Author Topic: Strategy for those pesky defensive planets  (Read 1032 times)


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Strategy for those pesky defensive planets
« on: July 07, 2013, 04:52:27 AM »
First of all, hello everyone. I purchased this game last week and have put in almost 11 hours each day since then. I've never had a game so deep, interesting, and seemingly infinite, and I really really love this game.

I started a 30 system spiral galaxy, vs 1 AI. I've played around alot in other games, and I felt comfortable enough to tackle a small map and win. It started well, but before I knew it the enemy had expanded immensely, as they do so well. All my systems were heavily defended and I decided to militarize before trying to push forward. The AI wasn't attacking much at all, so I prepared an assault on my neighbor system.

Like usual, the AI pretty much slaughtered me even though my ships were twice as large, but eventually I got him down to just the remaining planets. Each having around 50 defense stations orbiting, I knew I wasn't going to get far with my ships. I created a ship I call the "System Disruptor". It was size 200 with multiple repulsors and rack mounts. It was made to clear out a system for colonization. I moved a fleet of only 15 to a planet, and they just pushed all the stations right out of the planet's orbit, scattering them across the system, and into deep space. This was a key piece of the assault, because these defensive stations always have repair tools, and when there are so many with 100+ million health, you just can't take them out when they are close together, healing each other.

After repeating this to the other 3 planets, it was time to clear the system out for colonization. The stations were easy to destroy once they were all scattered and lonely. Bring in the chemical bombers, then colonize! I was extremely pleased with the results of my Disruptor, and it is very much a support ship. No other weapons, but somewhere around 8 repulsor beams. This ship was inspired by its predecessor- The Disabler, which was armed with attraction beams and lots of reverse inductors. A fleet of these disables a ship before it can do any damage, One of my favorites. I'll explain that one elsewhere :)

Hope this helps with the defensive AI! It does take some extra time to meticulously go clear each system, but damn it I'm gonna win this game!


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Re: Strategy for those pesky defensive planets
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2013, 09:06:55 AM »
Nice results.  I wasnt doing nearly so well my first week of playing which is probably the only reason I STILL want to play.  GGLucas did a great job with the difficulty level so it is challenging but left opportunity for the player to do better.
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