' character at the beginning (e.g. <col:red>Red Text</col> White Text)
[Added] Added new game options to limit maximum ship count, and minimum and maximum ship scale.
[Removed] Removed unused earthbump.jpg and sunmap.jpg.
[Removed] Removed TemplateArg support for script functions, as it didn't work anyway.
[Removed] Removed "Currency-free Economy" trait as it does not work with the new economy.

Star Ruler Discussion / Official Website for Ship Designs, Mods, and Maps
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:33:16 PM »
We've just release a new part of the website, a place where you can upload, download, rate, and comment on ship designs!

We also have support for Mods and Maps, although we're still working on those parts.

News / New Patch: v1.0.5.0 and v1.0.5.2
« on: January 14, 2011, 07:16:16 PM »
Version has been released. Steam should be up to date some time on Monday.

Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from (Hotfix for
Full Changelog

News / New Patch: v1.0.4.0 and v1.0.4.2
« on: December 17, 2010, 01:25:14 PM »
Version and has been released. Steam users will be updated to on Monday.
You can chat with other players from in the game! See 'Chat Lobby' from the multiplayer menu. Fixes a major issue with multiplayer, and fixes auto-updating.

Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from

Major changes: Full changelog
[Fixed] Various fixes.
[Added] Added an IRC, game lobbies, and detailed design stats.
[Balance] Lots of rebalancing of most sub systems.

News / Top100 Indie of the Year and Desura Release!
« on: December 01, 2010, 03:05:39 AM »

Star Ruler has made it into the Top100 in the Indie of the Year competition! Thanks everyone who voted for us, but it's not over yet! Now it's time to choose the Top 10 Released and Top 10 Unreleased games, and we hope you'll vote for us once again, just click the logo above to vote!

We're also proud to announce that we are now available on Desura, a new digital distribution service that integrates directly with IndieDB and ModDB.

Star Ruler Discussion / Request for Assistance: Loading Screen Tips
« on: November 30, 2010, 09:40:09 PM »
An interesting idea was suggested to me by psitaylor; We should add tips to the loading screen. It's very simple to do, so I'm going to be adding it for the next patch. However, we devs need a little help. Players see the game from a different perspective, and have a different idea of what isn't so obvious.

So, please post loading screen tips you think would help new players learn the game, and maybe teach everybody something they didn't already know!

Star Ruler Discussion / Demo has been updated to!
« on: November 28, 2010, 09:45:09 PM »
The new version of the demo has been uploaded, download it here!

News / New Patch: v1.0.3.0
« on: November 27, 2010, 07:11:24 PM »
Version has been released. Steam users need to wait for Steam to update on Monday or Tuesday.

Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from

Major Changes: Full Changelog
[Fixed] Fixed numerous bugs and crashes - games should run much longer now, and economies should crash less too!
[Added] Added 3 new tracks, some new models, and new types of systems!

It's also the last few days to vote for Star Ruler as Indie of the Year!

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.2.8->v1.0.3.0 Changelog (Re-Released)
« on: November 18, 2010, 04:08:26 AM »
Live Patch Notes for version
The patch was re-released at 8 PM EST. If you didn't see this notice when you downloaded, please re-patch to
Download (Patch from
Download (Patch from
Previous Patch: →

Note: This patch breaks multiplayer compatibility with previous versions.

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Ships in invalid positions could crash the sound system if they ever played a sound. This should also fix random, extreme slowdowns experienced by some people.
[Fixed] Comets now orbit farther away from stars.
[Fixed] A change in broke script-based target weighting. Will fix jump drives, mining lasers, repair tools, and a few other specialized weapons/tools.
[Fixed] Overlapped sub systems in the blueprint editor now only glow when one is a modifier.
[Fixed] The AI will no longer try to retrofit ships in contested systems.
[Fixed] Repeat mode no longer crashes.
[Fixed] Fixed a possible cause of saves that crash on load. Old saves won't be fixed, but the problem should be eliminated for future saves.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash caused by a distant ship icon updating while the ship was being destroyed.
[Fixed] Planet conditions were not applying all of their alterations.
[Fixed] Ships would randomly "vanish" mid-flight.
[Fixed] Actually fixed crash in servers with single thread mode on. Also speeds up single thread mode a bit.
[Fixed] Mods were not being loaded in multiplayer.
[Fixed] Reordered economic events. Running out of metals should no longer throttle your economy!
[Fixed] Fixed hull-related crashes. Existing saves cannot be fixed, if that is the source of their crashes. Sorry about that.
[Fixed] Transfer orders will no longer try to take from docked ships.
[Fixed] Ships could get stuck and unselectable after jumping.
[Fixed] Possible fix for an infinite loop in fleets.
[Fixed] Planets would forget their repeat state on load if they didn't have anything in their queue.
[Fixed] Fixed a crash caused by having a dying ship selected.
[Fixed] Fixed a pure virtual function call caused by OrderList.
[Fixed] Saving a blueprint with the same name as a manually obsoleted one would not save it.
[Fixed] AIs were ignoring Dreadnaughts they built.
[Fixed] Fixed various crashes related to fleets.
[Fixed] Asserts are no longer compiled into release (small performance improvement)
[Fixed] Tutorial scrollbars for localizations.
[Fixed] Blueprint AI settings didn't work for multiplayer clients.
[Fixed] Blueprint AI settings were not being exported.
[Fixed] Fixed a bug that would spam the console with errors.
[Changed] Control+click build now works everywhere you'd expect (system window, build on best context menu).
[Changed] Importing a design with errors (ie subsystems not unlocked yet) now displays those in a message box instead of failing silently.
[Changed] Improved the comet trail.
[Changed] Updated German translation.
[Changed] Moved system and planet generation to a server script ( so mods can change it.
[Changed] Ships that fire weapons in the galaxy will become visible to all players. Note: Planets in the galaxy are always visible to everyone.
[Added] Added two new tracks by Artem Bank.
[Added] Event notification sounds for pending treaties or finishing the research queue.
[Added] Added speed and distance indicators to the mouse over info. 1 AU = 1000 units.
[Added] If pirates are allowed to become wealthy, they can now launch multiple simultaneous raids.
[Added] Added new Fighter, Hauler, and Satellite models, and added LODs for the station.
[Added] Added an option for a 'standard' camera, which cannot roll. Use this if you find that you cannot effectively use the default camera.
[Added] All ships with thrust can be toggled to "Park in orbit": when they stop, they will start orbiting the closest planet or star.
[Added] New structure: Planetary Thruster. Unlocked at Propulsion 16, Gravitics 6 and Megaconstruction 6, allows you to move planets.
[Added] Blueprint AI setting to control whether other ships are allowed to fetch resources (fuel, etc) from that blueprint.
[Added] Blueprint AI settings to limit attack targetting to only planets/ships.
[Added] Blueprint AI settings to limit deposit targets to only planets/ships. (ie Miners' deposit ore orders).
[Added] Binary star systems and asteroid belt systems.

News / New Patch v1.0.2.8 and Indie of the Year Voting
« on: November 16, 2010, 01:38:33 AM »
Firstly, now is your chance to vote us Indie game of the year on IndieDB:

We've also put out a quick patch Steam users should be up to date within a day or two.
Download the patch (Patch from

Major Changes: Full Changelog
[Fixed] Fixed several crashes and improved performance.
[Added] Added the first set of AI personalities!

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.2.6->v1.0.2.8 Changelog (Released)
« on: November 13, 2010, 11:33:16 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download (Patch from
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed a common crash we introduced in the last patch, sorry.
[Fixed] Script contexts were being prepared on demand. They are now cached, producing dramatic speed ups in our tests (~45 fps becomes ~150 fps).
[Fixed] Fixed a rare crash upon creating/updating a hull.
[Fixed] Sounds no longer play at all with master volume at 0.
[Fixed] Docked ships would cause a system to report the wrong number of ships in the system when the save was loaded. (Fixes white ring/empty system bug in saved games)
[Fixed] Single thread mode caused issues in multiplayer.
[Fixed] Cargo ships could occasionally reach negative cargo, causing weirdness.
[Fixed] Missile rack range now increases with size like other weapons.
[Fixed] Improved performance when large numbers of objects are in the galaxy/attempting to interact with the galaxy.
[Fixed] Fixed various crashes.
[Fixed] At times, saves will become invalid because hull names will become mis-matched. We're still investigating the cause, but for now you will be informed if a save is invalid. If this happens, you should go back to a previous autosave to hopefully avoid the issue. Further, I've added a check that may correct this error for some saves.
[Changed] Commonly created/removed orders are now pooled to improve performance.
[Changed] Planets have been slowed down a bit.
[Changed] Pirates use pillagers less often.
[Changed] Defend orders are more proactive about target picking.
[Added] Added AI personalities. AIs now choose from a few personalities which control many things about their behavior. We will add more in the coming weeks.

News / New Patches: v1.0.2.4 and v1.0.2.6
« on: November 12, 2010, 04:42:19 PM »
Version (and a hotfix to have been released. Steam users should already be up to date.

Download to
Download to

Major changes: Full Changelog
[Fixed] Fixed numerous bugs and improved performance.
[Fixed] Fixed various bugs that made starting and ending a game slower than expected.
[Added] Added minimap views of systems. You can show the currently selected system, or pin as many specific systems as you want.

News / New Patches: v1.0.2.0 and v1.0.2.2
« on: October 23, 2010, 02:45:23 AM »
Two new patches have recently been released, and Steam users should already be up-to-date.

Both patches must be installed in order:

Major Changes: Full Changelog (2.2) (2.0)
[Fixed] Various bugs and crashes have been fixed.
[Added] Added two NPC factions: Pirates and Remnants!
[Added] You may now change the name and color of your empire.

News / New patch: v1.0.1.8
« on: October 12, 2010, 04:41:40 PM »
The patch has been released. Steam users will automatically update shortly.
Download update for
Download update for

Major Changes: Full changelog
[Fixed] Fixed various save game issues (particularly with Multiplayer)
[Added] Added new maps and a new weapon

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.0.0->v1.0.1.8 Changelog (Released)
« on: October 09, 2010, 10:04:34 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download (patch from
Download (patch from
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed an issue that broke most sub system modifiers and planet conditions.
[Fixed] In the Stellar-pedia, the Shipyard world's description was for the Construction world. Also added the Shipyard world's correct description.
[Fixed] Float input fields in the new game menu were not working properly.
[Fixed] Players could not rejoin empires after a multiplayer game was loaded from a previous save.
[Fixed] Clients playing as empires in multiplayer now get the first planet pinned and zoomed to.
[Fixed] Hosts were getting pop ups when the master server temporarily didn't respond.
[Fixed] Missing localizations for the object info window's cargo panel.
[Fixed] When opening the planet window for the first time without a planet selected, automatically select your first planet instead of showing an empty window.
[Fixed] Tweaked cargo transfer logic to possibly fix negative cargo storage.
[Fixed] Fixed long-standing issue where multiple objects shared an ID in loaded games. Fixes various issues with loaded games, primarily in multiplayer.
[Changed] Updated Russian translation.
[Changed] Control-clicking in the right click build menu (not build on best) now also pops up the specify amount window.
[Changed] Clicking on a treaty waiting icon in the empire window's empire list now pops up the treaty window.
[Added] Added flags to Effect Events to allow special damage types.
[Added] Maps now have their own .xml files to specify map-specific settings.
[Added] Added various new map shapes: Sphere, Cylinder, Cross, Dumbbell and Clusters.
[Added] Added a new weapon: Phased Energy Beam. Deals low damage, but passes completely through armor (not shields).
[Added] Added float vector.dotProduct(const vector& other) const for scripts.

To use Effect Event flags:
The Event class has a new uint flags member, defaulting to 0. You may access or change it at any time, and may choose the default value for damage events by passing an optional argument to Object::damage(Object@ source, float amount, uint flags).

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