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Suggestions / Modifiers
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:42:57 AM »
I'm in a bit of a hurry and this is pretty straightforward anyway so I suggest these multiplier sliders, with x1 (or 100% if that's what SR2 will be doing) as the current defaults:

Fire Rate
Armor Health *
Health **

*Health on armors only. Cumulative with Health.
**Both non-armor and armor subsystem health.

Star Ruler 2 Discussion / My Hopes for Star Ruler 2
« on: May 25, 2014, 03:47:13 PM »
Greetings. I wasn't not a fan of the 4X genre previously, so my entry to it was with Star Ruler. Fittingly, it was a very enjoyable experience, 163 hours of making friends, building ships, and destroying things. Naturally I am excited about Star Ruler 2, but below are the kind of changes I would like to see.

Make diplomacy better: Simply put, Star Ruler is all about destruction. It shouldn't be. When I create my space empire, I want to be its emperor and not its admiral. Diplomatic options are far too limited, and everything results in total annihilation. More diplomatic options could help alleviate this, and I would really like to see a vastly increased number of deals to make that would impact the game in various ways.

Ship design made more signifiant: Make no mistake, it is very significant as it is, but armor plating being destroyed first no matter what (before subsystems, I know that external mounts die first) sort of ruins placement. I would like to decide between covering my ship in armor and getting universal protection at a slower speed and placing armor at key locations. This would also mean that ship design should be in 3D, or at least with indicators about where the armor plating will face; up or down.

Better research system: Yes, SR's research system is adjustable and oftentimes I played with it nerfed. However, the whole system calls for improvement, as it's far too straightforward.

Don't trivialize big achievements: Planets shoudn't be so easily destructable completely later in the game either. A Ringworld, even later on, should be a massive fortress of system-spanning awesomeness, not something you place on every system. Star destruction? A default paced game shouldn't allow them before at least about 10 hours, since Star Ruler can save and reload, it should fully capitalize on that by offering long term gameplay. Simply won't happen if you can snipe planets from 3 star systems away.

More customization: Race traits and game settings are already very customizable in SR, even if the former is a bit lacking (fixed by Galactic Armory). I would love to see more of that. An advanced mode should totally exist, like the mod in SR that allows you to modify planets and a lot of stuff.

Expand on the boarding mechanic: Boarding could be better than just a numbers war.

Carriers improved: Extremely unwieldly to use, and they're useless without a construction bay. Not to mention they often make poor combat ships, in contrast with the glorious battlecarriers of Sci-fi.

Fighters improved: The above is partly the fighters' fault, as they blow in SR. They should be improved in ways you'd know better, which leads me to:

Improve horde power: Large ships are nice, but that doesn't mean they should absolutely annilhilate entire fleets of smaller ships (unless they're sufficiently large) I would like to actually use size 8 ships every now and then, instead of rushing to a size 32 ship as soon as possible.

Improve non-Galactic Bank based trade: Cargo Drones should be smart (make them not take the stuff from eachother, that's a start), and should be more viable. This gives the player two choices, spend space but safely transfer using the Space Port, or carry them in vulnerable ships that take time to reach their destination for faster resource transfer. Mix them both for optimization.

More ship modules: Star Ruler has a lot of options for ships that aren't for combat, and this is a strength that should be capitalized on. Research modules, fuels, you name it.

Fuel and Ammo: Galactic Armory's Fuel and Ammo resources are very well implemented. It's also great that you can collect from stars, giving them more purposes than just sitting there being pretty or being a WMD once you can destroy them.

Asteroid Mining: Basic mining tools should be available earlier and supplements should follow at higher tiers. Mining has the potential to be very important, yet right now it's only viable.

Balanced Race Traits: There's no way that Indebted is worth the same point boost as Fledgling Empire. Absolutely no reason you shouldn't take Slave Labor every single time. Engine Catalysts are incredible because Bussard Ramjets are like easily the most efficient engines early on in the game anyway. Don't even get me started on Scorched Earth. Stuff like that. Less no brainers and no-goes, more options.

Smarter Haulers: Ammo and Fuel carriers should be smarter. Options to generate that on board besides the super late Matter Generator would be nice as well.

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading. I'm looking forward to playing SR2 with all of you.

Galactic Armory / It's been a while
« on: July 18, 2013, 07:47:02 AM »
Hello uhm, I for some reason lost interest in SR a while go and only recently I am coming back. How is the progress on 2.0 going? Also, anyone here who would like to play GA with me please leave your steam tag below so I can add you. Alternatively you could add the DarkyPwnz with an avatar, as I have two other accounts that don't have avatars.

Galactic Armory / Two Questions
« on: October 27, 2012, 04:01:30 AM »
1. Most of the time artillery on a big station won't fire at targets even if they are in range. If it is a neutral object like an asteroid and I force-fire it, it will fire, but if it is an enemy target it won't fire. Are there any workarounds? Because I build big artillery only to have them only firing in their home system, this also happened with a Spinal Mounted artillery ship I've made before. I've changed the AI settings between Hold Fire and Fire at Will, yet the cannon still won't fire. However, even more awkwardly, the gun will fire nearby, it doesn't have to be the home system, but it can fire at nearby vacuum of space outside any of the systems.

Are there any workarounds? Because of this I can't really make reliable siege cannons, and I totally would like to.

2. I have some designs I am really proud of, I think the AI ships are really weak and is there a way you guys would accept my design so that the AI has a ship that challenges us?

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