Author Topic: [Patch Notes] Galactic Armor 1.9.4 - New Full Version Released  (Read 2536 times)


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A new version of Galactic Armory has been released! 1.9.4 fixes the issues with governors, remnants and other areas from 1.9.3 and adds the ability for governors to terraform and an entirely new shipset modeled, textured and designed by cause792.

Code: [Select]
[added] mirage shipset
[added] Governors can terraform if enabled
[added] Add checkbox for this in empire and planet windows
[added] Empire checkbox overwrites settings on all planets
[fixed] governors being global and not local for each planet
[fixed] removed RemnantEntanglement from Remnant Commandhulls
[fixed] goods and luxes export rate display
[fixed] provisional fix for remnant special weapons moving into stars
[fixed] provisional gov fix for space port building
[fixed] gov fix for structure counting
[fixed] provisional fix for trade requirement calculations
[fixed] remnant special systems spawning with remnants turned off
[fixed] governor always tearing down buildings for cities and ports
[fixed] Maps/
[fixed] star sharders

Download links can be found in the official release thread.
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Re: [Patch Notes] Galactic Armor 1.9.4 - New Full Version Released
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2013, 04:18:36 AM »
Before I download this, has terraforming been fixed? I don't want my server crashing again every time someone terraforms.  It was like a 30% chance of a crash last time.