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Bugs & Support / Game Crash 3-4 seconds after loading main menu
« on: March 21, 2015, 07:04:46 PM »
The game starts, the music starts up and I'm at the main menu (new game, load game, etc).   In a few seconds, the music cuts out and the cursor changes to the windows busy cursor and when I click anywhere, the game closes and I get a message about Star Ruler 2 has stopped working.   I found these logs in my documents area, not that they reveal much.   I just bought the game, it has NEVER worked.   I'm on a vista machine with SP2, 6 GB ram.   

Loaded in 20.2 seconds
Shadow scripts: 2347ms load, 1600ms compile
Server scripts: 838ms load, 3307ms compile
Client scripts: 4814ms load, 4974ms compile
Loaded in 9.8 seconds
Unhandled exception in thread 14
Building minidump C:\Users\Kyle\Documents\My Games\Star Ruler 2\\SR2_2015-3-21_19-33-39.mdmp
Native: Startup
Attempted to upload exception to the cloud

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