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Mirage Shipset
« on: January 18, 2013, 11:57:58 AM »
Hello everyone. This is my Mirage ship set I have made for this wonderful game.

The ship set is designed to be very lightweight and resource efficient, so it can be safely used even on slower computers. I have been testing it on my laptop and I was getting very respectable framerates even with scores of ships on screen at the same time.

I made the ship set in two basic colour schemes.
The default is Brass, where the majority of the ships hull is made from yellowish brass-like alloy.
The Battleship Gray is a bluish - gray - steely colour scheme, not unlike the naval ships look today.

Both of the Colour schemes can be used in one game.

This ship set is meant to be used with the Galactic Armory mod, but it is possible to use it without it.
The Vanilla SR variant doesn't use 2 hulls from the shipset, but all the other ships are fully integrated. This is simply because I couldn't define the proper use of the two hulls, so I just left them out.

How to install:

Edit: You can now get the ship set also from the Star Ruler Mod Hub in one easy package!  8)

Using Mirage with the Galactic Armory:

-Download and unpack the into the Galactic Armory subfolder (Star Ruler\mods\Galactic Armory\ )

-If you wish to use the Battleship Gray colour scheme, download the additional file and unpack it into the Galactic Armory subfolder.

Using Mirage without Galactic Armory:

- You will still need to download the files above, because they contain all the resources  for the ship set.

To use default colour scheme:
-Download and unpack the into the root Star Ruler directory (Star Ruler\)

-Download the SR patch, unpack and copy the "Default\Game Data" Subfolder into your root Star Ruler directory (Star Ruler\) Confirm overwrite when asked.

To use the Battleship gray colour Scheme:

-Repeat the process above, but this time copy the "Battleship Gray Colour Scheme\Game Data" subfolder into your root Star Ruler directory.  Confirm  overwrite when asked.

note: The tanker hull for GA version needs a tag "TankerHull" in order to use my tanker model. As of now this tag is missing from GA 19.3, but I have talked about it with XT and Azalrion, and they said that in the next hotfix this tag will be added, and the shipset will have full functionality. If you simply can't wait, go to Galactic Armory\Game Data\Sub Systems\hulls.txt, at the bottom of the file find "System: TankerHull", and in the "Tags:" line add to the end
Code: [Select]
, TankerHull
Note 2: This may break your old saves!!

The vanilla version of the ship set does not use the tanker hull at all, so no change is needed there.

lastly I want to thank Mind Blind Studios for the best 4x strategy of this century, and XTRMNTR2K and Azalrion from the GA mod for their help and support.
I hope you enjoy Mirage as much as I enjoyed making it.
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Check out my Mirage shipset for Star ruler and Galactic Armory.
link under my name.


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Re: Mirage Shipset
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2013, 06:01:29 PM »
This sounds very nice and cool :)
Great work =) !

Septimus Oraka

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Re: Mirage Shipset
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2014, 01:18:51 PM »
I downloaded the Battleship Gray color scheme and I have done everything like you said, but nothing happened! the game is still using that annoying Copper color scheme. What is happening?! :(

EDIT: forget what I said. Problem solved!  ;D
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