Author Topic: The struggle of the Legion of Terra  (Read 1175 times)


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The struggle of the Legion of Terra
« on: December 04, 2011, 08:32:20 PM »
so there i was starting a new game with a new ship set, new map generator and a new race. me, an Ally and 2 neutral ai's. i found my home world to be right on the very edge of the galaxy light years away from the nearest system (see first image it is a little later in the game but you get the idea), i built up my home system as much as i could and launched 70 scouts, and just my luck the four closest systems had remnant heralds and carriers and all manner of nasty enemies.

so i built my first fleet, 10 Tibyrium battlecruisers, 20 capital ships and 50 cruisers and set out on the 8 minute journey to conquer those systems with colony ships close behind. part of the way there all of the cruisers die because of lack of fuel. the 10 battlecruisers mop up all the remnant in the system easily, but losing 4 capitalships.

at this point i have come into contact with the two neutral ai's, who promptly declare war on me, i expand my empire to 7 systems then i settle down and begin to tech up, aiming for planetary thrusters while i lead the economy. one ai, the one i suspect as being the tech ai defeats one of my systems that were too close to his but i hear nothing else from them.

after i have unlocked the planetary thruster, i set my research to automate and begin planning an assault to steal planets from the nearest ai, Halmore the skin tone race. i build a scale 3200 starcaster and use it to wipe out their systems while i build a scale 1000 dry dock at my home world.

more updates later

SpeedDaemon said: " The jump drive is the single most powerful system in the game. A big bad-ass ship/fleet is useless if it can't get to where it needs to be bad-ass AT before the situation requiring its bad-assery is resolved."