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Better Clusters (GA and Vanilla)
« on: May 23, 2014, 08:40:52 PM »
Hey all.

I started playing SR again after hearing news about SR2. I found the default maps sort of lacking in character, so I decided to throw something together that adds more variety. I don't know if anyone really plays much anymore, but I'll share in case anyone does  :)

GA (Galactic Armory) is the definitive version (it's what I played and tested with).
The vanilla one still works just fine, but you may have to play with the settings a bit.

What was I going for? You can make a large 10-20k AU galaxy with a reasonable amount of systems (300-500) and no two systems more than a few hundred AU apart  ;D The galaxy layout is varied and can be strategically/economically important.

Album of screenshots

Description of Settings and Defaults (for GA version)
Internal Spacing - Factor that affects the spacing of systems in a cluster.
Fade Out Factor - How close you have to be to the gas clouds before you they fade out. 2.25 works well for the defaults IMO, but I would recommend adjusting it after you have determined what size galaxy (spacing/#of clusters) you want. For small amounts of clusters (1-3) try ~1.5. Larger galaxies work at any size greater than ~2.
Gas per cluster - Directly controls the amount of gas sprites spawned for each cluster. For brighter, more full galaxies try >100. For sparser galaxies, take it as low as you want. Keep in mind the number of clusters in your galaxy for this setting though. I am not responsible for anything bad that happens for spawning too many gas sprites. (For my system, about 1.5k gas per galaxy is pretty good)
Gas Size Fudge Factor - Self-explanatory. Adjusts the size of the gas cloud sprites. If you find the sprites are too spotty (showing up as circles instead of a smoothed area) or large (overblown and super bright) you can adjust this setting. 1 works well for almost all galaxy sizes in GA. In vanilla you'll have to play with this a bit.
Nebula Size - Controls how far gas clouds spawn outside of the cluster. It's up to personal preference here. I prefer 7. Larger values (>10) will require adjustments the the gas size fudge factor (larger).

If you find any bugs, just let me know and I might get to them. I really threw this together for my own benefit in about 8 hours - so don't expect pretty code or anything if you go digging.

Have fun!
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