Author Topic: A couple of thoughts and suggestions  (Read 674 times)


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A couple of thoughts and suggestions
« on: December 21, 2014, 11:02:58 AM »
Hi there

I'm very much enjoing myself with SR2.

I really love the UI interface, diplomacy and economic style of the Game. It's really a good balance compared to SR1.

There is something that bugs me a bit.

The flagship and support ship roles are missing something.

I really would like to see the ability to make a fleet out of multiple bigger ships with carriers and smaller launch craft. The support role fits the fighter/bomber side and is limited in components as it should be for smaller craft. The Downside is that i can only have 1 Flagship in a Fleet. It's not unlogical to have a single Flagship but there should be other bigger craft too. Sure you can group multiple bigger ship together but i would rather have the ability to form full fleets. Some kind of fleet managment window where i can place multiple ships on some kind of grid and have some options to decide in combat if they should stick to my created formation or spread loose...or whatever tactical choices there could be. Maybe we should even have the ability to preset every bigger ship with some kind of tactical stay out of weapons range and launch all support craft.

Support craft should automaticly return inside their carrier ship if it uses FTL or if they are manualy ordered to do so. Maybe even return after combat.

Combat also feels far to static atm. with both fleets just sitting there and firing at eachother. Everything smaller and faster should spread out and circle around the enemy towards it's weakest point or in case of starbases that are evenly made, everything should try to focus fire at the same spot. Starbases (big orbitals) can be pretty devastating because they turn around while your ships shoot from one direction.

It would also be nice to have more techs with unique abilities like a cloaking device, ECM and ECCM systems...planet destroyer weapons and maybe dyson spheres.

What i also would find really cool is to have unique space invaders like space monsters...each with it's own abilities and playstyle. From planetkillers to fleet harrassing space monsters. Similar what we have with the pirate ship.

Nebulas with special properties would also be nice.

Everything that expands the gameplay experience and gives it more color benefits the "feeling".

I would even go as far as to suggest to use the designs we make as objects and put some clever texture overlay on top of it. It would just be great to see your designed ship, floating around like you made it and not with some generic ship set. Suppose it would be a problem because of the 2D design and the 3D models unless a player could choose for himself if the chooses a 3D shipset or a 2D texture overlay for his race. Would it be possible?



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Re: A couple of thoughts and suggestions
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2014, 03:21:08 AM »
Flagship-support hierarchy: Has been commented on before. Personally, I'm not sure the devs can change that at this point, so it'll have to be relegated to the realm of (complex) modding.

Supports returning to carrier: They're support ships, not fighters. Of course, I do use small-size supports as 'fighters', but they don't really do... fighter stuff. ;)

Static combat: Like the flagship-support hierarchy, this horse has been beaten before. Again, probably going to be left to modding.

Unique abilities: Well, the research-oriented patches a while ago added some nice stuff, and there's already a mod with more new toys. Not sure if the cloaking device and ECM/ECCM can be done within the current engine, though.

Unique aliens: This would take a bit of effort from either the devs or modders. I'm not sure if any more of that is in the cards right now.

Nebulae: I'm not sure we're going to see a 'Nebula' system, but if we did, I see no reason why it wouldn't have various special properties.

Custom shipsets: This one's tricky, IMHO. The devs have said they'd like to do something about that, but there's no telling if or when it'll happen. I haven't got a clue as to how to mod it in, either - but one workaround would be to just have lots of 'generic shipsets'. The Workshop already ups the shipset count to four. (Three as of the time of this posting, but I was trying to upload the Remnant shipset late last night, but it didn't work...)