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News / Re: Star Ruler 2 Announced!
« on: May 29, 2014, 04:21:43 AM »
Yeah now if only Star Ruler 1 felt like a finished product, you'd be in with more of a shot.
As it stands though I don't have faith in your company, just like I don't have faith in the company who brought us the game 3079 for exactly the same reason.

Such things always smell like the sequel being nothing more than a cash grab for a failing product.
Make a decent product and you'll get some decent cash.
If your base game design hasn't changed to compete with sins of a solar empire you're not going to have a decent product as far as a space strat goes.
Those are the facts, you can ignore them; but most people would want a company they pour their heart and soul into 'not' to fail.

Mod Edit: Removed off topic ramble.

Help & Support / 1.04 runtime crash 15 minutes into game
« on: December 19, 2010, 09:23:14 PM »
Error Details:
starruler.exe runtime error r6025 -pure virtual fuction call

Setup Details:
Core i7 950
12gb corsair DDR3 triple channelled
Amaze 1gb ati5850
catalyst control center exited
running vista ultimate 64bit
brand new samsung 1tb hard drive
all drivers up to date

Assistance required in resolving the frequently experienced crashing. k'thanx

Help & Support / Re: Graphics Related Crashing (Ver
« on: October 11, 2010, 12:58:48 AM »
The fact that the video stalling and production of visual artefacts that i'm getting over various sources idle desktop randomly, playing video through VLC, even during play of web based games suggests a throughput issue on the video card itself. i haven't known cards to do anything other than fry totally with constant artefacts present until they decide there can be no more current throughput, but i'm willing to accept that doesn't mean such an occurence as a specific component dying before the GPU itself crashes could not happen.
I haven't been able to replicate the problem on my asus n10J (not that i wanted it to lol) using the exact same files used and malwarebytes comes back clean so it's not an issue to do with external tampering of the files given to gamers gate; and as i'm now using it's not something covered by patching.
The card has been getting proper smooth current and is seated properly with adequate airflow so it would be surprising if this never overclocked still young card i intended originally to hang on to and put in sli had croaked it, but i'll soon see.
I've purchased a new video card an ati 5850 so hopefull by the end of the week i will no longer have a problem and can chalk it up to mere coincidence instead of an inbuilt flaw of the game code to do with some other peice of my system.
Personally the only thing that really drives me nuts is the fact it isn't a constant problem most of the time it has been just fine with me running aero (with no background movie scene of course). if it was a component to do with information pathing say a ram channel or even a broken intermittent link on the connection itself i should be seeing it as soon as any graphical information is being parsed through the card itself *shrugs.

Suggestions / Re: Davor's annoyances of Star Ruler
« on: October 09, 2010, 06:44:36 AM »
I would have to agree with the initial post that the game indeed does feel bland as it needs to engage the player more.
People have to have faith in the macromanagement side of things to be able to focus on the bread and butter of the game 'space combat or a decent meaningful infrastructure'.
Things are hard to see and i'm using a 50" fullhd plasma at about 1.5 meters distance so what combat boils down to for me is grabbing a butt load of mass produced capital ships and literally spamming enemy systems.
It is simply not enjoyeable, a waste of my time considering what else i could be playing (or investing money into) and really detracts from the point of for example having technologies themselves.
I mean who cares if you have sheilding and an antimatter reactor an hour into the game when it turns out you were spose to be spamming since you woke up this morning and doing nothing but spamming.
Also on the note of researched technologies stealth fields at level 1 are you joking... the angled armour on stealth jets in modern times should be level one a field generator at that level is like me going and doing a bachelor of medicine at college and being able to do eye surgery day 1.
I don't hate the ship building mechanics, i just once again don't find them engaging, you may as well do away with any sort of placement and simply make it an adjustable table with on-side output tables; i mean it's what people do now anyways; +1 to this, +0.25 that and +4 in this.
Quite frankly it would make the task take much less time for something that in it's current state doesn't really provide any 'reward' for a person taking the time to personalize a craft.
Personalization is the key, theres a reason why i hate how civilization V does things and still play 'conquest of the new world'; it's the fact that i can name everything so it feels like it's 'MY' empire. i meen if combats going to remain a spam fest and the amount of attention i have to pay to my colonies is going to be akin to that paris hilton gives to her pet dog then a may as well be going around naming stuff left right and center; the added bonus i found at least in sins of a solar empire was itwas easier to identify which planet was being attacked and IF it was important with a single glance.
The gameplay seriously needs attention to if i feel like i should be using a console window and typing in dos style commands to organize my civilization, quite frankly you've failed as a game designer and the way star ruler plays let me tell you at this point i'd prefer using xml spread sheets, logs and graphs alongside a dos console to organize my galactic civilization.
macro 1 - build colonizer build fighter, set fighter path to colony ship produced, display list of systems within 500 light years, prompt user for colonizer destination.
So yeah you need to do a lot of revamping to get the gameplay to be more engaging for the player and you're best bet is to look around at what people are already enjoying and not necessarily trying to fob off design decisions on a fragmented community/user base as i'm sure you're already realizing.
To be the best you have to first be memorable and sorry if you take offense to my post but i don't like to mince words.

Suggestions / Re: Weapon types GO!
« on: October 09, 2010, 05:14:09 AM »
There doesn't seem to be much on the gravitics line of research so my vote is to give it some sort of point.
as to weapon ideas what about nanite torpedoes?

Suggestions / Re: hull integrated weaponry
« on: October 09, 2010, 05:07:50 AM »
The only real problem with this is size/space differential. While yes fighters might be quite mass efficient to take on a capital ship the fact of the matter is that a capital ship would have more turreted weapons and quite frankly use the proposed system for a single star destroying purpose.
With all the annoyance the AI send 7 bombers and run tactics presented in sins of a solar empire. quite matter of factly such hit an run tactics combined with jump drive technology would be immensely too frustrating on the galactic sizes presented in star ruler. It would indeed be a fine balancing act with the amount this would be abused as a tactic by human players and as such would have to be integrated almost like a form of cheating in response for the AI. The basic number one rule of any game is to make something that is enjoyeable, if it detracts from the gameplay it's better off being modded instead of a core feature.

Suggestions / Re: Deceleration Drive
« on: October 09, 2010, 04:40:40 AM »
I have no problem with the newtonian physics in and of itself, but i would have to agree a fleet with competent admirals would in fact not show the weak point of their engines to even the most inferior enemy fleet and would use some form of early braking tactic or relly on science experts to devise ways to compensate for this flaw of design. The easiest way to fix it would be to implement scripting for early braking unilaterally. I mean as good as the newtonian physics are i've ended up with over 50 capital ships sitting around inside an orange sun without shielding and the human crews been perfectly fine and dandy (rally at system order) so it's not like tweaks already don't have to be made to how ships act.

Suggestions / Re: Unpowered Flight Time
« on: October 08, 2010, 08:36:17 PM »
There should be a form of solar nanite hull armouring, i meen what good is nanite armour over lets say powered armour anyways considering the use of ablative armour costs no power.
i meen it's the logical next step have them use ammo for armour hitpoint repair and make the power hungry critters collect all that light to supply themselves and the ships capacitors.

Suggestions / Re: Advanced Ship Controls
« on: October 08, 2010, 08:26:57 PM »
as to ship commands there are some basic things needed for their utility that should be accessed from the drop down menu.
1) the ability to select a role for multirole designs that includes the ability to lay down patrol pathing between systems or at the very least roam to system from current range (meaning a fuel ship will hop around the originating system as necessary to keep up supplies).
2) The biggest competitor to this game for me is sins of a solar empire and the main difference in S.o.a.S.E.'s favour is the bread and butter of empire and combat. There simply needs to be easier  ways to manage the fleet like selecting a group of systems, being able to use a drop down menu to select garrison sizes and a autofill garrisson button that will have that front line you've made get filled from you're various colonies shutting down production or restarting it as necessary.
3) For a game that by design places a huge amount of emphasis on defending and attacking empires including the design of ships which by itself takes a fair chunk of time to do in relation to the infetesimal time it takes to actually research technologies there needs to be a way to easily identify you're fleets from planetary systems slighly differently as shaped rings just don't cut it. i think colonized systems should project a linkable culture aura while systems with only 1 ship in it should get a culture ring identifying it as largely empty and for systems with more than that 1 unit a button with a simple fleet strength indicator maybe with an edge that shows by colour when units in that system need fuel or ammo to be restocked.
4) the camera controls are horrendous, they can't focus with any sort of ease on a moving fleet and the twisting motion when you're trying to simply circle around an object is disorientating at best. without formations and the ability to easily follow at a decent camera angle set between two forces you really can't enjoy combat as it seems fleets simple try to turn themselves into big meteoric chunks of flying debry to joust each other with and quite frankly that doesn't do it for me space combat wise. I meen wheres the strategic use of longer range weapons, the attacking of specific systems by order of importance (sheilding, control, weapons, propulsion) the ships seem to shoot like a bunch of amatuer paintball enthusiasts; the protection of the deathstar you brought along by small fighter wings up front. Take a look at sins of a solar empire have a go at it and you'll realize that even if it's not completely perfect they've got the basics of what you need for good space combat down pat (visible troops, good controls for following them, the ability to easily set formations and lastly meaningful range differences).

Help & Support / Re: Graphics Related Crashing (Ver
« on: October 07, 2010, 07:54:22 AM »
I have taken those standard measures, though thanks for the reply anways.

Help & Support / Graphics Related Crashing (Ver
« on: October 07, 2010, 04:52:06 AM »
Good day,
My recently purchased from gamers gate game of star ruler has been crashing frequently.
The situation is that i will be doing nothing more than researching and fiddling around with ship design when suddenly the game will freeze throw up a repeated line of red 'w' as an artifact and either stutter for 2 to 3 seconds or just straight crash to a white desktop.
an error message is display on the right of the windows taskbar saying there is an error with nvlddmkm and that the graphics driver has been recovered when i ctrl+alt+delete force a shutdown of the process.
I realise this is a nvidia general error and that my experiencing constant 'graphics driver has recovered' post it's from vista my graphics card may be getting quite truly stuffed; but this has only happened since i installed blind mind studios 'star ruler' and does not happen with other games.

My System Specs and software versions are as follows:
EVGA 780i Nvidia Motherboard
Quad ranked 2gigs of ram
Intel q6600 CPU
Sparkle nvidia 9800 gtx pcie GPU
samsung terabyte drive

Direct x 9.0c
star ruler
vista 64 bit ultimate
nvidia driver 258.96 (latest and tried also the driver that came with the now old video card with even worse crashing)
latest C++ distributable as i keep my vista auto patching to the maximum level possible.

If you need any more information please ask as i am looking forward to any non standard solution you might provide as i have already exhausted other reasonable channels in finding a solution.

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