Author Topic: If the economy is broken, fix It yourself  (Read 674 times)


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If the economy is broken, fix It yourself
« on: April 30, 2013, 12:00:22 PM »
This game is not perfect, but the possibility of editing is sufficient for everyone to create your own vision.

I can't play with the surpluss production in mines that the starport can't manage.
My first attempt give 10.000X more trade, but the planetary governors make several starport in all worlds.

So i change the game and delete the pop/maxpop in workrate.
My work rate is 1, except if I have lack of workers.
In my ore mines can work 8M of people, have 18M don't give more resources if the mine is full.

And latter i change the workers in my structures to scale at the same rate as the city population. The ratios of farms-cities-structure don't change if al levels of structures have the same level.

The problem, unlock sociology and biology are very important. Upgrade the mines, and not upgrade the cities can slow the production. And more cities without enough farms can stop the population grow.

If someone wants to try my little change in the scripts, can download in this link.

Thanks to the developers for making things right.