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Suggestions / Planet Habitability
« on: September 15, 2010, 11:57:23 PM »
I was just thinking that planets should really be represented by two "primary" stats as opposed to the current one (size).

Size is exactly that, the physical size of the planet.

What planets need is a habitability stat as well, and this stat would be the number of slots available for you on the planet, with the maximum number of building slots equal to the planet size, and found only on "paradise" planets. This would be an ideal way to represent the more extreme planets that may very well be large, but barely usable without advanced technology, and that brings up another point.

Aside from better representing the planets themselves, this provides a very simply way to introduce terraforming. If you have an incredibly inhospitable planet with a size of 25, but habitability of only 5, terraforming technology could simply work towards raising that 5 up, perhaps with structure that improves planet quality over time, or the option to build "enclosed environments / domed cities" that use up one slot, but increase usable slots by two.

Anyways, plenty of potential applications but in short, the "usability" and size of a planet should be two distinct factors.

To be specific, I used a ship with a jump drive to destroy a star, then jumped it away before it was damaged. The ship escaped, and was perfectly fine for several seconds until the damage from the exploding star kicked in as if it were still there, then it died.

And just as a side note, a DSM and jump drive equipped ship is a very, very mean and unstoppable tactic  ;)

Suggestions / Starports & Empire Bank
« on: September 01, 2010, 12:04:12 PM »
Something that I've been noticing in my current game, I never have any metal. At first, I didn't have the slightest idea as to why, thought perhaps  that my consumption was simply to high. But even after converting system after system to metal mining worlds, the issue persisted. Eventually, I realized the problem, Starports.

My Empire bank has been soaking up every bit of extra metal my planets produce, and every "balanced" world in my domain has been taking it again, instantly, for the purpose of converting it into excess Electronics and Advanced Parts, and then dumping those into the massively overstocked Empire bank, while still having no metal.

My suggestion is simply that there needs to be options to direct this. Reconfiguring my thousand worlds manually isn't all that appealing. One way to deal with this would be to just allow the adding of a cap on your empire bank, per resource. If I could tell my empire to stop sending electronics to the bank, then it woud stop producing them, and my metal reserves would be restored.

I'm sure other people will have some ideas to add, but one way or another there needs to be a method of directing the flow of resources other than manually configuring every colony.

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