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Some suggestions
« on: March 08, 2013, 07:22:33 AM »
Good day. I've been "hooked" to this game in the past month or so, and I came with some suggestions that I think would improve the game. Probably some of them are impossible due to technical reasons. But anyway here they are, just in case:

+Have the "torpedo race" trait also unlock bomber torpedoes. (not sure if this one only affects the GA mod)

+"Rally to/join fleet until end of queue".
It would be great to have the option of sending the current queue of ships to rally to a certain system or fleet. After the current queue is finished, the rally point resets. Great to reinforce a fleet,to recover from losses, or to build defense fleets for different systems to the one the shipyard is in.

+Target specific type(s) of ship, or ships with subsystem "X", for automation orders.
It would be great to be abe to apply automation options only to specific targets. For example, I want to design a specific type of hauler to supply my dry docks, and only my dry docks. Or I want my ships to take their supplies only from ships of the "Fleet Supply Ship" blueprint type (just examples). You could even prioritize which ships get supplied first if there are multiple candidates, for example, among many other different uses.

+Allow blueprints to be imported, but set them to red or something if they can't be built yet for whatever reason (lack of tech or otherwise).
Self explanatory. Otherwise you have to manually keep importing ships from time to time.

+Allow a customization option for races to attach a blueprint set to them from the start of the game.

+Support Fleet/ship/ships within X au.
Sometimes I want to create support ships (ammo transports, tankers, etc) to "get attached" to a fleet (follow that fleet and support its ships, but without being included in it), but currently you only have the option of leaving them "free", so they wander around supporting everything; or having them directly join the fleet, which is a mess since they get orders with the rest of the military ships and ignore their automation until they finish these orders (move, attack, etc).

+Alert when queue finishes/ specific ship is built.
Just add a checkbox in the construction interface to be notified when this specific ship/queue finishes (for specially critical projects, superweapons, knowing when critical facilities are freed, etc). This could also be in the options for a blueprint, so you always get notified when you finish building a "HUMONGOUS SUPER STAR DESTROYER OF DEATH AND DEVASTATION".

+Diplomacy before economy: substract materials for treaties before using them for economy.
Sometimes I want to accept a very beneficial trade involving, for example, 200 luxuries/s while my empire produces 500 and demands 1000, but you can't currently do this (to my knowledge).

+Make carrier based ships unselectable.
To avoid accidentally "breaking" their dependence of the carrier.

+Allow more precise selection of which ships carriers and motherships get loaded with at the start.
For example, 20% Fighters, 60% bombers, 20 % repair drones. Currently, you can only select 1 type.

+"Stop research on this tech" option for automated research.
If I'm not interested at all in energy weapons, or I have the desired level of certain tech already, be able to tell the research "governor" to not research that tech for the moment.

+Captain's Log.
There are many reasons for this. One is that it would make "design wars" more likely and fun (modifying your designs to fight your opponent's specific tactics).
Other is that sometimes you find a ship "dead" and I don't know what happened to it. It's very difficult to know if the ship "died" due to a design flaw, to a lucky shot, to a crew-killing weapon, or whatever. It would be great to have a simple "captain's log" like this:

00:27:36 Incoming fire, twin railgun, port side, 4.0k dmg. 2k taken by armor. 1k taken by hull. 500 dmg to subsystem: Fuel Tank (destroyed). 500 dmg to subsystem: Life Support (200 hp remaining)
00:27:42 SubSystem activated: Particle Cannon 4 (size 2) at enemy Pretty Standard Battlecruiser 547 (0.452 AU range). 300 MW power used (4523 MW left). 354 Heat generated (now 2.56k).
00:29:36 System failure: Power Generator. Reason: Out of fuel.
00:29:37 System failure: Life Support. Reason: Out of power.
00:29:47 Crew Dead: 400 (Lack of life support).
00:29:47 Ship disabled. (Lack of control)

I think the idea it's clear :)

As I said, I know many of these suggestions are probably impossible to code, but just in case. Thanks for your time!
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