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eXplore the galaxy. eXpand your empire. eXploit the resources you find. eXterminate those who oppose you.

Galactic Armory is an extensive total conversion/expansion mod for Star Ruler. Featuring 100+ subsystems
and structures, more than 70 racial traits to choose from, over 20 different planet conditions, upgraded graphics and
sound effects as well as more refined and complex game mechanics, Galactic Armory takes the
already deep and engaging gameplay of Star Ruler to a whole new level.

Are you ready to face a galaxy full of challenges?


Attention: The latest Galactic Armory release (1.9.4) works with SR as well as

Galactic Armory on ModDB

Galactic Armory on Desura

Mod Downloads

Current full release:
Download (github) - Available
Download (mediafire) - Available
Download (ModDB) - Available
Version 1.9.4 for Star Ruler /

Overall mod downloads to date (updated July 15th 2012):

Optional Downloads

Galactic Armory Optional Resource Pack (GA-ORP) (mediafire)

Videos and Media Downloads

Galactic Armory 1.9 "Destruction" Preview

Galactic Armory 1.9 Preview Trailer

Official Wallpaper Pack
released 6/6/2012

Older releases (for archival purpose only):
GA Mod 1.0.0 - initial release
Version 1.0.0 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.1.0
Version 1.1.0 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.2
Version 1.2 for Star Ruler -

GA Mod 1.2.1 hotfix (install over 1.2)
Patch from 1.2 to 1.2.1 (hotfix) for Star Ruler -

GA Mod 1.3
Version 1.3 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.4
Version 1.4 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.4.1
Version 1.4.1 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.5
Version 1.5 for Star Ruler

Patch 1.5 to 1.51
Version 1.5.1 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.6
Version 1.6 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.6.1
Version 1.6.1 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.6.2
Version 1.6.2 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.6.3
Version 1.6.3 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.6.4
Version 1.6.4 for Star Ruler

Patch 1.6.4 to 1.6.5
Version 1.6.5 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.7
Version 1.7 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.7.1
Version 1.7.1 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.8
Version 1.8 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.8.1
Version 1.8.1 for Star Ruler

Patch 1.8.1 to 1.8.2
Version 1.8.2 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.9
Version 1.9 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.9.1b
Version 1.9.1b for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.9.2
Version 1.9.2 for Star Ruler

GA Mod 1.9.3
Version 1.9.3 for Star Ruler
Update - June 14, 2013
Galactic Armory 1.9.4 is now available!

This release fixes previous issues on 1.9.3, allows governors to terraform and adds a new shipset.

Code: [Select]
[added] mirage shipset
[added] Governors can terraform if enabled
[added] Add checkbox for this in empire and planet windows
[added] Empire checkbox overwrites settings on all planets
[fixed] governors being global and not local for each planet
[fixed] removed RemnantEntanglement from Remnant Commandhulls
[fixed] goods and luxes export rate display
[fixed] provisional fix for remnant special weapons moving into stars
[fixed] provisional gov fix for space port building
[fixed] gov fix for structure counting
[fixed] provisional fix for trade requirement calculations
[fixed] remnant special systems spawning with remnants turned off
[fixed] governor always tearing down buildings for cities and ports
[fixed] Maps/
[fixed] star sharders

Update - January 10, 2013
A new patch has been released!

The patch changes the version of Galactic Armory to 1.9.3 and fixes two issues that were still remaining in the latest full release.

Code: [Select]
[Fixed] checkTrade using global variables, added state to hold the values instead.
[Fixed] remnant stations moving into star

Update - August 12, 2012
Galactic Armory 1.9.2 is now available!

This release adds several dozen new, completely original subsystem icons. It should also adress the crashing issues players were having with the previous release due to very high video memory usage.

Code: [Select]
[Added] New Effector Graphics
[Added] Boarding Defense default blueprint for human player
[Added] New Page to Stella pedia explaining jump bridge mechanics and usage.
[Added] Polarstorm shipset
[Added] New and improved planet and lightmap textures
[Added] Separate animated engine flares per shipset (base graphics provided by Tyrador)
[Added] Additional new subsystem art
[Added] Achievement Systems and Spectator Multiplayer Added from
[Added] Remnant Bridge Charge 20m Roughly
[Added] Bridge Recharge 10 mins to 0 - Max
[Added] Overlay to Display Bridge Charge
[Added] Function to stop bridges from moving when bumped
[Added] Game Setting to Control Bridge Density
[Added] Change for multiple bridges per system
[Added] Loading Screen Update Progress for Bridge Creation
[Added] Mouse Over to Remnant Jump Bridges to show Link State
[Balance] Changed all types of resource storage subsystems to use the same type of formula to determine storage size
[Balance] Reduced Hauler and Tanker hull storage values by 50%
[Changed] Balance Start will ensure no Jump Bridges in starting system
[Changed] Remnant Jump Bridges Now Spawn In System
[Changed] Remnant Jump Bridges Can Link to Any Jump Bridge (Still need to be owned to link)
[Changed] Remnant Jump Bridges Owned By Space On Spawn
[Changed] Space Damage will not hurt Jump Bridges
[Changed] Bridge Spawn Method for random system, no distance tracking.
[Changed] Bridge Tool use will not be offered if a ship that is too big is selected
[Changed] Bridge Activation to Cost Charge with mass as the value
[Changed] Reduced resolution of many texture files to decrease memory usage. Obsolete high-resolution planet textures have been moved to the Galactic Armory Optional Resources Pack (GA-ORP).
[Changed] Replaced various subsystem graphics
[Changed] Replaced various effect graphics
[Changed] Significantly reduced resolution of various ship mark and glowmap textures to further reduce RAM usage
[Changed] Renamed Mass Driver (Light) to Mass Driver
[Changed] Renamed Mass Driver to Large Mass Driver and changed category from Ballistic to Special Weapon
[Changed] Updated Context menu to features
[Fixed] Solar Power
[Fixed] AI Personality Name + Description
[Fixed] Point Defence Null Pointer
[Fixed] Planet Structure Space
[Fixed] Jump Drive Fuel Check
[Fixed] AI personality description
[Fixed] Heliocide Hull tech requirement (Spatial Dynamics) was one level higher than indicated
[Removed] neumon_blue and terrakin_green shipsets to reduce memory usage. These have been added to the Galactic Armory Optional Resources Pack (GA-ORP).
[Removed] Loading screens to further reduce memory usage. These have been added to the GA-ORP.
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