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Hardcore modding?
« on: April 27, 2015, 04:02:47 AM »
Can anyone mod. or mod for me Whole new economic model? Or Help me?
All resources pressure in empire is globally.+ local res. pressure on planet
All planets develop over time by global resources pressure and number of population onplanets. Resources on planets have extra bonus speed of that resources on that planet.

Can be sended everywhere. for boost that planet(as local boost)
Building(pressure) lost over time (9-30min) or by fight
Pressure is mined faster by number of pop.
No Max pop. only by tile.(cities)
Pop Grow speed as is it work:
      (global+local pressure - actual pop on planet and little global)
  each presure building slowing the next one, procentualy or  adding time fow spawn 1-5sec
Creating global pressure + local on that planets
for tier 1, 3 pop - 0.1/min pressure, 6 pop 1,5/min pressure, 9 pop 5,25
tier 2 8 pop(min) - 0.25/min pressure 8 pop 4,5 pressure 9 pop 5,25
tier 3 16 pop(min) 0.6/min pressure 32 pop 6/min pressure 64 pop 7/min
Low pop. extra slow pressure mining
Many pressure building slow or decrease next one

Every pressure buildin cost you 30k/60k/100k (tiers 1-3)
Every city (increase pop) 50k
Automaticaly drain from you money

Special building for various bonuses(number effective max etc)
For research same

It is moddable?
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