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Project Interstellar
« on: December 27, 2014, 10:17:26 AM »
Project Interstellar

Project Interstellar is geared towards the introduction of new features derived from real life science and ideas, then balancing those new features to Star Ruler2's feel. This mod for now will be limited to subsystems, and FTL modification. Later on this may become a full conversion when the final product of Star Ruler2 is released. In this case I would split the mod in two, having a Vanilla oriented version, then a Total Conversion version.

*New subsystems(Includes, armor, weapons, engines, and equipment)
*New and altered FTL methods
*Specific equipment to assist sub-light empires
*Implementation of CIWS systems(Might wait until SR2 releases this)
*More to come

-Not experienced with Star Ruler2's coding(Have only touched upon Python and .lua)
-Need to repair my copy of Photoshop, and learn to make icons for SR2
-Might have large lapses of little to no time this spring


Chobram Armor(Flagship/Station only)
A layer of carefully laid ceramic tiles. Meant to absorb high intensity impacts.
+Higher resistance
-lower structural integreity
ToDo: Create and implement custom icon

Spaced Armor(Usable in all categories)
Oldest trick in the book, a thin sheet of steel with an hollow interior to stop explosions dead in their tracks!
+Low Cost
+Warhead and explosive damage negated by 25%
-Low health
-Easily pierced/ignored by kinetic weapons
-Doesn't increase health around surrounding tiles
ToDo: Code in status effects. Create and implement Icon.

Thermal Armor(Flagship/Station only)
An layer of heat absorption materials and radiators to negate laser weaponry.
+Negates laser's by 35%
-between mid-low health
-higher cost
-Research required
ToDo:Code in status effect. Create/implement Icon. Add in tech tree.


Fusion Cannon(Flagship/Station only)
A nuclear kinetic weapon. A barrel laced with nuclear explosive primer, and a high mass Boron Nitride projectile. Even with the latest alloys this thing can only hold itself together long enough to get the projectile out of the barrel. Nasty when used on larger ships.
+ludicrous Damage
+Can bombard planets
+Long Range
-can only effectively damage larger ships or extremely small ships
-50/50 chance of hitting
-high cost
- needs to be repaired after use
-needs to be researched
ToDo: Code in status effects. Create/Implement Icon. Create Nuclear Kinetics branch on tech tree.

Kinectic Kill Vehicle(Flagship/Station only)
Warheads are for amateurs when speed is the need.
+high damage
+Long range
-high cost
-high supply consumption
-Low DPS
-Research required
ToDo: Create/implement Icon. Implement propulsion tech requirement.

PS: can we use spoilers on this forum? Would be useful in this case. Thanks!

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