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« on: November 20, 2014, 02:10:20 PM »
I come late to this party, as I have only recently discovered SR1 !  I believe SR2 is not finally released yet, so you never know....

To make me care more about my builds, and to help me understand which are good or bad, I'd love a statistics-type info page telling me about which ships are killing opponents.  (I am assuming the engine knows which killed which at the time, maybe that is not the way it works.)  Something like tonnage-built / tonnage-sunk, or maybe hitpoints, as a basic.  And if I can be told how designs died (ran out of fuel, core exploded, crew died, whatever) that too is great information.

Really any statistics of that sort, where the information is available from the engine without big effort, done in the excellent coders' way.  It can make the game more involving when you can see the results of your strategies.  Many thanks :)


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Re: Statistics
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2015, 07:27:49 AM »
I find it easy to test a new prototype in the design sandbox. you can see what gets damaged, how fast it repairs, how fast it expels ammo, ammo loss due damage, pretty much anything. there is also a speed control to help in tracking stuff in detail. you can create any combat scenario. so in one word evaluating a design is easily done. as much I understand what you need stats for.
btw I think that ai has a routine to redesign its ships to match your current designs so more or less you will not be able to get an ultimate design if game is balanced properly. and one more thing all assets in star ruler are expendable so you can not get involved with them :). its just not that type of a game. yet one more thing from the stats that I have seen in many games that can be called star ruler like I don't think they make any difference at all. and still one more thing... if you fight with a fleet a kill stat means nothing since the rest of the ships involved in the combat had their share of contribution to that kill.
and after all that if someone still needs stats I don't mind them at all. just said that they will add nothing at all.
If you do not like me feel free to share your point of view instead of silently trolling my karma :)