Author Topic: Need opinion of modders and know-it-alls.  (Read 889 times)


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Need opinion of modders and know-it-alls.
« on: August 22, 2014, 05:52:52 AM »
So, as always, i started thinking how could i tweak this game with my atrocities called mods.
This game is massive, thousands upon thousands of ships, billions and trillions of people in your empire, massive research grid, gargantuan resource producing, up to hundreds of millions of supply ships (spaceport's export/import capacity). this whole thing is really big. requiring a lot of administration indeed. so i thought there should be some sort of numbers representing administration in empire. "Administration power" i would call it. probably number which will represent number of people that take care of administration? maybe not only that. everything will have its administration needs. if you want bazillion ships you would need enough administration to support it.
how it will work?
cities and capitols and whatever else will produce administration. it will not use export/import capacity, instead it will be directly moved into galactic bank. it will be finite number produced by the structures. lets say structure produce 100 administration-so there will be number representing total administration in galactic bank 100, since total Adm. was 0 before structure. there will be no Adm. per second. i hope you understand. now ship will cost 10 Adm. so you will get ship, but lost 10 Adm. so total Adm is 90. and so on and so on. this will incredibly limit ability to "spray and pray" units until you win. it will force you to actually think before you use your ships AND WHAT SHIPS since there will no longer be infinite ships BY DEFAULT.
size, components, crewed/AI command. it will all affect how much Adm. will ship require. buildings will require always same Adm.
so much for administration.

next thing-AI controlled player-it was already done. i wouldn't mind if AI could at least on same level as normal AI control things for me. intelligent planet govern and expansion and defence building. exactly same thing was made in mod "ministers". its everything i ever wanted.

next thing. Planetary invasion. Lets face it. don't you want to just take these ten million soldiers and throw them at this planet and look how they are obliterating enemy defence? or.. getting obliterated? you know you want it. but all current mods don't do it quite right. my idea? you can build structures on planets. and ships too. and you can build improvements like terraform in galactic armory. why not build land armies? just like structures? restricted by max population and consuming population, labor and resources in the making? yet, i still don't know how to do battles. simple boarding? still not sure. something that will take time. you cant conquer world of 100 billion in a day. it may take hundreds of years. or at least some minutes of real time. still don't know. maybe projecting some battlefield like in distant world. those who played know what i think. but something even more simple. fight for planet will have several stages-
First stage-Shock wave-multipier will be added to attack of both attackers and defenders, making the battle either quick and decisive, or really bloody first stage. multipier will be decreased over time until it will totaly vanish.
Second stage-Entrenchment-positions are stable, trenches are being dug, barbed wires are being deployed. now, unles you deploy overwhelming force, you will face long and lasting position war, much like WW1.
Third stage-no mans land-planet is basicaly barren rock now. cities leveled to dust, only big holes in ground are resembling ore mines, but who knows if its not just another nuclear crater and oceans are no more full of water, but filled with not much more than liquified radiation and pollution-planet is destroyed, but due to pride, generalls still send multitudes of men into this massive meat grinder-its only battle of atrition- who is willing to sacrifice more soldiers to this piece of rock. its no longer profitable to continue battle, but will you still fight, just of your pride?
lets jump to types of units.

1.Light infantry-like in WW1-shock infantry, light equipped to quickly overcome resistance and move fast in forrests, urban and other enviroments-would be equipped with laser weaponry-since you can take generators with you,, you can charge cells in your weapons, therefor ideal for first attack wave-no supplies from allies, behind enemy lines, only thing you can count on is your weapon. this is light infantry. first wave of attack, unit to take the most beating.

2.infantry-classic infantry as we know it from WW2-squads of rifle men with support of infantry support weapons, antitank weapons, light anti-air and so on. mainly projectile-based weaponry-relying on support and supplies from allies. main body of the army. is there to defend from start to end and to be in second  of attack wave, its there so if light infantry cant knockout enemies in the first push. will start entrenching as soon as first wave is complete.

3.Mechanised infantry-Infantry supported by APCs and infantry tanks-its here to provide fast armored responce-quicly dispatching of light infantry and pretty much owe regular infantry if not entrenched. projectile based weaponry-third wave of attack-heavily relying on support and supplies.

4.Armored units-main battle tanks supported by APCs, sometimes with super heavy addition-walking titans, tracked fortresses and other neat things. mowing down all infantry and good against mechanised. cant work without support-must have mechanised and infantry support.

5.Special units-designed to take out critical installations, communication and to disorganize enemy troops. only problem this unit will have are armored units which will not be effective against special but also special is not effective against it. can operate without any support.
these are only optional, not really needed.

6.Jets-fighters for planets-they are here to take out incoming invasion forces transports-also useful against bombers-must have support and functioning space port (at least one per unit)
7.Bombers-Extremly useful against armored targets-bunkers, entrenched units, tanks, APCs. must have full support and functioning space port, same as above.

another feature-Time-requiment for building- so you cant just spam ships, they need time to assemble even if parts are finished and everything just needs this assembling. opinion? probably not really needed if there is administration. time will slow down the game-you make a mistake-you must live with it, no more repairing one mistake (like loosing half of your 50k ships) adding realism. even more, it will add actual usefulness in planetary invasion-building planetary facilities will take alot of time so this conquering-will make sense. it will add some strategic flavor.
small but for me, useful-total military personnel counter. counter of personnel on ships (crew) and counter of total land forces. would be nice to know what i actually have.