Author Topic: Simple scale mod + others :)  (Read 2288 times)


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Simple scale mod + others :)
« on: September 17, 2010, 07:42:20 PM »
I should probilly point out while it looks nice at the moment it breaks a few things ingame.... once is out i'll try and fix it and with any luck improve upon it.
*end of edit*

Hello :) just thought I'd make a simple scale mod and add a few things I've seen people asking for in the forums, i hope you enjoy it.


  • Planets now have 50 slots.
  • Increased the ore on planets to compensate for more slots.
  • Stars and planets are allot bigger and have larger orbits to compensate for this. It may be best to play with a large distance from system to system.
  • Your homeworld now starts with 3 planet cannons.
  • Your homeworld now starts with 4 Cities.
  • Your homeworld now starts with a spaceport.
  • your homeworld now starts with a shipyard.

(also, if anyone knows how to fix the camera clipping close range objects in a large system I'd be very greatfull :)) )

I've just uploaded anew version that has multiple maps in it, one that will only up the max planet slots, one that will only change the starting structures and one with both those modifications without any change in scale. Oh, and if anyone wants the scale mod without the increase in planet slots just let me know I'll be happy to change it.
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