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VAST Expanses Mod v.
« on: October 10, 2010, 06:08:42 PM »
VxpUI - Vast Expanses MOD -

Compatible with Star Ruler version

First, credit goes to those who inspired this MOD and upon which modifications were made or will be made to create it:

Sajuukhar for UIMod.
eRe4s3r for MEEMod.
BlackCobra for Multi Galaxy Mod.
NYCZ for Distance Mod.

This mod makes several changes to the User Interface which are obvious, based on my style of gameplay.

Included in this Mod are the changes I made in the Camera Mod,  another mod I created and made available on this site. I have tried to be very prolific with comments to help other budding modders like myself to see how things were done. Two applications I would recommend to see the differences from the original files would be:

Because it allows you to not only see and edit the differences between two files, but more importantly it allows you specify another merging program to run if you prefer to do the editting.

TortoiseSVN's TortoiseMerge
Is what I use to do the actual editting, because when you come across muttiple adjoining lines in the diff comparison, you can choose to just copy over only one of those lines instead of being forced to copy them all. Otherwise you would have to edit just the change in that one line by hand. The only problem is that it does not allow you to do folder comparisons, hence the use of diffMerge as the front end.

A few things of note:

When you are presented with the main menu:

1. The Galaxy settings - Galaxy Count, Distance Between, Galaxy Variety, and Galaxy Dust choices, are not operable at this time as they rely upon BlackCobra's Multi Galaxy Mod. I will be trying to include those changes in the future.

2. Distance Emulation - The illusion of vaster distances between stars and planets.

3. Abundant Asteroids - Asteroids at every star.

4. Slot Consistency - Matches the planetary slots range selector. So if you want consistently 10 slots on all planets, that is what you will usually get. However, in some cases you will get an additional slot.

5. Orbital Expansion - Spreads the planets and asteroids out a little more consistently.

6. Planet Consistency - Same as Slot Consistency, but for planets. You always want 10 planets, that is what you will get. Except in your homeworld system, where you will get the additional homeworld.

7. Galactic Start - For person's new at Star Ruler, I think that one of the best ways for them to understand what the structures are doing is to start with just one structure, namely the Galactic Capitol. Then add structures one by one and notice the differences in the Galactic Bank figures, as well as, the Research screen. With this setting, you will also be able to determine how you want to start out your Homeworld.

For even more illusion of vastness, choose the Galaxy Flatten checkbox.


1. Make sure you are starting from a fresh mod free Star Ruler game.

2. Rename or backup the two Star Ruler Game Data directory files:

3. Copy the mod's main_menu.xml and object_icons.xml files in place of them.

4. Copy the script file into the Star Ruler Maps directory.

5. Copy the mod's VxpUI directory into the Star Ruler Mods directory.

6. Choose the VxpUI mod and the vast_galaxy script at menu startup, along with your choices in the checkboxes and GO...!



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Re: VAST Expanses Mod v.
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2010, 01:12:54 AM »
I like the feel of vastness, it's well done, except it's difficult to find the planets after you zoom into a star system, the selection overlay could remain active until we're a little closer. Also, if you resize the window, you can't see the economy display, and if the resolution is below desktop resolution, it gets overlapped by the top bar.
I especially like there are tons of points from which to look for other disciplines in research.