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Star Ruler 2 is now Available on Steam Early Access

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After 3 years of development the first publically playable version of Star Ruler 2 is now available for purchase at $20.

Store Page and more information about what Early Access means

Congratulations! :)

You guys deserve a few days off. No doubt you pulled a few all-nighters...! :D

As for the price, I'm once again more than a little disappointed in Steam; in no known universe 20 USD equals 20 EUR, not even with the difference in taxes (currently 20$ equals less than 15€). That being said, I'm not sure you even get any say in these prices (and I won't ask).

Considering the quality of your work, and the addictiveness of the game - no doubt I will be putting hundreds or thousands of hours into SR2 as I did with the first game - it's still an incredible deal, though. (I just like being nitpicky at times.) :)

Very excited to see this! I just happened to be browsing through steam and saw the page for SR2 and decided to research more into it. SR2 definitely seems to be my kind of game, especially with all of the unique innovations on the 4X mechanics front. I can't wait to find out more about the modding potential in the future.

OMG This made me so happy when I saw it!! Insta-purchase!

What an idiot I am. been eyeing this game for 11 months and missed EA launch.


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