Author Topic: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix  (Read 4251 times)


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FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« on: January 19, 2013, 01:50:24 AM »
Hi all,

So I've fixed the FRB mod to work with Star Ruler well as far as I can see it works no reports of errors in the verbose log and everything loads up properly. Anyway if you find any errors report them please and post your log file so I can fix the problem.

I have gotten permission from Foraven in the past to use his code and am checking again if this is okay anyway but I don't see any problem with it.

The code is available here:
Just download the FRB folder as a .zip and extract it into into your mods folder and select it when making a game.

Anyway enjoy!

Here is the features list and changelog from the original FRB:

What this mod is about.

I made this mod to create a more balanced and fair gameplay for SR. This mod also try to be a bit more realistic in what is actually possible to do in game. However it's not just about balance, there are also new sounds, art and subsystems added, as well as other improvements. I do not believe in adding stuff just for the sake of adding them, i want the new weapon or device to add something the other devices in game don't already provide (or at least, make it provide it in a different way). This mod also fix a few minor issues the base game has (read not yet fixed).

What this mod currently do.

-Re-balance subsystems.
-Tech advance is more linear (for most technologies at least).
-Display more data about the use and perks of subsystems.
-Greatly improve the trade, import and export of resources.
-Limit how many subsystems of certain types you can have (for example, armor).
-Large ships are slower than small ones (with comparable designs).
-Most ship designs have a good chance of evading fire of larger enemies.
-Low tech designs are cheaper and faster to build than high tech ones (mean complexity, not actual tech level).
-Taking damage to hull slows passive repair (repair bays, crew quarters) for 5 seconds.
-Some subsystems are more exposed than others and can be damaged before armor.
-Larger ships needs more power but require less control for the same subsystems.
-Weapons have more range and scale more visibly with size.
-Remote repair range is shorter than stock game.
-Research is slower, and levelling effects are less exponential than stock game.
-Increase the resource and planet size (mean more metals and more space on planets).
-Change how Jump drives works : they make you cross vast distance instantly, but are not pin point accurate so group of ships may not land close to each others.
-Planets population growth rate reduced.
-Some weapons are better than others against planet's population (bombs, missiles, torps, plasma weapons).
-Colonies are harder to kill, small weapons (besides torps and bombs) hardly hurt them, needs big guns to cause damage.
-Weapons are smarter : They pick targets that suite them best (some aim smaller, other larger, others bigger... With some randomness).
-Improve boarding mechanics using a modified version of EU boarding script. Boarding pods use troops that can be used to repair or recrew ships.
-Use a modified map generation script that produce more diversified, and also more realistic systems (not like realistic systems mod though).
-Uses an updated Erudite AI (Thanks to TotallyUnderpowered who initially worked on the AI).
-Use an improved automatic governor selection.
-Add new governor types.
-Add new solar systems and special system effects.
-Add More star colors.
-Add sounds and effects.
-Add new subsystems (weapons, hull, structures etc).
-Add larger variety of weapons and damage effects to make weapon systems unique.
-Add new AIs personalities: Aggressive and Industrialist (currently in rework due to new AI).
-Add new planets and planet modifier.
-Add ranged Area of effect weapons.
-Add several artillery type weapons.
-Add some impact sounds.


FRB 2.1.5b
-Fixed mining laser tech level requirement.
-Fixed Muon Cannon tech level requirement.
-Updated some design stats descriptions so they are more useful for new players.

FRB 2.1.5
-Fixed multiplayer bug that caused crash when looking at enemy planets.
-Increased internal space of strikecrafts (cheap workaround to give them more life-time)
-Re-Enabled carriers.
-Enabled supply and spare parts bay on StrikeCrafts hulls.
-Fixed a few mistakes in the personality and design files.
-Capped AI fleet to 175 ships (more ships in a fleet is just insane and overkill).
-"Annihilate" Ai's designs works now.

FRB 2.1.4
-Space damage now armor piercing, armor no longer prevent disabled ship from taking damage.
-Disabled GlobalDamage from structures due to a base game bug; Smart weapons disabled until next patch.
-A few change to the AI so it manage it's fleet expenses better (and be able to build huge ships once in a while).
-Made some adjustments to power requirements and made Fusion and Antimatter output improve more with scale.
-Corrected a mistake in the AI that prevented early game expension rush.
-Chemical and Biological bombs are now blocked by planet shields; they won't autotarget planets until shields are down.

FRB 2.1.3b
-Fixed null pointer errors.
-Structure build rate no longer affected by shipyard.

FRB 2.1.3a
-Added a small autolabor to Capitals and cities to help planets without shipyards build up more quickly.
-A minor fix to the AI scripts.

FRB 2.1.3
-Added a park in orbit toggle on game creation (both for player and AI).
-Fixed an incorrect formula for the shipbays.
-Fixed a major bug with the new repair scripts.
-Fixed Engines that use power combined with backup power; they would not work properly so now backup power don't reduce power cost, just base requirements.
-We can now capture Remnant gates with boarding pods.
-Fixed droid bay formula; now provide intended amount of droids.
-Added Exo Troops (formely known as Power Troopers)
-Updated boarding script to use Droids and Exo Troops as alternate boarding parties.
-Removed old icons that are no longer used to save space.
-Fixed inconsistancies in crew/troops/sentry etc regeneration.
-Fixed dodging script: ships could reach 100% dodge at high level, meaning that non-beam/AEO weapons could never hit them
-Boarding parties can now be used as tools (like in vanilla)
-Fixed Pirate looters and Pillagers, "defend" was missing from them, they never attacked planet unless they repaired a ship nearby.
-Added Food Bays
-Halved cargo storages on ships, haulers and stations could carry way too much (Vanilla had reduced them long ago).
-Fixed a few mistakes in the automatic governor; some modifiers were not properly set, causing some weird choices.
-Adjusted consumption and storage.
-Removed planets from super giants and red giants; colonizers (and other ships) often could not reach them because they orbited too fast.
-Removed Carrier designs from AI's lineup until i can fix the fighter launch issue (ie fighter launching while the carrier try to leave the system).

FRB 2.1.2
-Fixed an error that made crew quarters hold half the crew they should have.
-Fixed a bug with homeworlds that would have no HP besides it's structures.
-Fixed some bug in map generation that made planets orbit slower than ships around the star(s).
-Fixed several designs that had too much crew quarters becuase of above quirks.
-Fixed some issues with map generation.
-Increased AI's odds of making fighters for defense.
-Halved fuel storage on engines.
-Now ships require supplies to operate; larger ships can use green bays that deal with it, but smaller ships (read fighters) must restock. This provide a good
reason to use carriers.
-Fixed layout so Battery powered ships don't cause errors, just a warning.
-Fixed an error that prevented the detailed statistics from telling the charge time.
-Fixed traits not being loaded by personalities (had disabled it by mistake).
-Repairs now cost parts to perform. Parts are partially generated during repair (recycling), but to refil the stores, you need a factory.
-Added some randomness in repair rates and cost.
-Added new space based factories; Auxiliaries for fleet support ships, Spare Parts Factory for space stations and industrial ships.
-Changed the formula for storage (cargo, fuel); the ones i was using made storage too efficient too quickly.
-Added specialized storage for Adv parts, Electronics, metals and Ore (more options for designs).
-Enabled the droids bay (it was there, but would not unlock due to not being finished).
-The Repair gun was broken; it was healing the owner rather than the target. Fixed now.
-Greatly reduced power cost of charging shields.
-Removed power cost penality for larger scale weapons.
-Increased crew reduction from Quantum computers.
-Improved efficiency of all generators (because they used much more fuel than engines, and that felt wrong).
-Changed Engine catalyst trait: now provide 25% boost, and 15% decrease in consuption (won't empty fuel tank as fast).
-Greatly improved map generation script.
-Added some traits, removed the terraform one (did not like that one, besides who actually use that in my mod?).
-Added new star colors (reflect more real stars color for their temperature).
-Added new star systems with descriptions. Trinary systems!

FRB 2.1.1
-Changed formulas of several subsystems for one that is less complex and does the right thing.
-Fixed shield recharge rate that was increasing faster than the shield charger with scale.
-Added some odds planet's may be generated without ore at all.
-Fixed conditions colors; the new conditions were all showing as red, now some of them are green (i had not realized i had to set the color).
-Added a few planet conditions.
-Extended magazines no longer makes dual gauss/rails shoot more rounds.
-Added Gauss Storm Cannon.
-Added a boarding pod design to the aggressor personality.
-Reordered and fixed governor's build queues, updated galactopedia so we know what they do (was long overdue).
-Added new governors: Mining World (metal world no longer build mines, just foundries), Factory World (All 3 resources, nothing else), Tech World (elect and adv parts).
-Improved automatic governor selection, now much more efficient and use all governors and planet's conditions.
-Fixed a few issues with localization.
-Fixed an issue with AI's mining barge (they were supplying each others instead of dumping it on planets).

FRB 2.1.0(a)
-Fixed population display that was hidden by shields on planet info.
-Fixed some hulls absorbtion % that were above 100%.
-Updated help info about boarding modifier.
-Added a few techs to the boarding modifier.
-Reordered some layout stats info for easier reference.
-Fixed detailled power usage stats: now display power usage per seconds along how much power is produced and available charge.
-Fixed consumption stats of several sybsystems.
-Removed power/control requirements from linked subsystems (all but the compressor and hardener): they are considered permanent mods and redirect damage to the
linked subsystem (thus can only be destroyed after the weapon). They no longer shield subsystems beneat them.
-Adjusted some links effects and removed hitpoints from links (they never get hit under new system anyway).
-Reduced ore found on planets; was set a bit too high (was due to the enlargement of planets in previous versions).
-Fixed crew/troop quarters capacity; the formula i was using was buggy, returned to stock until i can find a better formula.

FRB 2.0.9
-Added impact sounds.
-Increased volume of certain weapon sounds.
-Fixed station hull issues.
-Fixed particle beams (hard beam and such), they were doing immediate damage instead of over time (silly mistake).
-Returned crew, air and control as balance (ie negative or positive). Power i still need to find a proper system.
-Fixed combat thrusters restrictions.
-Added "PowerUse" to subsystems lacking it so average power is more accurate.
-Fixed a few "PowerUse" formula that reported higher consumption than in reality.
-Updated help infos.
-Fixed all power formulas so the displayed stats are accurate (at least, hope so).

FRB 2.0.8
-Added missing tag to Heavy Fighter Hull
-Re-ordered some of designs stats so more important stats are shown up the list.
-Fixed several ship designs (Player and AI).
-Fixed reported power use (was reverted on some subsystems).

FRB 2.0.7
-Added buildbay tag back to construction bay so it can have all the features vanilla ones have.
-Fixed coolant turning weapon range to negative : now reduce it to max 60% of original range.
-Coolant no longer increase ammo consumtion; only power use (since all weapons that can be cooled use power now).
-Station hulls no longer have the no engine warning.
-Added Spinal Mount hull.
-Removed spinal mount info for hulls that no longer can mount them (forgot about it when i disabled it).
-Fixed hull cost: heavier hulls were cheaper than those that were meant to be cheap. They now properly scale.
-Doubled all orbital factories output. They are now more vulnerable to attacks though.
-Fixed orbital factory cost increase with level : now the same as structures (was set too high).
-Removed system base size multiplier i had set; made system way too large.
-Changed the stealth hull: Now much better at evading damage but has restriction to armor and can't use shields (make sense).
-Rockets and artilleries no longer have bonuses against evasion (stealth fields, manouvring jets).
-Fighter sized hulls now get an increased max scale with level (+20% of base scale per level).
-Added Corvette hull : A larger fighter hull with a high damage soak to it's hull, making it resilient to small arms.
-Fixed a few oddities in hull stats.
-Adjusted restriction on Fighter sized hulls.
-Added new detailed stats for power and ammo use.

FRB 2.0.6
-Updated to
-Fixed another set of errors with some ship designs.
-Improved boarding mechanics.
-Re-ordered layout stats so they are easier to read.
-Updated remnant Capital to FRB specs.
-Fixed planet's ore display.
-Boarding defenses work differently; they now have sentry guns that crew can destroy during boarding (and of course, be killed by).
-Crew, Troops, Sentry Guns etc can be taken out if the subsystem that hold them or use them is hit, not mere hits to the hull like previously.
-Added new layout icons
-Increased mind sapper and reverse inductor power (were too weak to be useful).
-Revamped layout displayed data : there is a lot more there now, more useful.
-Omega bombs now use power when shot.
-Added Positron Torpedo.
-Adjusted control value of bridges and computers; they no longer get an extra increase with scale.
-Reduced Omega Bomb damage, was way too high.
-Changed how control is generated so it can be drained like power.
-Serious revamp of power and control requirements; now stats displayed are much more useful and accurate.
-Repair Gun now require control instead of crew as in vanilla (make sense you don't need it manned when it can be done from control room).
-Fixed a bug with the crew requirements : the displayed req was twice what the game was actually using.
-Now projectile weapons like gauss and rail use some power when they fire.

Note : Earlier version changes can be read in the changelog.txt file bundled in the mod.
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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 02:52:37 PM »
Totally awesome
absolutely love this game, especially when it ismore sim less rts

as i recently bought it it was a bit like having missed the boat with the mods not working

i am sure with a bit pf xtra tlc to the graphics and some mods / patches this game could be even more epic

i am so addicted!


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #2 on: June 23, 2013, 12:00:17 AM »
I hate to bump this. if I violate a necroposting rule then im sorry. Apparently I cant build anything because the default ships that come with the mod are not accessible. as in there are no ships available for me to build when I start the game

Jon Micheelsen

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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2013, 12:03:46 PM »
The last version of FBR was for a previous version of SR. Later(current) patches for SR made some changes fundamental enough for FBR to no longer function.


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2014, 01:15:30 PM »
if any one has a copy of this fix can you repost it here?

the original link dose not have the file no more.


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2014, 06:05:47 PM »
I'd like to have up to date mod. Anyone have this update?


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #6 on: September 25, 2014, 07:27:25 PM »
This _is_ the update. Out of date version is a totally different thread.
Any code/mods I post on this site should be considered Public Domain. Borrow it, steal it, shred it into little pieces to your hearts content. I dont require credit but I appreciate bug fixes and suggestions.


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #7 on: December 14, 2014, 10:14:23 AM »
Dropbox says moved or broken.


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #8 on: December 14, 2014, 11:49:16 AM »
I have his contact info.  Will see if it can get reposted or if its lost


Sorry but seems the entire computer the original was on no longer even exists.  You would have to hope someone else has a copy that eventually speaks up.
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Any code/mods I post on this site should be considered Public Domain. Borrow it, steal it, shred it into little pieces to your hearts content. I dont require credit but I appreciate bug fixes and suggestions.


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #9 on: December 16, 2014, 07:12:10 PM »


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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #10 on: December 17, 2014, 12:27:53 PM »
any of that look right?

I tried installing that and unfortunately it caused the game to crash. It seems to be the right version number, but I'm not sure it's the right mod. EDIT: It's also possible I just screwed up the installation. If anyone else wants to try, have at it.

Hopefully someone can come forward with the right file; I'm really interest in trying out this mod.
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Re: FRB 2.1.5 for SR fix
« Reply #11 on: December 18, 2014, 11:05:43 AM »
That is the latest official version of the mod.  Which means its not compatible with the latest version of the game.  The copy at the top of this thread was updated by someone else, NOT the original mod author.  And the updated copy is now lost unless someone who downloaded it has a copy.

If you want to use the official version you will have to take the time to update it to be compatible with the current game.
Any code/mods I post on this site should be considered Public Domain. Borrow it, steal it, shred it into little pieces to your hearts content. I dont require credit but I appreciate bug fixes and suggestions.