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hey Brigadon :-)

thx for answering ...

btw am i right ? the ancients can NOT terraform right ? - so it is no bug it like it should be ???

Star Ruler 2 Discussion / Need Help with "The Ancients" / "The First"
« on: January 14, 2017, 12:59:08 PM »
Hey guys

hoping someone would help me out here ...

i like the playstyle of the race "The First" / "The Ancients" but i cannt handle them in long playing end games in multiplayer ... .. .

the main problem i think is that the first are not able to terraform in any way ... or is there a possibility to terraform planets ??? ... in regular way like all other races they cannt terraform ... is there another method ?

artificial planets are ( near ) useless for them ... ringworlds can only be used for massive production or massiv improving ships ...

my biggest problem is the money ... i need more money ^^ ... for the first all depends on "LUCK" of the planets you find ... there are no possibility to have controll about economy like other races ... the mono can terraform all water and food planets in the resources they need ... thats incredible ... the first cannt do anythink like this ...

there should be buildings like the lab they have to produce money, energy and influence for an amount of ore + base materials ...

someone know if there is an possibility to generate money / energy with the lack of no terraforming for the first ???
is there a way to get a lvl 5 planet with the first ? tier 1 / 2 / 3 resource planets have its level automatically after own it ... flt crystal planet for examble - is there a way to upgrade them to tier 5 ???

thx for helping

Star Ruler 2 Discussion / Re: Advantage of Mono / Mechanoid
« on: April 07, 2015, 05:34:12 AM »
thats not the fact

mono can never ever balance out the lack of drydock ... shipyards arent interesting ... my mono homeworld had around 550+ labor ... tha fact is without drydock in long games how to beat up a heavy ship builded by other races over long time ??? - and yes its not about singleplayer - dont know if AI can handle this ... but in multiplayer my friend builded a very huge ship i could never build with mono ... and this was the game over for me :-)

so how can mono build bigger ships than ther income is ? thats a heavy disadvantage what in multiplayer in long term games exist ... so all the advantages of monos are invalid at this point

Star Ruler 2 Discussion / Advantage of Mono / Mechanoid
« on: April 06, 2015, 06:31:19 AM »
Hi There ...

Can someone tell me the advantage of the Mono / Mechanoid in the game ? I mean what about longer games ?

I have done some tests and compared the Mono with Terrakin / Terrestrial under the same conditions.
Its all about money and Ship mainteance. To have a good result for comparing in regarding money i played Terrakin linke the mono - having no food or water planets - all self producing with buildings at the planets. So in this case both races have the same number of planets. At both races i created a lvl 5 planet with only labor resource import so 6 times lvl 1 titanium planet and 4 times lvl 2 supercarbon planets. Both races get 20 lvl 1 textile planets for money producing. By this way both races i compared had the same number of planets the same number of textile money planets and the same conditions by playing without water / food and same resources for the lvl 5 planet.
The result is - Terrakin had an income of 8,8 Million per cycle - Mono had an income of 11,1 Million (- both races had all research unlocked btw -). So the Mono gets around 26% higher income but have the huge disadvantage of not beeing able to use shipyards for big ships. For me in longer games is the 26% higer income no advantage and in all i see at Mono no advantage in this way for longer games.
Terrakin can build by shipyards so the 26% less income is absolut no problem and they can build much bigger ships than the Mono.

If someone sees an advantage for longer games of the Mono please tell me.

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