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Project 23
« on: June 09, 2012, 08:11:37 PM »
...Indeed the scientists did not realize the implications of the so called 'Salvager' tool until well after it had been put into production as part of Project 23.  Indeed it wasn't until after the capability to manufacture advanced parts in orbit did someone realize its potential benefits to the war effort.

Project 23 and its Effects - Chapter 3

...Calling it a Salvager gives the wrong idea. It doesn't actually draw on any mass of the target, rather it's beam collects tiny particles of dust and draws them into the ship much the same way the Bussard Ram Scoop does. The beam requires an anchor point at least a few hundred meters away. Early tests show that the anchor point can not be physically connected to anything that has power running through it. The Movement of the electrons make the surface unusable. Also it can only be used on pure metal, and thus can not be used to target asteroids. Finally the anchor point degrades the target's integrity at a high rate. Indeed, the best armor still requires more metal to make than can be salvaged before the anchor completely rips it apart. Therefor it is recommended that it be used to get some resources back at the end of a battle, when there are several wrecks in a system and no other use for them.

R&D Internal Memo #900923

Keeping Project 23 secret is the top priority. Scrub every communication of information. Route all messages through a nearby system and let no one know what it is. Until we achieve critical mass, the entire thing can be shutdown by a well placed raid by the enemy. The stations are huge, but they have almost no armor, and if we lose them we are back to square one. We will need to bring increasing numbers of civilians in. But don't tell them what is going on until after they arrive, and we can control the flow of information. This is to big to let get out.

Internal Security Memo

No, we won't run out of dust for the Salvagers to vacuum up. We are passing through a dust storm right now.
It's a few trillion light years wide, We aren't going to have to worry about running out of dust before we get out of it. If that happens then all the ships that run on the Bussard Ram Scoops will fail too, and we'll have more problems than just Project 23 failing.
Of course you can't see the dust, it's microscopic. However it moves rather fast, so we don't have to worry about draining the area. Each piece is moving at a small fraction of the speed of light. Why do you think that ships just left unattended eventually breakdown to nothing? Each grain does tiny but appreciable damage to the hull, till the entire thing dissolves.
Yeah okay, keep me up to date and stop worrying!

Talon Ferror - Project Lead

...The first major test of Project 23 was the Orion Fleet. 200 Battleships, each ten times larger than a planet, built in a day and half. The biggest problem was getting the crews together on short notice. When the Orion Fleet won the battle at Sirius system, in doing so destroying most of the enemies forward fleet, Project 23 was considered a major success...

Project 23 and its Effects - Chapter 4

"When you jump into the system it is the first thing you see. Aside from the star, you can see something that appears to be larger than the star itself, slowly spinning. It is a prototype for the ring worlds we hope to build one day, but instead of around a star in was built around a planet, and slowly grew until the planet was dwarfed by the surrounding structure.

As you fly close to it you can see over the walls and realize that there are 5 other rings inside, each smaller than the last. That is if you can see through the constant light show. Beams bigger than the planet constantly flash down striking some small point that is hidden by all the light. Trillions upon trillions of ships hall resources this way and that, most of them converging on one station that is using a construction tool to construct another part of the outer wheel. Others ferry resources to the docks that handle the interstellar trade ships. It is truly a sight to behold."

Project 23 and its Effects - Chapter 1

"What would happen if one used the repair tool to mitigate the effects of the salvager tool?"

Talon Ferror - Quote attributed to have been the start of Project 23


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Re: Project 23
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2012, 08:15:31 AM »
You know to fear an empire when it's 23rd official project consists of multiple ringworlds, infinite resource generation, and billions of supply ships.
"Now it will punish you"