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« on: August 18, 2010, 06:40:20 PM »
So you want to post on the forum. Whether you're reporting a bug, or chatting about how ramscoops don't work that way, or even explaining how awesome your cat is, you should be aware of THE RULES.

First and foremost, don't post illegal, drug related, or pornographic material. If it wouldn't appear on the Simpsons, don't post it here.

Secondly, if you're making a topic, make sure you're posting it in the appropriate section. If it's not totally clear where something should go, ask a staff member beforehand. If you do put something in the wrong place, it's not the end of the world, but it's messy and someone will have to move your topic. So don't.

Thirdly, although you're pushing buttons on a machine and reading from an artificial display, you're communicating with other human beings. Before you post, think a little about how other people are going to see your post.

If you're flaming, you're coming across as weaker for losing your temper over internet forum. If you're trolling, you're destroying your credibility and may never be taken seriously again.

If you're spamming, you're going to annoy the moderator who has to delete all your posts or topics, and he may be more heavy handed with the ban length. Because that's the other thing you'll get if you do this stuff. A ban. So don't.

All of the above are things that will definitely get you in trouble, but if it's not on here, that doesn't mean you can do it. All bans are given at the discretion of staff, who have the final say in all such matters. Above all, THINK BEFORE YOU POST.