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Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.2.2->v1.0.2.4 Changelog (Hotfixed)
« on: October 26, 2010, 06:26:05 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download Patch (Hotfix from
Download Patch (Patch from
Previous Patch: →

Direct2Drive and GamersGate should be updating their full downloads to soon.

Hotfix Changes:
[Fixed] Fixed a major bug in single threaded mode that prevented ships from leaving systems.
[Fixed] Object icons were messing up in Medium & Low texture quality.
[Fixed] Fixed some minor issues with the tutorial.
[Changed] Timed game effects are now allocated on a pool. Improves performance in combat.
[Removed] Removed duplicate ship designs from the tutorial mod.

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Crash when selecting a shipset.
[Fixed] Remnants no longer run out of fuel.
[Fixed] Changed order for movement updates to prevent a one-frame delay in motion prediction.
[Fixed] Clients in multiplayer were shown the victory message before joining an empire.
[Fixed] Governors no longer build structures that are not unlocked yet.
[Fixed] Layout scales are now rounded to 3 decimal places to prevent floating point errors from showing up.
[Fixed] Pirates with money troubles weren't buying pillagers because marauders were cheaper.
[Fixed] Joining a multiplayer game after going back to the main menu from another game would not load the map correctly.
[Fixed] The fighter hull had a 5% flat dodge chance instead of it being based on relative velocity.
[Fixed] Changing the max number of selectable AIs in main_menu.xml did not work. The default still goes up to 10, but it's moddable up to 200 AIs.*
[Fixed] Fixed various issues with updating hulls (SubSystem modifiers not working when a hull is updated). Designs in previous saves should be able to benefit from being updated, depending on the type of modifier used.
[Fixed] Fixed fleet icon not showing after load and not disappearing when docked.
[Fixed] Ship owner was being set after effect activation, leading to certain effects (notably Research) crashing on ships.
[Fixed] Structures with non-natural levels (farms) could not be renovated manually.
[Fixed] Zoom to cursor checkbox was saving incorrectly.
[Fixed] Planet orbits were sometimes stopping after loading a save.
[Fixed] Undocking sometimes hurled ships across the vast expanses of space at insane speeds.
[Fixed] Damage order based on sub system position wasn't taking the size of the sub system into account. Now, a large sub system can protect little sub systems 'inside' it.
[Fixed] The music now instantly stops playing upon exiting, rather than when the game finishes cleaning itself up.
[Fixed] Treaties would randomly crash in multiplayer.
[Fixed] Objects thought they had far higher acceleration than they really did (due to not taking mass into account). Should significantly improve movement patterns, especially when it comes to planets.
[Fixed] Our custom GUI elements were not being properly deleted, causing a memory leak in the GUI.
[Fixed] Goto object orders weren't being saved/loaded.
[Fixed] Order lists were being loaded in reverse.
[Fixed] The dim2di for the blueprint window's tab buttons was using 2 px less than it should have, resulting in part of the button being cut off in the window.
[Fixed] Sending chat messages with the # character in them no longer causes weirdness.
[Changed] Various game data files (PlanetTypes.xml, build_queues.xml, ...) can now be overwritten by mods.
[Changed] Script data loading now falls back to the default files (mods no longer have to copy the Script Data directory).
[Changed] Empire names and colors are now moddable the same way system names are.
[Changed] Changed the standard maps to use a single copy of object descriptors, rather than making a new one for each object. Significantly speeds up map generation for common map sizes.
[Changed] Removed unnecessary window generation and resource loading during script testing.
[Changed] The tutorial can now be localized.
[Changed] An auto-colonize order can now be removed by right-clicking on the planet and unticking it.
[Changed] The AI now periodically retrofits its obsolete ships.
[Changed] Slightly sped up locking in general, and reduced overhead related to creating those locks.
[Changed] AIs obsolete their old designs and retrofit their old designs to larger versions. (Cruisers go up to scale 24 over time).
[Changed] Planet orbits were much slower than intended. Planets now orbit at faster speeds, and their speed is based on the size of the star.
[Changed] Changed various memory allocations over to a pooled system. Slight gains when setting the game up, but far more dramatic gains when exiting.
[Changed] Objects now register themselves instantly during map creation, significantly improving map generation speeds.
[Changed] Empty strings no longer allocate themselves on the heap.
[Changed] Star Ruler's icon has been replaced with a higher resolution version.
[Changed] Mods can now add their own Locales that are loaded after and can override the base game's.
[Changed] Weapon effect graphics are now allocated in a pool, significantly improving performance when watching combat.
[Changed] Updated French, Russian and German translations.
[Changed] While updating the blueprint window to the planet window's style, reduced the image size, saving a slight bit of memory.
[Changed] Objects are destroyed on-demand when the game exits, speeding up game exit times.
[Changed] Planetary rings now have ambient lighting.
[Changed] Planetary rings are now more common.
[Added] An optional toggle in the system window to display stored resources for planets in the list.
[Added] Ships can now be scuttled at planets for resources. They provide 50% of their cost to the planet.
[Added] Added support for ttf fonts and locale-specific fonts.
[Added] Added basic per-system minimaps.
[Added] Add Require:Tag to restrict subsystems to blueprints that have that tag.
[Added] Script bindings for Irrlicht's quaternion.
[Added] Relative military strength bars for pinned systems/stars and systems in the system window's system list.
[Added] "Zoom to object" buttons in planet window, pinned list and the system window's planet list.
[Added] The clusters map now has separate options for flattening the overall map and the clusters themselves.

* Disclaimer: Beware of duplicate empire colors and severe lag when adding more AIs.
* Darcion: No, seriously, I did update the German translation.

Localizations / Main Menu / Top Bar Translations
« on: October 20, 2010, 03:31:11 PM »
To all community translators: since the last patch it is now possible to localize the main menu and the top bar buttons. Considering firgof has the source files used to make those, it would be easiest to use those to create them in different languages.

If you could be so kind to post translations for the text, then we can create them and put them in the game in a future patch:

New Game
Load Game
Quit Game


Note that the size for the top bar buttons will not change, so please keep the translations short so they can fit inside the boxes.

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.2.0->v1.0.2.2 Changelog (Released)
« on: October 19, 2010, 05:55:34 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download ( Patch from )
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Saves with manually obsoleted blueprints were not loading correctly, leading to empty ship lists and crashes.
[Fixed] Civil acts were not affecting labor rate.
[Fixed] Use tool orders were ignoring the hull's orbit targets setting.
[Fixed] Floating point errors were accumulating into the ships damage stat, leading to repair tools continuously firing.
[Fixed] Victory message is no longer displayed when you start a game with no AIs.
[Fixed] Explosion effects would sometimes randomly appear in the system when you started a game.
[Fixed] When selecting a color for your empire the window would sometimes get stuck dragging.
[Changed] Beam weapons now also have a random component in their firing delay.
[Changed] Pirate raids now become less frequent at lower difficulties.
[Changed] Updated Russian translation.
[Balance] Reduced improvement rate of stealth hulls. Capped their effectiveness at 95%.
[Balance] Cargo bays and Ammo storage now scales to a higher storage.
[Balance] Fuel Cells now scale in the same way as cargo bays.
[Added] Subsystems in the damage report window now display their current level.
[Added] Entry in the right-click menu to select all ships in a system with the same blueprint as the one you clicked on.
[Added] Stations can now be retrofitted at the planet they are orbiting. It will cost 20% more than usual (up to 60% of the cost of building a new one) to represent the cost of moving it down and launching it back up again.
[Added] Added localized versions of various graphical buttons for French and German.

Star Ruler Discussion / Attention: Bug in loading
« on: October 19, 2010, 09:41:32 AM »
There is a bug in the current version that breaks blueprints when loading a game. A hotfix should be released shortly that will deal with the issue. Savegames should be unaffected unless saved after a corrupted load.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.1.8->v1.0.2.0 Changelog (Released)
« on: October 13, 2010, 11:12:08 PM »
Live Patch Notes for version
Download ( Patch from )
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed crashes on saving/loading dock and retrofit orders.
[Fixed] Map-specified tags in the new game menu were not being displayed in the scroll box.
[Fixed] Fleet names are now saved and loaded.
[Fixed] The Phased Energy Beam was too cheap, and did far too little damage.
[Fixed] Combat effects were broken in the legacy 1014 mod.
[Fixed] Fleets could add other fleets as members, causing various issues.
[Fixed] The camera position is now saved and restored on load.
[Fixed] Servers/clients could lose connections if they took too long during the loading stage.
[Fixed] Planet ticks (which handled the economy) were not using a managed tick rate, causing slower production than intended.
[Fixed] Planets will be correctly lost when population reaches 0.
[Fixed] Stealth Hulls were applying their effects after armor.
[Fixed] Homeworlds now hijack the orbits of existing planets if possible, fixing planets orbiting through each other in non-tiny galaxies.
[Fixed] Minor script exception in multi-rack mounts.
[Fixed] Autosave was triggering every 15 seconds instead of 15 minutes.
[Fixed] AIs were not checking systems generated after their home system for expansion, leading to randomly stalled AIs.
[Fixed] Targeting sensors that were smaller than the connected weapon could actually reduce range.
[Changed] The windows in the top bar can now be toggled with F1-F6.
[Changed] The movement solution has been further optimized.
[Changed] Improved system locking to make the game perform more consistently, and faster overall.
[Changed] Updated French, Polish and German translations.
[Changed] New designs default to not orbiting targets now.
[Changed] Saving a design with the same name as an existing one now marks the new design as an updated version of the old one instead of displaying an error.
[Changed] Updated the tutorial.
[Added] Maps can now define options for an advanced window in their xml files, they can control the size and columns of their advanced window.
[Added] Option to turn off galaxy gas display.
[Added] The Options and new game windows can now be localized.
[Added] Ships without engines (i.e. stations) now orbit the planets that created them.
[Added] Added basic interface to choose empire settings when a game starts.
[Added] Added range rings - hold alt to show the range of the selected and/or hovered object.
[Added] Arrrr! Pirates will now periodically raid systems with lots of resources but no defenses.
[Added] The names of the default, AI and pirate ships can now be localized.
[Added] Autosaves and quicksaves are now rotated, you can specify how many saves to keep. The ones with the higher numbers will be older.
[Added] The planet window's queue tab now displays the total cost of the current queue.
[Added] Added proper ship set support.
[Added] "Defend Position" stance, ships will engage targets but return to their original position afterwards.
[Added] "Update All" button in blueprints list that immediately updates all designs to the latest tech level.
[Added] Remnants now roam uncolonized systems and attack all ships within them. Their amount and frequency depends on the difficulty.
[Added] A basic victory condition (destroy every planet owned by another player).

[Discovered] 0.999... = 1 if epsilon is undefined, causing a day to disappear from our calendar.

Note about Ship Sets:
To create a new ship set, create a text file in Game Data/ShipSets/, as well as a folder of the same name (e.g. terrakin.txt and terrakin/). In that folder, create shaders.txt(optional), materials.txt and models.txt. When the ship set is in use, those 3 files will be loaded and behave as normal. Note that in materials.txt, you will need to start texture file paths with the shipset's name (e.g. Terrakin/sometex.png).

Star Ruler Discussion / v1.0.0.8->v1.0.1.0 Changelog (Released)
« on: September 03, 2010, 04:22:19 PM »
Live patch notes for version
PATCHES BACK UP - If you installed before this notice, please reinstall from
Download: Patch from
Download: Patch from
Previous Patch: →

Changes: Final
[Fixed] Fixed typos in planetary cannon and space port descriptions.
[Fixed] Jump Drives were always available, and did not improve with technology.
[Fixed] Disconnect notifications were not being sent and disconnected players were not giving up control of their empires to the AI. (Leading to new players not being able to take over)
[Fixed] In Multiplayer, players were able to see the orders given to ships controlled by other empires.
[Fixed] The tooltips shown on the planet window when hovering above a building in the "Manage Queue" tab will now always show the correct structure information.
[Fixed] Heartbeats to the master server would stop after a single timed out connection, causing live servers to be de-listed.
[Fixed] Fixed loading of Unicode files. Fixes issues with some double-byte languages.
[Fixed] Object AI access should be more stable. (Improves fleet window stability)
[Fixed] Ships were showing up with the wrong icon/scale for clients in multiplayer.
[Fixed] Movement lines are now displayed for clients in multiplayer.
[Fixed] The rally point line now scales properly with camera distance and is colored differently from movement lines.
[Fixed] The movement solver had a slight logic error leading it to be completely broken. It should behave much better now!
[Fixed] Shields now properly links to Stealth.
[Fixed] Disabled ships are now removed from hotkey groups.
[Fixed] AIs now correctly load Ship Designs. Fixes issues with AIs not expanding.
[Fixed] Jump Drives will no longer be considered when calculating maximum firing range. (Fixes issues with ships not approaching targets)
[Fixed] The tutorial now saves the active page, and returns to that page upon loading.
[Fixed] It should be nearly impossible to start in a bad system (Supernova/Quasar) or in the same system as another empire.
[Fixed] The galaxy update is now threaded. Should significantly improve framerate in high-lag situations, and even more on multi-core machines.
[Fixed] Acceleration wasn't integrated between game frames, leading to inaccuracies in movement.
[Fixed] The load game menu will now show only .srs files.
[Changed] The time/gametime and paused indicators are now handled in angelscript. This means they are now moddable.
[Changed] Reactive armor was too effective late game.
[Changed] Moved time/gametime indicators to the right edge of the screen, properly centered top bar.
[Changed] When rallying to a ship that is part of a fleet, newly constructed ships will now automatically join that fleet.
[Changed] Creating a new fleet with 'f' now behaves more intelligently (eg does not add ships to multiple fleets).
[Changed] Fleets will now move together between systems, unless ordered to leave a system with an enemy presence.
[Changed] When box-selecting a fleet, the subselection is always set to the fleet leader.
[Changed] Fleet icons now scale with camera distance (up to a point), so fleets are easier to spot.
[Changed] Planets remain semi-visible after leaving the system they were in.
[Changed] Upon leaving a system, the indicator ring will change to match what is left after you leave.
[Changed] Ringworld Structures are now 10x larger. 100 such large structures can be placed on a ringworld, giving an effective 1000 structure slots.
[Changed] Updated German translation for
[Changed] Updated Italian localization for
[Changed] Updated French localization for
[Changed] Right-clicking in the planet queue now removes that item.
[Changed] Structure Built events will no longer be shown in the ticker.
[Changed] When a ship has only a single tool to use, Use Tool... becomes Use Tool... <tool>. No need to open the sub menu.
[Changed] When pressing the renovate button on the planet window, renovate all structures of that same type.
[Changed] The buildable structure list on the planet window now grays out when you (will) have no more slots.
[Added] Added escape menu localization strings.
[Added] Colony ships now coordinate with each other so they will not attempt to colonize planets that another colonizer (from the same empire) is already heading towards.
[Added] Auto-colonizing a system or planet with insufficient colonizers now marks the remaining planets to be colonized by future idle colonizers.
[Added] There is now a subsystem damage report panel underneath/integrated with the selected object panel, it displays the hitpoint totals of either all the subsystems or the subsystems collapsed into categories of the currently selected/subselected ship.
[Added] Game speed display and control buttons are now on the top right of the screen.
[Added] Governor type is now displayed in the mouseover info text for planets.
[Added] Added Polish translation for
[Added] Planets now receive 0-2 random conditions that affect how effective/strong/costly structures built there will be. The conditions possible for a planet are based on its type, so lava planets will never be frigid, and desert planets won't be covered in plants. The conditions are currently unknown until you colonize the planet, although we will add ways to scan planets in future patches. You may see the conditions on a planet by mousing over it, or in more detail in the planet window.
[Added] Button in the empire window that leads to the now-stable fleets window.
[Added] Added a new sub system/weapon: Boarding party. Allows the capture of enemy ships, as well as disabled ships that aren't heavily damaged.
[Added] Added auto-repeat planet queue button.
[Added] Added new remixed theme. Plays 50% of the time on the main menu.
[Removed] Due to various conflicts with rapid engine changes, removed Sajuukhar's UI mod.
[Removed] Removed some old, unused images.

Star Ruler Discussion / Design sharing website
« on: August 23, 2010, 03:24:33 PM »
Yeah, I got bored this afternoon waiting for the patch, and decided to make a web utility to share your designs and view other people's.

Click here to go to

So far it only has the default designs available in the game.

The design view isn't perfect yet, and I'm planning on adding a hp/dps/power/etc breakdown like the one in-game tomorrow. Are there any other suggestions for now?

Star Ruler Discussion / Optimal amount of systems for multiplayer games
« on: August 22, 2010, 06:07:23 AM »
150 systems for 4 players might be nice and comfy and all, but it takes an absolute age to get anything done at all.

I've had success playing with about 10-12 systems per player. You have enough room to expand but you still have to race your opponents to some systems.

It's just not very nice when you start in the same system as another player. Happened to me once, very weird.

What are you guys playing with?

Star Ruler Discussion / IRC?
« on: August 21, 2010, 06:49:54 PM »
I think I read something about a beta-tester IRC before? Would it be possible to get that open to the public?

Strategy / Build Orders
« on: August 21, 2010, 05:53:18 PM »
I'm wondering what kind of starting builds you all use? I used to start with scouts but I'm not so sure now.

At the moment I'm trying:
  • Space Port
  • Space Yard
  • Adv. Factory
  • A bunch of scouts
  • Spam colony ships

Anyone with better ideas/improvements?

I was thinking it might be useful to collect all the potential balance issues / inquiries about balance in a discussion thread (we can always have offshoots for various more controversial issues).

The first one I'd like to ask about is Railguns. I realise that with their status as starting techs they aren't supposed to be all that strong, but they should at least upgrade to be equally on par to other weapons when you put research into projectile weapons.

For example, with 10 levels in projectile weapons and 10 levels in beam weapons, railguns at scale 2*20 do roughly 1k DPS. Focussed lasers at that level, however, do over 100 times as much. Yes, railguns have 3x the range, but there is basically no situation in which I'd ever use a railgun now. Just not worth it.

Railguns starting out weak is fine, but with research they should become viable alternatives I think.

Suggestions / Strategy forum
« on: August 21, 2010, 05:31:36 PM »
Would be nice if we could get a subforum for discussing strategy, asking questions and putting up information threads.

Suggestions / The Big Damn Polish Thread
« on: August 21, 2010, 02:08:55 PM »
As you've all no doubt realised. This game, while having potential, is in desperate need of a lick of polish. Let's list all the small stuff that isn't worth its own thread here as a sort of reference for the future. I'll add all the suggestions from the thread to this post as they are posted.

  • Usernames in multiplayer
  • See which empire is controlled by what username
  • Ship icons should change brightness when selected, the selection rings are impossible to see at any decent zoom level
  • The selection box on the right should have more info (sure that's already on a list somewhere)
  • Sub-selection: When you have a bunch of ships selected you should have one "sub-selected" (cycle with tab or something) so you can see their stats in the info pane
  • Fleet icons: Sins did this really well in my opinion. When you create a fleet you should see a different icon hovering above the entire fleet that you can press to select it.
  • Empire Color/Icon selection (Duh, sorry, too obvious :P)
  • You should be able to tell which systems have colonised planets in them from a large distance, maybe add an easily-noticable pip to the ownership ring for each planet that has been colonized by each player?
  • I don't know _why_ exactly, but the rotation system confuses me. This will require further investigation.
  • Usernames/colors/empire names in the chat box.
  • A way to change planet and system names.
  • The path line should be visible for every ship you have selected instead of only being displayed when you have one ship selected.
  • The path line should scale with zoom distance, it should be smaller than it is when zoomed in and larger than it is when zoomed out.
  • Saved build queues.  Bonus if the interface actually does a population calculation when you create the queue and shows the number of remaining slots.
  • Start the game paused when loading saved games.
  • Save camera position in save game file.
  • Addition of a tooltip info window in the build queue.
  • Resizable/movable windows: It would be nice to move the unmovable windows and to resize the long list windows.
  • Better fleet/planet/ship management interface: Sortable, separate lists
  • More governor options (i.e. automatic renovations, ships/buildings only)
  • Move to top of queue button for research and build queues.
  • War declaration pop up window so that we know that we're at war now.  Bonus for checkbox in corner to auto-pause for single player.
  • Empty build queue pop up window.  Auto-pause for single player. Disabled for governed planets.
  • Time remaining to research in tooltip info.
  • Button to auto-queue all Hunch/Guess items for when 300-700k research is trivial.
  • Forward/Back buttons that cycle through all of your planets, not just the ones in the currently selected system.
  • Time manipulation buttons.

Star Ruler Discussion / Voice chat
« on: August 19, 2010, 07:56:26 AM »
In games like Sins we usually just use skype in the background to do the voice chatting, but considering the diplomatic options in a game like SR it might be good to have a push-to-talk limited voice chat.

As in, you should be able to voice to everyone, only allies, only to a specific person, etc. It makes discussing treaties behind someone's back a lot easier.

I suppose you could use chat (it does have whisper/ally chat, right?), but that leads to "Hmm… I'm hearing you type awfully much… you sure you're not going to betray me?".

Star Ruler Discussion / Movement commands?
« on: August 15, 2010, 07:55:06 PM »
Apologies if this has been asked before, but could you tell us something about how movement commands are issued?

Is it like in sins where you only get to issue commands in 2D space but the ships move in full 3D (I hope not)?

I thought the system in Homeworld worked reasonably well, but nowhere near perfect. Though I suppose you are limited in that mice are inherently two-dimensional pointing devices.

I'm quite interested in the way you'd give proper 3-coordinate movement commands in Star Ruler, I always find it brings a whole new dimension (hurr hurr) to the gameplay.

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