Author Topic: The Great Migration & Grand Theft Planet  (Read 1029 times)


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The Great Migration & Grand Theft Planet
« on: June 04, 2012, 07:47:55 AM »
We were a peaceful people.  I suppose we still are.  There is little war in our history and we have traditionally focused our energies on architecture and the sciences.  When we achieved spaceflight, we exploded out into space, thinking the probes carrying news of other intelligent life would lead to a new era of mutual benefit and cooperation. 

We were wrong.  The F-0 conflict and the E-25 armistice had told us They were different.  They did not understand peace.  We had to take up arms, turning our precious science to war.  We beat Their flimsy ships back against 10 to 1 odds, fighting fleets of capital ships with swarms of light cruisers built as They bore down on our helpless planets.  At first, it seemed that we could hold.  But their attacks grew in size and strength, we could not keep ahead of Them. 

The Siege of Teran I was the last straw.  As Teran I's citizens converted their entire industry to planetary shielding, even sacrificing their own living space; as they suffered under continuous bombardment for a full rotation; as they waited for the Fleet racing to their rescue. 
Our leaders considered the problem long and hard.  Despite our superior industry, technology and well-tended planets, fighting the war on their terms would be disastrous.  They knew the arts of war, we did not. 
We could make our own light.  We would leave Them to Their wars. 

We leave for the Great Darkness. 


Wait for me!!!
 - Star Date: 3-33; Rogue transmission from vicinity of D-7 system

***Secret Files: Leader eyes only: War Plan***
We cannot simply run.  They will come and They will crush us. 

But we can do more than fight Their war.  There were pirates in the early days.  They wandered from system to system, taking resources for their fleet and construction. 
We can do the same.  Only this time, we will take more than just Their resources.  Instead of fighting Their war on Their terms, we will strike in our way. 

From the Darkness we will come.  We will strike swiftly, taking Their planets, leaving Their stars barren.  We will strike where They are weak and vanish where They are strong.  Every strike will weaken them and strengthen us. 

We cannot rest until They are gone.  They started this war, we will not let Them end it.