Author Topic: Adding PCS(Private Civilan Sector)  (Read 603 times)


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Adding PCS(Private Civilan Sector)
« on: April 23, 2015, 08:59:06 AM »

I have Idea about PCS(Private Civilan Sector) including actual trading in empire

PCS as new "tab" next to FTL, Research, and Desing etc

Simple: The PCS:
Own little economic which developing by using free capacity pressure on planets and free space on it and trade it betwen planets. So creating new extra pressure for empire but only part of it as the tax the rest of it is used for more development PCS and his economy.
More Alive space and trading more used. Feel slowly grow power of empire. even if no new planets. etc etc.

More ideas about it:
Civilan can "mine" on emenys planets (if trade)
Relative New way of play and victory(economy)
With planetoid tech ..can create own planet for empire(rly hard and expensive)
Tax system for regulate or boost PCS
Order for PCS(for cash) to create specific type pressure(defence money research)
PCS: have own defense(if created) for sell or own army :P(can be bought or just for defense trade routes)

If some interest about it i can write here more..

I just LOVE idea Of working my people in empire and possible to develop them! :) :P :P