Author Topic: [solved] Unsure if random error in console log is important.  (Read 372 times)


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While doing a quick test game before pushing my changes to the repo I noticed that the console log had a new line.

"Unable to bind all functions for module planet."

Normally if you get a message like that you also have several script compiling error lines but there are no compiling errors listed, and in game I didnt notice any ill behavior.  This line doesnt show up when running a standard game and it doesnt show up when using a 100% unmodified file in my mod.  Which probably means its not referring to the onQueueEvent or onRepair functions that are commented out by default in that file (and thus not bound).

Anyone able to help me figure out what I did wrong or if this can be safely ignored?


Reaper pointed out to me that error is related to import statements at the top of the file not finding a match for a function you try to import. This was the answer as I forgot to add an older file i edited to my current copy of the mod.
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