Author Topic: Governors - Fixed Spaceport building and improved Spaceport and City management  (Read 918 times)


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As a recent player of this mod, for my first post here I bring some small fixes to Galactic Armory 1.9.4 I made to enhance my experience:

  • I couldn't get the governor to properly build Spaceports based on stockpile so I made some changes to the checkTrade function;
  • Along the way I made him able to remove Cities and Spaceports, useful to gain slots when your Research would make you produce too many population, or for some reason your trade had dropped;
  • And made changes to the buildRequired function to when having to demolish something to make room for a new building, to demolish the last one instead of the first, so that it didn't kept taking my Metal Mines away.

I also didn't liked the Balanced Governor because it builded my mines based on a random chance with different weights, but still most of the times I would end with too many Electronic and Adv. Parts mines eating my Metal, or I would get too many Goods and Luxuries, so I created a new one called "My Normal World". Here's what it does:

Code: [Select]
<queue id="mynormal">
<waitEmpty />
<script call="GAGovs::setGov" />
<buildSpecial tag="Capitol" type="Capital" />
<script call="GAGovs::checkWorkers" />
<script call="GAGovs::checkTrade" />

<buildN count="2" type="SpacePort" />

<buildN count="3" type="MetalMine" />
<buildN count="2" type="ElectronicFact" />
<buildN count="1" type="AdvPartFact" />
<buildN count="1" type="SciLab" />

<buildN count="4" type="MetalMine" />
<buildN count="3" type="ElectronicFact" />
<buildN count="2" type="AdvPartFact" />
<buildN count="1" type="GoodsFactory" />
<buildN count="1" type="LuxsFactory" />
<buildN count="2" type="SciLab" />

<buildN count="5" type="MetalMine" />
<buildN count="4" type="ElectronicFact" />
<buildN count="3" type="AdvPartFact" />
<buildN count="1" type="Farm" />
<buildN count="3" type="SciLab" />

<buildN count="6" type="MetalMine" />
<buildN count="5" type="ElectronicFact" />
<buildN count="4" type="AdvPartFact" />
<buildN count="2" type="GoodsFactory" />
<buildN count="2" type="LuxsFactory" />
<buildN count="4" type="SciLab" />

<item weight="1">Farm</item>

<rebuildRand levelThreshold="1" />

It makes sure you have more Metal Mines than Electronics and Adv. Parts by that amount, which I found was a good balance to resources production, without building stock on one too much. Notice how I don't have him build a ShipYard, because usually I have a planet dedicated to only Spaceports and a big Dry Dock, to do all my ship production.

So now at the start of the match I just go to Empire and set "My Normal World" as the default one to use. Then on planets I'm to colonize, I choose beforehand which ones will be dedicated to Research or Farm. Has been working pretty well for me.

Well, download below, as an attachment.
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