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Suggestions / Cargo Bays
« on: December 20, 2012, 02:25:14 AM »
This suggestion may be obsolete, if this is the case, then I apologize in advance. If it's not how ever, can someone give me a tutorial please?

Anyways, I suggest, that cargo bays or ships with cargo capacity can be "locked" for certain resources.

To illustrate this, Imagine you want a completely self sustained flying factory which can harvest her own resources. So clearly, she'd be loaded out with a massive cargo bay, mining lasers, metal refineries, and various assemblers. She'd fly around the cosmos eating asteroids and pooping shinny combat ships. However, there is an issue I always run into, ship mines asteroid receives ore > ore converted to metal > metal converted to electronics > electronics converted to advanced parts > ship now has a bay loaded with 100% advanced parts.

My proposal is as follows, allow me to lock, either by volume or percentage, the maximum load for each ware in the overall cargo capacity. They must be capable of overlapping and doesn't have to add to 100%, if I don't want. For example, fill 100% with ore, fill no more than 50% metals, no more than 40% electronics and no more than 20% advanced parts, or any combination/percentage I choose. As well as no less than, meaning she'd attempt to stock pile one resource before proceeding to the next.

My ship will now always have a proper ratio of resources to construct a big fleet of angry ships, rather than flying around with 30K advanced parts, what good does that do me in deep space? NONE. Also, don't suggest I just use a fleet of transports flying back and forth supplying it with w/e because I could still run into the same situation, not to mention, the whole point of this game is my empire, how I built it, is how I want it.

Thank you for your time and the consideration of my suggestion, ps: Great game!

Star Ruler Discussion / Re: Dedicated Server Howto
« on: December 20, 2012, 01:52:00 AM »
I have a question, The server runs fine. But when I goto multiplayer and attempt to connect, it gives me the ol' unable to connect server may have... blah blah. How ever if I go on LAN i can connect just fine. Does the host machine have to connect via lan? Wish I had another computer to try this out on but only the one.

I guess what I'm asking is, if the srds is ran on the same machine the game is, do you have to connect via lan or is this just some crazy issue I'm having?

Ok, never mind, I followed this guide and was able to forward a range of ports, after which I launched a server and attempted to connect via internet game. I'll be leaving the server up and running if anyone wants to connect, it will all be default atm. If you get a chance hop on and see if you can connect with out any issues. Let me know the results. If you'd like to play a game or 2 with me my SteamID is DaRaptor0

Help & Support / Re: Cant start in steam
« on: September 22, 2012, 10:55:54 AM »
I know the problem, the people who can't launch the game, or nothing happens when you try to launch, oalinst isnt installed. go here "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Star Ruler" and open the oalinst installer. After it installs you wont have any problems.

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