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The Mod Directory
« on: November 04, 2010, 06:07:58 PM »
The Mod Directory

L a s t   U p d a t e d :   2 8/ 0 9 / 2 0 1 1

Total Conversions
Galactic Armory by XTRMNTR2K
Foraven's Re-balance Mod (FRB) by Foraven

Maps and Map Generation Scripts
Advanced Spiral Galaxy by ouch
Klein Bagel Figure-8 by shinseitom
Galactic Cross Expanded by shinseitom
Möbius Strip by sheinseitom
Rings by Tei

New Shipsets
Hiigaran Shipset by Azalrion
Bezimeni Shipset by Smight

Smart Gov by Corellon
PeoplePower by doncarlosx
Simple Resource Mod by CXX
SpaceBound by Bromoc

Unofficial Bug Fixes

Cheats, Hacks, and Devtools

Modder Resources
16 Additional SubSystem Graphics by eRe4s3r
Empire Census proof of concept by ayrnieu
Hero Units proof of concept by ayrnieu
Star Ruler Data Text Highlighting by SuperFlue
Official Data Text Highlighting reposted by ouch
Getting Star Ruler to use Animation in .X models by WarStalkeR

Mods in this category do not yet have a Released version yet and are entirely WiP. If you believe a mod is listed here in error, please PM me and I will include it in the appropriate list above.
SciFi Ships by TheRepublic92
Trade Hub Module by xandalis
Vony's Model Mod by Vony256 (Warning: Not sorted into an actual Shipset at this time.  Must be manually installed.)

Archived Mods
Archived Mods are mods that have not been updated to the latest version of the game and so may have various strange errors or issues with them.  If you believe a mod is listed here in error, please PM me and I will include it in the appropriate list above.
Expanded Universe by Steiner
Camera MOD by SRDominator
Seth's Minimods by sethfc
AI Empire by ayrnieu
Planetary Invasion Mod by Decimator
Hungry Ships Mod by Ayrnieu
Shipboard refining, production, and research by Decimator
Simple Research Cheat by Sporbie
Makes Everything Epic Mod by eRe4s3r
AI more Aggressive by iceita
New Subsystem - Ammo Fabricator by diencephalon
Colonization limited by Sociology by ayrnieu
Fixed Support System Link Glow by hatemonger
ShipBuilder AI by luigimax
Auto-Resource Transfering Subsystems by ouch
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