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Savegame crash

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Game crashes when I try to load any of my savegames.


04 Jun 2015 23:13:49
Script Exception: Duplicate identifier: 'Poor'.
 E:\Games\Star Ruler 2\scripts\definitions\
  traits::void saveIdentifiers(SaveFile&inout) | Line 200 | Col 3

amerelium: one?

Thy Reaper:
This particular problem is most likely caused by a mod that's got a duplicated identifier for a race trait.

Where did you purchase the game and what version do you have? You can see your version in the bottom right of the main menu.

No mods


Crash on any load attempt, even from a game saved just after start.

No problems with 1.01

I see a lot of people are having problems with savegames. I'll just stick with 1.01 if it's an unknown.

Any new version on the way?


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