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Mods won't load on Steam


I originally had a problem where all of a sudden, none of my save games would load.  The game would crash, it would just stay stuck on loading.  So I eventually uninstalled the game and reinstalled it from steam.  It seemed to work after that, but all my mods were gone.  So I went into the workshop and unsubscribed then resubscribed.  No matter what I do, they will not redownload.

Any clues as to the problem?

Well, that one sure sounds new...

Well, on steam there is a thread about just this.  Not many posts, but it is an issue.  Do the mods still work here?

Found a fix, that someone posted.  It worked for me, FYI.

I don't think you have to go as far as unsubscribing everything and resubscribing after changing region, but it's what i did.

Open Steam >> View >> Settings >> Downloads >> Download Region.

Pick something close you.  This will change the download region.  Restart steam and it should download the mods. On the bottom of the steam screen x files should be downloading.



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