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Galactic Armory / GA Officers, poltics etc.
« on: October 30, 2012, 11:31:09 AM »
1) Was just wondering about the implementation of captains and officers with traits. This idea actually came from reading up on Aurora - has anyone played it - seems like a F-- monster.
I'm no coder but couldn't a captain be added to a ship like a must-have subsystem attached to crew quarters or something? If the captain is lost then the ship runs at -% efficiency until the new captain gains experience. Just a thought.

2) Running your empire as capitalist, communism, Feudal or whatever. Would it be possible? Maybe changing the Civil Acts screen options depending on your political state. 

3) Troop invasions. I was quickly looking at;topicseen#msg27242 but not sure if this has been implemented or will be.

4) Just to give some planets a bit of a life/history personality, how about disasters that strike certain types of planets. Like volcano worlds could be ravaged from time to time by huge earthquakes and explosions. Remnant Relic planets has the chance of causing a weird alien disease.

5) I don't know if any of you have read the two books by Scott Westerfeld, Risen Empire and The killing fields. Epic Space Opera at it's best. I loved them! To my question: Would it be possible to incorporate sensors. If a scout enters a system he would be invisible to the fleet as long as he avoids there active sonars. If both the scout and enemy have active sonars turned off then they are invisible to each other except for some-type-of-sensor running on infrared and at very close range. Could be a hassle with the AI but a nice tactical addition if it was possible.

6) Maybe adding a few advisers with different personalities. Could also be beneficial to newcomers.

Well, I haven't really jotted my thoughts down with a great number of specifics but I just want to get a idea of what is possible. So far I love the game but it needs a bit of a,... human touch? ;)  It's crazy, but if this game can let you colonize and develop 10 000 planets and even try and make you love them all it would be phenomenal.

From what I gather (haven't really played - I'm a bit intimidated) Aurora is a MF crazy deep game. But without even realizing it, it seems to create through spreadsheet after spreadsheet a picture in your mind of who and what every part of your universe is. And you start to care. Star Ruler does not have to do this, it just needs to add that touch of empathy through some means. Weird crazy advisers, captains that grow old and senile and gets distracted in battles (that would be awesome), colonies that suddenly get sweeped up in the next fad and suddenly your workforce is running at 50% or colonies that are used too little suddenly evolve into some weird alienated cultural phenomena that you need to deal with. This is the stuff of life and I think it would give Star Ruler, a already phenomenal space opera, that extra flare to make it SPECTACULAR.

Thanks for your time!  ;D

[ B.t.w. Since Scott Westerfeld I haven't found anything as epic and incredible. Could anyone recommend other great epic Sci-Fi? Maybe I should open a thread for this. ]


GA: Help & Support / Too much space taken by susystems (bug?)
« on: October 26, 2012, 03:58:31 PM »
Hi everyone

This game is simply amazing! And this GA mod just incredible. Well done to the developers and the modding team. And thank you :)

I do have two small issues though. Let's start with the most annoying:

1) I get a "Too much space taken by subsystems error" every time I try to type in a scale factor. But when I pick from the whole-ship  scale list it works fine. So I guess it's a GA bug? Is there any way to add my own sizes to the whole-ship scale to circumvent the problem?

2) My game crashes about 3-5 times per hour. Is that normal? I've read a number of posts where people have crash problems. I lowered my texture resolution to low, no-anti aliasing and playing no bigger than the default 150 systems. I only have two Gigs RAM and a HD4890 1GB card. I'm not really complaining since the game restarts pretty fast ;) I've installed the MS Run-time library and OpenGL drivers from Star Rulers directory, deleted my profile settings in My Documents, reset everything on start-up etc. Any other tweaks I could try?

Thanks for your time!

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