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Title: Armor repair bug?
Post by: Automne Eternel on July 10, 2015, 11:28:00 AM
Hello! I came here to report about something that happened to me earlier today while I was doing test runs in sandbox mode. I also add that it is the first time I encounter such a bug in this game.

So I made two Titan Hull ships of 32k size face each other, during combat nothing unusual happened as far as I could tell, then after one of the ship got destroyed I watched the winner of the fight regenerate completely, and that's when I noticed 3 reactive armor hexes would just not get repairs at all, for no apparent reasons.
Everything was fine, the ship was brand new again after a few seconds (supplies were maxed again too), except those 3 reactive armor hexes stayed damaged.

I can describe how the test run was going if that can help furthermore.

EDIT: I cannot provide screenshots nor a save, I also tried to save, but the game couldn't, I only noticed after I searched for the save, and only found out in the txt file titled "log": "Failed to save: Could not save file Could not write image". My bad.  :-\