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News / Re: Star Ruler 2 Announced!
« on: August 30, 2013, 02:55:19 PM »
Well, it's about time. Hee-haa!

Strategy / Using Torpedo Right at Offense
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:47:28 AM »
Try making a larger fighter or smaller ship of size 1.5~3.5.
As soon as you unlock ship construction 4 and missile weapon 4,
design or import the design which uses following characteristics.
Key is to use with external mount.

- 3 time the Size 4 Torpedo Launcher attached with external mount. (This only uses 3 slots!)
- Thruster of size 2~3.
- Size 3 or 4 ammo cache. Very important.

Due to low cost of torpedo launcher (adv. parts not needed), mass production should be easy.
If done right, several dozen of them can take out most of early to mid stage foe from out of range
with no to almost no casualties. You can bring them back to your system to refuel and rearm.
Make a dedicated planet for refueling and rearming.

When operate, make a fleet of 20~40 or 50, set box formation and set hold position for more accurate

If you have two sizable group, you can alternate to bomb run enemy system.

If your enemy uses fighters, mix some flak variant.
As your opponent move up size 100 or more, make larger version.
This design requires some attention of yours to operate properly but when done,
this is the strongest ships I've ever found my self.

Fast, long range, numerous and big punch.
Had fun obliterating cheating AI's large ships with bigger variants or those.
And make sure to update missile weapon/thruster/cargo/engineering techs.

Missile variant to be tested.
But really, ammo weapons are beast.

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Thoughts on SR balance.
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:03:09 AM »
Just to note, you can simulate RTS gameplay with SR now-

Starting tech 10
All technologies unlocked
cost of new tech levels increased to 900000000 (no further teching)
Small galaxy (eg. 10 systems for 1v1)

The result is actually pretty cool, though it highlights the simplicity of combat balancing atm.
This sounds interesting. Whats your steam id Superking?

Strategy / Re: Haulers in start
« on: September 10, 2012, 08:41:23 AM »
If you have efficient trait, use size 1 fighter hull hauler and put usual thruster of good size 2.5~4.0.
It is blazing fast and transports fair amount. Efficient trait gives X3 cargo capacity.
This seems to be working for any initial buildup.
Don't use slow hauler using bussard ram jet. Speed is very important.

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: v1.2.1.0 → v1.2.1.2 Changelog (Released)
« on: September 08, 2012, 12:45:14 PM »
I bought this game back in Nov 2011 and never played it, partially because I thought I read somewhere that it was not going to be supported any longer. That seems to have been untrue! From the looks of the forum, the new patches, the Armory Mod and some names I have seen in other 4x games for years, I guess I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and try to learn this thing. Particularly given my disppointment in a few of the recent 4x releases. I struggled with the UI in one of the tutorials and I cannot seem to find a galaxy view button. Any suggestions?
I've never seen galaxy view button. Just using mouse scroll to zoom out. This works if you play small map but if its not the case, I do not know.
Welcome back to game. I think economy is little hard to learn in the beginning. Feel free to ask.

Star Ruler Discussion / Reflection: Distance between starting base
« on: September 07, 2012, 09:54:30 AM »
Whenever I feel not sure or confused, I tend to go back to fundamental to build up again from bottom up.
It would be nice if people could exchange some of their point of view or idea.

When it comes to real time strategy game, I want to see so that game is presented in the way that it have eliminated element that
which will become trivial, cumbersome and unnecessary learning process for players so players are always guided to the main game element.

"Basic" Standing Point
- It is ideal for the distance between starting base location of two competing players to be always the same. -

There are two ways to spend resource.
A. Producing military units OR B. Invest for larger resource income for later.
If distance_D between both players starting location is relatively large, player should invest for larger resource income, in other word, expand.
If distance_D is relatively small, both party should quickly start producing military units to defend or destroy undefended enemy expansion.

Thus it becomes so that player will find when to start focusing on to military production while cutting expansion spending.
Meanwhile, if distance between players starting location varies, player is required to gauge accordingly.
I think this type of gauging should be eliminated as much as possible to players are allowed compete more on more important game element
such as economy, fleet handling and others.

Edit: One extreme example of this is game of Chess, Go or Shougi. They always have same starting position and game area is fixed(obviously).
Player can focus more on movement of their units.

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Multiplayer Games/ Community
« on: January 11, 2012, 06:01:55 PM »
Its good to see that there's some activity going on.
Maybe this is last chance.
Whenever I can join, I will do so.
Seems like all answers here seems to be new people!

Suggestions / Re: SR Marketing
« on: January 05, 2012, 06:00:09 PM »
I think it wouldn't hurt keep using this thread until something more concrete come up.
Also about BMS opinion about organizing something, I'm supposing they are busy working on
their next product.

 If us user side have achieved some degree of persistent passion and organization,
they may have interest in talk us back. (my guess)

 As of semi-/professional tournament, I think we can wait for next BMS game.
It is hard to imagine they would work on completely different genre of the game.
Thus I strongly assume they are working on another RTS title.
(I start doubting whether really 4X is really strategically worthy. 4X is just another way
to say RTS) Well again those are just my idea.

 Meanwhile, we could seek to organize something out of SR. We've got around an year or two.
Or maybe BMS never will release next title. We never know. So lets do something.

 Now the main point. The portraying the interesting point of the game.
From my experience, I don't think SR is suited for professional-edge cutting serious competition due to its somewhat erratic movement mechanism.
 I will name few more random game elements, which must be eliminated.
 - Unlocking of new research field. Chem bomb is key unlock early on. 
 - Random map. Distance and number of slot number/resource amount planet from
   the home world.
 Next will be main game attraction.
 - ship design (Various weapon types)
 - colony development based on enemy movement and own strategy/action initiative
 - ship types and fleet maneuver(grouping, target(s) selection, resupply)
 Below is a list of concerns
 - Balance of components(repairing tools especially, target sensor)
 - Player input cost balance of certain weapon type.
 - True raison-d'etre for elec/adv parts, general goods and luxury. (Since they aren't easy
   to remove, I think we have to deal with them)

Required balancing for competition setting.
 - Map settings
 - Research speed

 By the way, do you play SR online Honour3?

Suggestions / Re: SR Marketing
« on: January 05, 2012, 12:20:39 PM »
Possible, worthy of a separate forum thread perhaps?

This would require few dedicated people organizing themselves first to be able to ask forum admin
to add another section. If not there's a risk that new section ends up by being not used.

My purpose of this thread and opening post is to explore and open discussion of the possibility of having Star Ruler projected into semi-/professional clan events. I think, as you mention, it's intricacies in ship design, displayed statistics and overall mechanics mean that the game really stands a chance to go somewhere.

Speaking of professional clan, this involves money payed to top players right? Who would
sponsor? I think at this stage, talking about professional level is far fetched... unless you have
specific idea.

First of all, initiates must present people how playing SR in long term is interesting.
To do that, we must know the selling point of the game, in person vs person competitive way,
very well. 

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: the upsides of each weapon
« on: January 04, 2012, 03:59:36 PM »
If you can manage to micro manage the movement and the ammo resupply,
You can out range kill most of other weapon type ships.
Its that this requires tremendous amount of player attention.

Suggestions / Re: SR Marketing
« on: January 04, 2012, 02:42:08 PM »
I see.

Now I think about it. I will be happy to see more constant activities.
More online matches, clans organizing, official tournament maps.
Fleet management tactics and related ship design/automation discussion.

I mean this game has so much possibilities thanks to its complex ship design.
Lets use it to organize something more interesting.

Suppose we organize two clans, A and B. Minimum of one player per clan.
One player can join only one clan.
Usually clan members battle out each other, occasionally, organizing inter clan
match occasionally. Making ranking and post on a forum page.

Just as an example.

Suggestions / Re: SR Marketing
« on: January 03, 2012, 06:47:10 PM »
I feel like going back playing right now but... there just is too much other temptations.
Must decide ....   :-X

Modding / Re: {Shipset} The Artificers- Player Made (Currently Texturing)
« on: January 03, 2012, 06:29:32 PM »
I like the form. Its good to breath in some fresh air you brought.
I need to get back...

A. You can load your designs in and it takes litterally 2 secs to do... You can pause in SP and do it... and its super simple to do...
In multiplayer, which you should always keep an eye on enemy move, there is no way
leaving the attention to design which is this much complex. Even though it is possible with
some practice, it is too emotionally cost expensive.

there should be much better designs from the get go...
They made this this much complex and they can not let AI handle it.

Rock Paper Scissors is killing ingenuity in RTS and making it just like FPS click fest
SR also has some RPS element but is less visible. RPS is base of everything.
The matter is how much it is pronounced.

I agree there should be a governer designer for more advanced players and a much better automatic governer... When I was starting out I never won a single game till I started using my own ques!
Again, they've made economic structure complex that they can not make their AI manage it.
Also in multiplayer, having to have manage 5~6 resources is not so fun.

Sorry completely disagree... takes minute detail to make sure you have ammo and fuel... late game tech my designs run for 30m easy without any need for ammo and fuel...
It must be manageable in all tech level. If you put too much ammo, ship simply can not
have enough fire power. Since it must at certain point, replenish. This replenish process is
horribly player input expensive. Even forget about AI being able to manage this.

there is a option at the bottom of system pane for displaying much more detail... and honestly this hardly matters... I only care what I have in my Galactic Bank... the rest is just making sure my colonies where designed properly so they can pump ships quickly..

I guess I wasn't clear enough.
Especially in player vs player game, what(planet in a system) to destroy first can affect largely the outcome of the battle in long run.

2. Very slow game progress. (From game start to first battle encounter) Takes ages before any conflict occurs.

You really need to adjust settings... You can set it up so you can start at higher tech... tech progresses much faster... etc etc... You can be in full battle with AI after 10mins with 15 colonies...
If you've played a dozen or so pvp game, you'd see that battle only start after 20 minutes~35 minutes. There is no dealing what so ever until then. Each player just build up.
(in default setting. Ofcourse planet number being around 10 per player. 150 is just time wasting.)

Because it looks amazing!!! :D
Yeah. It does. Only if game could be replayed with 3D mode...

Sounds way more complicated, current setup works very nicely imho... its just simple and realistic (in a simple sense)
Yup, I've put only 3 lines and rest assured that I'm not very good in expressing using words
especially. For this matter, it was just a quick idea.

It is very interesting how other person views.
Thanks for sharing your idea based on my views.

I wanted to say more but I was certain that it will become too lengthy and loses the focus.
I made it as short as possible so don't think I've been able to express all.

Why complex Economy is not so useful
My view is that with some knowledge, it becomes all automatic.
Player could play and find through experience which could be fun for some but
that's not what game's core is and can become source of frustration.
Start with

A. Scientific Lab or Resource Gathering.
Size of the map, starting position and tech lab/production balancing.
General rules is that further away the enemy is, concentrate more on research/economy installations than building fleet. As of extreme example, you don't want to attack enemy
in 10 minutes distance with first tech level ships, with few of them. Its complete waste
of resource and time.

With experience and struggle, one will come to know the optimum number of labs to build
depending on the map environment and enemy home world distance.

B. Several Installation types and resources.
Number of planet, its number, their slot, conditions, time of colonization in game's general
progression stage, installation types(ele,adv,ds,lux etc) and its relative position against home system and enemy home system
is a piece of straight forward puzzle but is quite complex to achieve optimum result.
Another source of struggle to get a even point among player base.

Some will excel but many other will not. "Many Others" will shy away and turn around.
User Interface
Although game has lots of information and sub function controls (ship design/automation),
I think it managed in satisfactory level in the last version.

Goods: Just as previous posters points out.
1. Too much freedom on ship designing.
      A. Being from that this is a real time strategy.
      B. Being from that AI can not perform any designing.
      C. Extremely combersome to know the opponents ship design.
2. Complex Economy.
      Another element which AI can not handle neither the players with clear image.
      I think there is almost always one or few best planetary installation distributions.
      Looking at map setting/ starting location, requiring user to decide build what on where
      seems just an extra work. (ship construction/military out ward, research, civils inward)
3. Units handling/Automation.
      Fleet and Fuel and ammo limitations asks player "tremendous" amount of organization.
      Ships fly about every where to resupply. In battle or not.
4. Poor target information.
      Can not tell what planet has what.
5. Die hard detailed ammo/fuel distribution. (For each ship must close enough to trasfer/import)
      Will say this again but this is major source of frustration for average users.

Honestly. It is such a regrettable experience that the game I like so much have lost appeal
from all these small detail frustrations.

In over all, this game is too complex and offers too great freedom. Like, having too much is similar to having none.

Another points.
1. It is also a let down that I can not look at battle closely with all things running in the game.
2. Very slow game progress. (From game start to first battle encounter) Takes ages before any conflict occurs.
3. Any reason why it should be 3D. Can someone explain the advantage of being 3D map?
It could have some but does it really worth it with added camera handling player input cost?
4. Shipyards too useful being able to cache many ships instantaneously.
5. Could have worked with one or two final resource type. Just make so there is no more galactic bank, but each
system holds its own resource bank, (ofcourse number of system is strongly suggested for something
low enough to be manageable)
Players could compete attack/defending on for capacity to convey resource to key growing systems.

Suggestions / Re: Solar Powered Farms
« on: November 30, 2011, 06:42:43 PM »
We are slowly seeing the birth of factory food production.
I don't think food production would require the star's light if enough technology and
resource are present. Although providing enough food for billions of population seems
done more economically on conventional way though...

Modding / Re: Ship Set Idea
« on: November 30, 2011, 06:29:17 PM »
 , o 0 O ((Especially fighter and bomber look very attractive. ))

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Multiplayer anyone?
« on: November 25, 2011, 02:08:36 PM »
Have someone played online lately? I've been doing other things so was absent...

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Very impressed!
« on: November 02, 2011, 09:39:53 PM »
Yay. Another possible multiplayer candidate. And welcome.  ^_^

Modding / Re: Katani Shipset (image intensive) (WIP)
« on: November 02, 2011, 02:15:40 PM »

I'm starting to see the benefits of using these generated models as a base - the more models I create the faster the work gets, I can re-use almost all of the elements I've UV-mapped/adjusted since all the models are just made out of the same building blocks, cutting down time on UV-mapping dramatically. Pretty cool.  8)
I'm pretty sure you will finish before I will do.  ^_^

Modding / Re: New Ship Set Teaser (Update 2)
« on: November 01, 2011, 02:34:54 PM »
Large picture is large...

But regardless, nice textures. It's good to know that this cool ship set won't be abandoned like some of the others.

Thanks. Now I've got some basic idea what I want them to look like, it should move
along quite steadily.

Modding / Re: New Ship Set Teaser
« on: November 01, 2011, 08:03:30 AM »
Update 2

Uploaded with

Base Texture is done. ... Few. :'( It was rough.
Just to let you know that I haven't abandoned.

Have to add
+player color

I know the progress is slow but I had to go through all the steps.
Thanks for the patience and hoping being able to show more.

I'm actually thinking changing few~most of models...

Kind of defeats the point of the decay in the end. As far as I remember the decay was added to keep the number of objects in a  game down, so you didn't have thousands of disabled ships taking up memory and processing power.
If for some reason, preserving concept of decay seems to be reasonable which
I don't really see, debris could make so that they decay slowly instead of each
single disabled ships decay. If high number of debris objects seems worrisome,
make so only few 'debris fields' objects are placed inside the system. As ships
decay, those fields will proportionally get mine-able ores.

Simply, make so ships can not be harvested while its disintegrating.
(Setting wise, its considered too dangerous to perform any operation)

Then convert into debris depending on the total amount of resource cost of
all disintegrated ships in and near system. Debris be acting similar to asteroid
and have finite amount.

EDIT: In my opinion, this could unify mining laser and salvage-r. They do similar
thing anyway.

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Ideal "critical mass"?
« on: October 31, 2011, 01:15:26 PM »
It would all depend on your base resource producing capacity and the size of
colonization you want to execute. It depends on two factor at least.

If it is multiplayer 1v1, the size of map and system count will be more important
factor. For example, you can not expand forever when opponent is having
sizable amount of mobile force.

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Multiplayer anyone?
« on: October 31, 2011, 09:33:19 AM »
Oh, that's fine. It didn't matter Volley.
Hope you can join us soon though.  ;)

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Multiplayer anyone?
« on: October 30, 2011, 05:33:54 PM »
I played few match with YAHG and found that pirates are plain nuisance
in multiplayer. Basically all it does is requiring player to have some defense
everywhere. This just slows down the game progress.
I thought pirates could be turned off on any occasion now on.

Modding / Re: Katani Shipset (image intensive) (WIP)
« on: October 22, 2011, 09:03:25 AM »
I'm loving the style. I'm eager to see what will other models look like.

Random Noise / Dreamt about new SR feature ...
« on: October 20, 2011, 09:39:45 AM »
Aha ha ha ha ...  :-\
I just dreamed about new SR feature. Not like day time dreaming but the dream
you have while you sleep.

The actual idea was pretty vague and can not recall what it was actually but
it seems pretty good in my dream. It was something about planetary installation.

... SR ruler have invaded deep in side of my mind...

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