Author Topic: Erudite AI bug?  (Read 672 times)


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Erudite AI bug?
« on: January 11, 2013, 01:05:04 AM »
First off I think this happens even with the original base Star Ruler script more colonizers then needed are built I THINK. I will have to test that tomorrow. If that is the case there may not be a fix for uncolonizable planets and the AI. I'm watching the AI play as me by changing the from if(emp.isAI()){ to if(true){.

I believe I was right when I mentioned this in "So I'm modding Star Ruler and encountering some problems." thread as I have discovered with the erudite AI without uncolonizable planets modded in that colonizers are sent if a planet isn't colonized even though another colonizer is already going to it. So I guess you could say it has a bug.

Anyway some help fixing this or an update to the game fixing this would be great. As it actually affects the mod I'm making and technically it affects the game in general as the AI isn't as efficient as colonizers are sent on pointless missions and then sent somewhere else that wasn't part of the plan.