Author Topic: looking to play GA 1.9.4 with people  (Read 699 times)


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looking to play GA 1.9.4 with people
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:57:26 PM »
hey im not that good at the mod yet as the last time i played ga it did not have all this fancy stuff in it.
but i usely like to play with some one online as a team against the lower ai's as im not good enough to play the higher ai's.

so add me to your steam friends list my steam id is sid0035 i have a rebel symbol as my picture from star wars.

make sure once i except your invite that you let me know your a star ruler player.

so i dont delete you.

we can exchange strategies on how to play ect.
im very active i play star ruler every day just about.